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Video Poker is the fruit of an illegitimate but exquisite marriage between traditional poker and slot machine. This terrible child offers us a game that combines reflection, suspense, luck, but also bonuses. It requires a little strategy and provides just as many palpitations as both of his parents, requires as much patience as poker, but it has the advantage of being much more interactive than a slot machine Classic. Rest assured, however, the video poker is within everyone's reach. To win the video poker, you will need a good strategy, some tips specific to the video poker and winning hands.

The video poker game is based on 5 cards poker (5-Draw): it is played on a computerized machine. It is generally compared to the penguin bandits of terrestrial casinos. But instead of coils, rows and payment lines, you will face a poker hand. As in classic poker you need a good knowledge of the winning combinations in order to choose the cards to be preserved and those to be eliminated. Also know the poker lexicon can also help you if you have no knowledge. The video poker nevertheless has several variants which make its originality and its success, the most popular being the jacks or better.

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Play real silver video poker

Video poker machines are a bit the mothers of the slot machines since they arrived long before in the hard casinos. Success arrived in the 80s and since then there are no more video poker machines. You will find hundreds of versions, different options, but we will tell you about what they have in common and especially how to play it. The success of the video poker is due to its close link with poker, but also because the game is much simpler, becoming more a game of chance with a little reflection. The strategy of a game of video poker is the antipodes of a poker game like Texas Hold'em. Yet filiation is found in the hands and combinations to be made, as well as distantly in the bet.

The goal of real silver video poker

You play against the machine. The goal is to make combinations that you will find below. Each combination has a value and will multiply your bet! The higher the hand, the higher the multiplier. If you have no combination, you lose your bet. Here no bluff, no strategy, just know your hands well and play your luck. Between prudence and risk-taking, it may be the most important strategy of video poker.

How does a game of real silver video go?

Once on the video poker machine, you start by betting. The location range is as varied as there is video poker. This can range from a few cents of euros to several tens of euros. Obviously the bigger you play, the more you can win the jackpot. Once bet you will have your five cards before you. You can either keep them all or change them all or select the one you change in order to have a combination in the second and last draw that will determine whether you win or not.

Little story of the poker video

Fans of games anchored in history will like video poker. Although the online video poker is a recent invention, the video poker game finds its source at the end of the ninth century. It is indeed among the very first games of chance and money. At the time the video poker consisted of a machine which took place with a lever (similar to that of the slot machines). In the early 1970s, it was introduced to Las Vegas as an alternative game to the classic machine which, despite its local and international popularity, lacked interaction. Video Poker was very clearly responding to an increasing demand: that of a game of chance which can nevertheless influence the final result. Then, in the 80s, the video poker was adopted by the players who wanted to taste the pleasures of poker without necessarily having to play several, or in other words, without measuring themselves with opponents.

The video poker was therefore predestined to become an online game. Its compatibility explains its success in online casinos. Of a lower degree of technicality than a traditional poker, it is both more attractive than a slot machine with frozen graphics, perfect mix of reflection and chance, and combines at the same time tips, strategies and bonuses, for Better gains.

Variants and rules of the online video poker game

In order to strengthen your chances of winning the video poker game, you have to learn the basics of the game. Video poker and classic poker both share the same goal: get the best possible combination, that is to say the strongest. So you will need to start memorizing the different hands and understanding its meaning.

The video poker nevertheless has several variants, each with its particularities, its bet system and its remuneration, you will have to learn on the job, trying the game. Also it is always advisable to test the game online via the free version , before embarking on real money. There are many very popular versions of the video game Poker: Deucces Wild, Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Super Jackpot, Tens Or Better, Jackpot Deucices, or Aces and Faces.

All are inspired by the traditional Five Card Draw in which you need to get the strongest combination possible with 5 cards in hand.

Poker video strategies: winning hands

The winning hands do not differ from traditional poker: fifth flush royal, flush quinte, square, full house, color, fifth, brelan, double pair and pair. The Flush Royal fifth is the hand that will bring you the most.

On the other hand, the rest is distinguished according to the variant of the game and each has its tips, its winning hands and its strategies that pay. Some variants have additional features, jokers cards, progressive jackpots or multiple hand games. In some variants, it is possible to play up to 100 hands at each game. Likewise the payment tables differ depending on the game, before starting, take a look, they will allow you to know those that will make you the most money.

