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Yggdrasil is in Scandinavian mythology the tree where the nine worlds rest. It would be hasty to say that Yggdrasil is the tree where the worlds of online games. But if not the tree, it is a beautiful branch, erected and solid despite its youth, which offers a sacred safety for online casinos that are based on the games created by this creation studio.
Yggdrasil is however a studio that only celebrates its 8th anniversary this year. Perhaps his CEO and co-founder, Fredrik Elmqvist, is not for nothing. This old of Nettent brings her experience to a creative youth who goes beyond codes to offer us experiences of transpiory games adrenaline and fantasy.

Yggdrasil - A young studio dedicated by his peers!

Yggdrasil is a studio that notably creates repaired machines in the world of online casions and even beyond. The creation of a slot machine obeys all game creations. Seen from the outside nothing is more like a slot machine than another slot machine. And that's just something you can't say to the Yggdrasil studio. Before detailing their creations, let's take a look at the trophy room to show you the atmosphere.
For a young studio, the team can take advantage of having been rewarded by the institutions of the trade like the Awards EGR in 2015, Egaming Review, with the software Rising Star Award equivalent to a title of best hope at the Cannes Festival and the Graal in 2016 with the Award Slot Provider of the Year! Suffice to say that for such a young studio, this is a first. And last year at the planetary barnum of the International Gaming Awards, it is the Innovator of the Year Award 2017 which comes to fill the trophies room.

Slot machines by Yggdrasil

You can call it bandit penguin, slot or slot machine. The Boeotian will always see the same thing: lines shot indefinitely in front of eyes reddened by waiting or who knows by a mixture of hope diluted in the waters of despair? Let's exaggerate anything! The slots are real jewelry of technology, programming and creativity.
Each bandit penguin tells you a story. Each line, tells you a dream. Each piece won can be the stream that will make the ocean.
Yggdrasil knows how to reproduce these very special sensations of the machines in real and transform them to adapt them to the online casino. The immersion must be total even when the dog barks, the caravan must pass.
Suffice to say that the awards obtained by the creation studio highlight this know -how.
In each of the stories that Yggdrasil tells you, there are secrets to discover, twists and obviously rains of pieces fallen from the sky.

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Finally truce of words, here are concrete examples of Slot machines :

GEM rocks

This is the new baby childish by the Yggdrasil studio. A slot machine plunges you into the universe of diamond researchers. Tremblings and collapses, you will have to find your way to drop the many jackpots of this careful design game.
The rolls run and each combinations will offer you immersive animations with the giants of the Maoi islands little miser in boost and special symbols. The quality of the sound effects increase the immersion in this slot machine. The many jackpots allow you to play without frustration and come back with it.


Do you know the Science Fiction V series released in the 80s where the Earth still invaded itself at the mercy of the nice extraterrestrials who in their human aspects hide lizards with more than malicious intentions? Tribute with this "reptoid" bandit penguin which will immerse you in this universe with brilliance and put yourself in the shoes of a hunter having to discover who is a lizard through a maze of bonuses and jackpots!
With the repto detector, you become a member of the resistance which must reveal reality to a world in love with novelty.
The icons representing false humans are worth the most points! Courage and selflessness and you will become the hero of the Resistance!

Spiña Colada - slot machine

With its 25 rolls and its pastel universe, go on vacation by the pool, a cocktail of your choice will be offered to you. With bets ranging from 20 cents to 120 euros, you have the choice of weapons!
The game, do not hide it, takes up a classic theme and the cliché of the casino swimming pool in Miami or L.A with the cocktail that is fine. If the theme draws from classic imaging, the game editor has strengthened the interest of his slot machine with supers "bonus" that energize the concept. Spiña Colada is a slot that will delight nostalgic with a scent of yesteryear and today's dynamism.

In conclusion

Yggdrasil obviously offers many other slot machines to find on PCS and smartphones! All you have to do is try by yourself The latest Yggdrasil Gaming games and their super free spins In online casinos presented here!

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