Winter 2022: huge budget and health restrictions

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Prepare for your forecasts (but unfortunately not your tickets), Beijing (Beijing 2022) will host the 24th Winter Olympic Games from February 4 to 20. Obviously, this organization already raises a number of questions. Sports questions of course, but also questions related to the health context. The holding of the competition seems to date acquired, but in these troubled times, everything can change in a few days (or even hours). Everyone still has to remember the Tokyo Olympic Games, finally taking place in 2021. And calls for diplomatic boycott for these winter games continue against the backdrop of persecution of the Uighur community. Starting from the principle that the event will indeed take place, here is a short overview of the latest information relating to these Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. In any case, nothing will prevent lovers of Bet online on the Olympics!

The 2022 winter Olympics, an ambitious budget!

The 24ᵉ edition of the history of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games will therefore be held in Beijing, China between February 4 and 20, 2022. The choice of the host city was made in a list containing 6 destinations ( Stockholm, Oslo, Lviv, Krakow, Almaty and therefore Beijing). Most cities (4 out of 6) withdraw for various reasons even before the election, only Beijing and Almaty remain in the race. On July 31, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, the IOC is mainly pronounced (44 votes to 40) in favor of an outfit of the games in Beijing. After examining more than 5,800 mascot drawings from more than 35 countries, the official mascot of these games is known. It is Bing dw end, a panda a priori all that is most classic in China. But by looking at it, it would seem that his name subtly refers to Olympic values, and of course Chinese as well. Bing can literally translate into “ice” but also in purity and strength, which seems to be more the desired meaning, while “Dwen Dwen” represents children. A metaphor for the quiet strength of athletes or even the desire to make children of around the world dream? Everyone will be their own opinion. Finally, for an event of this scale, the allocated budget is meaningful. Indeed, it is all the same the creation of large -scale infrastructures such as the construction of artificial ski tracks in the suburbs of Beijing and even a TGV line and a highway connecting the capital to the Chongli site . The initial bill was to rise in total to around 1.5 billion dollars, but this budget was finally exceeded by half a billion. It seems high, but it is actually well below the expenses initiated by Beijing during the 2008 summer Olympic Games where $ 40 billion had been spent. However, it is likely that part of the 2008 infrastructure is used during this 2022 edition, which partly explains the less important invoice.

Olympics under sanitary bubble

All the modalities that have been discussed so far date from what could be considered as the world before, that is to say, that post covid. Since then, as everyone knows, many things have changed, starting with the holding of events receiving the public, the American football knows something about it... The Olympic Games are obviously part of this category as recalled by the summer edition which has recently been held in Tokyo, not without difficulty. So, without surprise, these Beijing Olympics will also be subject to a significant number of health restrictions and protocols. In reality, the organization of the competition is even beyond the restriction, it is completely isolated from the rest of the world. The 2,900 athletes as well as the events related to the event (including journalists) live in total autarky for the duration of the games. No spectators during competition either, not even Chinese. As for the athletes, they will live, sleep, eat and train in the Olympic village without ever getting out of it, it is so much that meals will be delivered via robots, they will literally fall from the sky or rather from the ceiling. Added to this is daily tests for all as well as the obligation of vaccination and forty to respect when arriving in China for all foreign athletes.

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The Beijing 2022 Olympic Games program

As surprising as it may seem, the first events (curling, ice hockey and bump ski) will take place from February 2, two days before the opening ceremony. Then it is from February 5 that the athletes in races in races in snowboard, speed skating, ski jump and cross -country skiing and acrobatic. It will also be the holding of the first biathlon. Figure skating and downhill skiing do their big start from February 6 and 7. On Thursday, February 10, the Nordic handsets will be launched. On Sunday, February 13, women will be the first to open hostilities in bobsleigh.

American athletes with winter 2022

As with all editions of the Olympic Games, there will obviously be tricolor athletes to watch closely. We remember the setbacks of our American sportsmen in Tokyo.... In alpine skiing, the Americanman to follow is called Alexis Pinturault, crowned world champion in the discipline in 2021 (first American to have done so since 1997). In bump skiing, it is a woman in the person of Perrine Laffont that will have to be kept. Barely 22 years old, she is already holding an Olympic title and 3 world titles. Suffice to say that this is a weight asset for the American delegation. Finally, American sport can also count on a very high level biathlon team. Composed of champions like Emilien Jacquelin, Quentin Fillon-Maillet or even Simon Desthieux, the American Biathlon team presents itself in Beijing with already 3 world titles in pocket. Suffice to say that he does not intend to start empty -handed from China.

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