At Jacks Or Better, the most popular due to its strong redistribution rates, you will need to obtain at least a pair of valets to hope to win. The variant Aces and Faces is distinguished from jacks or better in the fact that the reversal of the square is more important if its constitutive cards consist of ace or figures. At the Wild Deuces for example the 2 card can replace any other card to create a winning hand. Others offer, for example, a progressive jackpot in the event of a Flush Royale quinte. As for the Joker Poker, he uses a game of 53 cards instead of 52 because the Joker is included and can replace any card. As for the Golden Better, its reversals are significantly lower than other variants, but the chances of winning are more important.

Hands winning in video poker (decreasing)

  • A pair: be careful. At the video poker a valid pair begins from the valet or superior. Below, it is worth nothing.
  • Two pairs: the player has two different pairs like R - R or 9 - 9
  • A Brelan: the three identical card player of the same value: AS - AS - AS

  • A fifth (continued): the player has five cards that follow. The color does not come into play. The AS is due by both ends. He can find himself as well as a 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 or in the following quinte: AS - King - Lady - Valet - 10.

  • A flush (color): the player has five identical color cards, regardless of their value. For example: 5 spike cards.

  • A Full: the player has a pair and a broken. 8-8-8 and D-D.

  • A square: as it indicates, it is a hand of four identical cards like AS -as -as -as.

  • A fifth flush (color suite): the player touches a suite for color: in thread 8-9-10-v-d for example

  • The Flush Royal fifth: Jackpot. It is the strongest hand in poker and video poker. It is a continuation of the color but to the AS, that is to say AS-R-D-V-10. This hand in addition to making you win allows you to drop the jackpot of the machine which can reach several thousand euros. Suffice to say that it is rare!

Video Poker: Le Quit or Double

It's a bit like the bonus game of video poker. You have just won a gain. The video poker machine will offer you to play a quit or double. If you accept, your gain is put into play for the leaving or double. The video poker machine will distribute four hidden faces cards and an open card. To win, you have to take one of the four cards and be superior to the discovery card. If you find a higher card, you will double your hired earnings, but if your card is lower you lose all your earnings. There, it is a little happiness luck. If the two cards are identical, we return to the original situation; Either you pocket, or you retry a quit or double. It is therefore a game option to practice in moderation.

Video Poker: Multi-mains function

There, it becomes complex. Instead of having a hand, you can have up to 100 simultaneous hands. When you keep cards, they stay wherever they are. The goal of the game changes since it is necessary to think of all the possible combinations on x number of hands. There, we go from the game of chance to a strategy game where you can drop dozens of combinations at once. For this game mode, we expressly advise you to train in free mode in online casinos.

Video poker: variants

You can imagine that not all the slot video editors do not make the same slot machine. You will find many options, additional combinations. You will find, for example, the Wild of the slot machine with a joker that replaces any card to make a combination. This wild also becomes a way to make new combos like squares, brelans or pairs of Wild.

Video poker: real money or virtual money?

As always, we advise you to Test different virtual silver machines To find the options and variants that suit you the most. Most online casinos that will find with us offer a virtual silver part. Take the opportunity to improve and understand the game mechanics of your video poker. Then you can play real money knowingly with real experience.

Online video poker tournaments

Video Poker tournaments allow you to face other players for a game that is usually lonely. The idea of ​​making a video poker tournament can only talk to you about the slot machine tournaments. We are not going to lie to you, we hate that: video poker tournaments are not legion in online casinos. However, we see that they are more and more numerous demonstrating the success of the video poker. For most tournaments, it is the jackpot at the end that motivates players from around the world from their PC or their smartphone and other tablet! If you arrive like a flower on this article and you are especially looking for the pleasure of tournaments, we will come back a little on the foundations of video poker, but for more information read our article on the rules of video poker. Do not go as a little happiness luck in a video poker tournament. You will pay entrance fees and make yourself eat like a fish. So, above all, you really have to know how to play video poker well before taking the plunge of online tournaments!

Where to find video poker tournaments?

