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Average User Rating:
RTP : 96.5%
Payment lines: 25 payment lines
Rolls: 3-5 rolls

Wisps par Isoftbet

Isofbet simply invites us to a walk in space time. You will be able to browse the ether and cross the wonders of infinity by inserting only a few tokens into the ISOFBET slot slit slit : Wisps which means in the language of Molière: Follet fires, but also fetu of straw ... It is still crazy this language or a word means everything and its opposite for you a follet fire can make you think of the Space and its millions of stars or the idea of ​​being thrown into this infinity gives you the impression of being a straw fetu, "Dust in the Wind" as the song, you can choose at your convenience. . Wisps is therefore a creation of Isofbet, a British software publisher born in 2010 in London. This online game publisher quickly distinguished itself by the quality of the productions and the creativity of its graphical point of view machines, but also in the mechanics of the games and the events coming to take the player out of his torpor. Let's go see if this trip to space between crazy fires and straw fetu sends us to the 7th heaven. As the other said "let's be realistic, let's demand the impossible". Who is the other? Someone who absolutely nothing has done in a slot machine review if not bring a little air of subversions. Come on, we are equipped, let's leave the blue planet and let's look through the Big Bang space of the Jackpot of the Isoftbet Wisps Slot!

Wisps by ISOFBET: Full eyes

This slot machine is spectacular. We can't tell you more. Well of course. The 3D design is just sublime. The fluidity is perfect even when you drop the tokens and the animations go in all directions. Yet we are far from the chaos of the beginning of time. Here we are rather in a sweet atmosphere with a first class trip with music not of elevator, but atmosphere that allows you to immerse yourself in front of the beauty and the colors of the items. It's really a neat slot machine. On a background carpet of Sleevery of Stars, your five rollers are waiting for departure. The theme is creative since beyond the journey to space which from Jules Verne has been interpreted and reinterpreted hundreds of thousands of times, you are more in the shoes of an observer. The items therefore represent comets, perhaps even crazy fires in space; In short, objects as beautiful as mysterious. We really have the impression of seeing images of the Hubble telescope and entering this 3D graphics. The small English society, which is a little less so now, demonstrates its know -how and the reasons for its success of its last years.

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The technical characteristics of the ISOFBET WISPS machine

  • Rolls: 5
  • Payment lines: 243
  • Minimum lines: 243
  • Val Min Parts: 0.01 cents of $
  • Val Max Parts: 0.1 Centime DS '$
  • Maximum number of parts: 5
  • Maximum pieces to be won: 20
  • Autoplay Oui
  • Wild symbol yes
  • Scatter symbol yes
  • Free Spins Oui
  • 3D graphics yes
  • Bonus / mini-games yes

This slot machine will not ruin you with relatively low bets which will allow you to take the time to master Wisps and its particular functioning for novices, but which should not surprise the high roller and the regulars of the machines to be produced by the London creation studio. With 250 payments, you will lose your head. You must then recognize the different comets: the blue and violet, it's 50 tokens in your pocket. The orange and violet is not 75 tokens. A kind of Milky Flower, also orange and violet. No, you are not going to confuse, it brings you 500 tokens. Little risk of confusing it with that mentioned above. The comet who will evoke a kind of clock with purple flowers will quickly speak to you with 1000 tokens. So yes, it's a bit of modern art, but I am sure that the language of tokens falling from the slot machine will be all universal. You can enjoy three bonuses. Obviously, you will find the Wild, a black hole, which will transform the icons to multiply your earnings. The scatters mentioned above drop the tokens and if you add them to the so-called "transforming" symbol, in the form of a purple whirlwind, the lowest scatters, the 6, are all processed to bring down a maximum of tokens.

In conclusion : This WISP slot machine is a real pleasure for the eyes. The game mechanics are always oriented towards the pleasure of the player and the rise of emotion. ISOFBET offers us a new little wonder that allows you to put beginners and high rollers on the same machine. So it's a perfect slot for a slot machine tournament!

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