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The famous Winamax poker site is launching a great UNO tournament! The aggressiveness of its advertising campaigns for online sports betting, widely criticized during Euro 2021, and the creativity of its community manager almost made his offer forget POKER, which is also approved by the National Games Authority!

It is however an innovative actor who still demonstrates this during this month of August 2021. Indeed, Winamax offers a promotion to say the least original with the game of UNO to certain tables like the "bonus games" or mini-games that we find on online slot machines. We are talking about the uno game whose children are fans!

The princes the Express X one

The players will find him on the express tables of the Winamax Lobby Poker. The bonus game starts automatically as soon as a player obtains an espresso or nitro espresso with an X2 jackpot.

The mini Expresso game X UNO will start. The player will receive 7 uno cards. The goal is to get rid of it as quickly as possible. The faster the player will free himself from his 7 cards, the more the gain will be important.

How Expresso X UNO works

At the beginning of each part of an espresso table, an uno card returned for the table. The winner of the table will have the right to discard a card, if one of the uno cards of his hand is compatible. To get rid of a UNO card, it must have in common:

  • Figure, color or whether it is a special card

Cards can have a negative effect on other players:

  • Les cartes de 0 à 9 => Aucun effet.
  • Les cartes « Joker » => Aucun effet.
  • Les Cartes « +2 » => Les joueurs perdants de la table tirent deux cartes.
  • Les Cartes « +4 » => Les joueurs perdants de la table piochent quatre cartes.
  • La carte « Passe ton tour » => les perdants de la table Expresso ne pourront pas jeter une carte s'ils gagneny la prochaine partie.

The number of espresso to eliminate its UNO cards is limited to 14! All players still having cards will be automatically eliminated during the 14th espresso, and even before they have more uno cards that remain of games to play. For example, a player with six cards when he has five games to play on a maximum of 14 will be eliminated.

Players will start again from the start with 7 cards during the next game.

The gains of the expresso x uno

Nombre d'Expresso pour se défausser de toutes vos cartes UNO => Multiplicateur : primes exprimées en multiple du buy-in

  • 7 => 100x
  • 8 => 25x
  • 9 => 10x
  • 10 => 5x
  • 11 => 3x
  • 12 => 2x
  • 13 => 1x
  • 14 => 1x
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