This is the problem. All online casinos do not offer video poker tournaments, but most of those we have selected offer at least One per month. If you are a fan of video poker, do not hesitate to open several accounts in the Online casinos that we tested to have access to as many video poker tournaments as possible.

How to play a video poker tournament?

It is exactly the same principle as a classic video poker machine except that instead of winning earnings you earn points on each winning hand. Its points allow you to climb or not in a ranking where you will find all the players of the tournament. The goal is to find yourself in the first 10 to have substantial gains. Some video poker tournaments have several thousand euros, but to our knowledge we are far from the endowments of online slot machine tournaments. Input rights are relatively low. It is difficult to make an average, but you can find buy in at 5 euros and for the most popular tournaments about fifty euros.

How much do you win in video poker?

The jackpots rarely exceed 10,000 euros, but we can reasonably think that with the spotlight that the game at the moment, the new players will raise the gains by increasing the Buy In plate. We note that tournaments on the other hand pay in the broad sense. You can reach a gain when you arrive until the 50th place! It's great for beginner video poker players in tournaments that can have a reward without finishing in the top 10 of the tournament. You will see that Els Casinos online are doing their best to attract players. You have to tell yourself that in many countries you find video poker machines in cafes or tobacco offices. Casinotiers are therefore trying to attract all its occasional players, so take advantage of it!

How is a video poker tournament?

You must register and pay a buy in, an entry fee to participate. You should know that a tournament can be time -consuming. Some may last two days while others go in turn. The counters are stopped at the end of the round and the players below a certain place are eliminated. For beginner players, it is a good option since playing over several days require qualities of endurance and self control that are acquired on a life of video poker players and even POKER ! It is then a poker machine common to all the players who will be chosen. Then you just have to play as best as possible to garner points and climb in the ranking!

Our tips for winning a video poker tournament

Try to anticipate your tournaments by inquiring about your online casino on the conditions of the competition and above all, the most important, know the Video Poker machine which has been selected. This information is crucial because it can allow you to train on this machine and understand its options, if it offers a variant of video poker and see which strategy can work. So our advice is to play on a video poker machine you know. Then, it is necessary to regularly consult the ranking to see where you are and how the other players evolve. Your stake strategy may depend on this and if you reach the summits at the end of the tournament, it is not useful to take risks and play doubles. On the other hand, if you are at the edge of paid places, you will have to try to double your bets by regularly playing your luck. The video poker tournament is all the more difficult since your opponent is the machine, but also the other players. You will therefore be pushed into your entrenchments and sometimes led to change your strategy. This is where your cold will make the difference (read This article to become a real grinder!). Video poker like poker elsewhere, is really an opportunity to "tilter", that is to say to fart a lead. The more time will go, the more difficult the game will become. Click on a machine for hours requires unsuspected psychological qualities and an extraordinary concentration capacity.

Win bonuses to play online poker video

The first thing to know about the video poker is that it is one of the only online casino games where the advantage goes to the player and not at home!

At the video poker, many bonuses as well as staggering jackpots (as for slot machines) come into play. You will find it in particular Welcome bonuses, sometimes even without deposit, games with bonus towers as well as progressive jackpots. These details are important to increase your earnings. The bonus tour for example increases the starting bet. This bet comes back to the player who holds the best hand.

Some online casinos also reserve a "bonus sum" for all players who deposit a sum of money at the bank. They thus allow those who have bet the right to a bonus, in order to multiply their chances of winning! It is necessary to distinguish between the cashable bonus codes which allow you to keep the money from the bonus after having satisfied the requirements of betting and the non -cashable bonuses, or Sticky, which allow to keep your earnings after having fulfilled the conditions of bet, but not the bonus itself.

Another tip is still to look for multiple titles in order to play up to 100 hands at a time. Above all, remember that in line you are generally not limited in time, which allows you not to rush and to think carefully about all the options before playing.

In the end, video poker online is one of the most profitable games of online casinos. Control of winning hands, Strategies, Jokers and combinations will allow you to greatly multiply your earnings, while enjoying a most exciting moment. The video poker is a truly addictive game that can bring big if you don't play without thinking. Even if luck is there, you have to master the options and combinations. There is therefore a strategy part, especially if you play in multi or the slot video in progressive jackpot.

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