Online blackjack tournaments

Blackjack is an online casino star. This card game is carried by its history in real casinos, but also because it is found in Hollywood films and in the great American literary works. In online casinos, you will find different blackjack tables with new options. We find the Blackjack in a slot machine version, in video mode, but the new life of the famous card game is in the "Live Casino" part. The player connects and finds himself in front of a dealer of flesh and bone. The immersion is total and it's true that to play blackjack online, we prefer to see the person we play. The range of possibilities does not stop there. For some time now, the arrival of online blackjack tournaments has caused a sensation among amateurs and attic rooms in online playgrounds. A phenomenon that we cannot ignore. So you will know everything about online blackjack tournaments.

Where to make an online blackjack tournament?

Direction the world of casinos online And equipped with a magnifying glass, look for those who offer this kind of tournament. For the moment, you will not find them in all online playgrounds. To locate them, you can take a look in our section on reviews and our Online casinos tests. If you are already a member of an online games room, you can ask customer service and if they do not do it, do not hesitate to suggest to them. Once you have found the Eldorado of the online blackjack tournament, we can take the next step.

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What are the rules of a blackjack tournament?

These are exactly the same rules as for a classic part of Blackjack. The players face the dealer in turn. You can also spliter. If you do not know the rules of blackjack, here are the basics, but we advise you to take a look at our article on Blackjack. We strongly recommend a player who has no experience in this online card game to embark on a tournament. It is a bit like you are launching into a ATP tournaments Without ever having touched a racket in your life. Train on the blackjack tables of online casinos in virtual money and then only with the money of your welcome bonus. Blackjack is a much more difficult game than it seems.

Little reminder of the basic rules that you will find in tournaments

The theoretical goal is to get closer or make a 21 with a minimum of two cards. You play against the bank, that is to say the casino represented by the dealer. Your real goal is to do better than the dealer. You are 13 and the banker 12, you win. This situation is improbable, it is for example.

The value of the cards in blackjack:

  • From two to ten: each card has the value of the figure written on it.
  • The valet, the lady and the king: the value of the figures is 10 points.

  • AS: This card is worth 1 or 11 point. The player determines the value of his choice.

How to win a blackjack tournament on the internet?

As we have already explained to you, the rules of blackjack do not change during the tournament. This is the final goal that changes. The players all play against the dealer. To determine the winner of the tournament, it is the number of tokens that the ranking will be. As in most online casino tournaments, players must pay a buy-in, that is to say an entrance fee to participate in the tournament. The distribution of earnings will therefore depend on the number of participating players and the nature of the tournament. It is rarer for blackjack online tournaments, but it can have a guaranteed gain. This means that whatever the number of participants, a defined sum will be shared between all the players of the Blackjack event.

The progress of a blackjack tournament in an online casino

The players all receive the same carpet. The carpet is variable and will be specified in the presentation of the tournament made by the online games room. The Blackjack tournament can take place on a unique or multi-table table. The number of laps is obviously determined in advance. Conversely of Online poker tournaments, there are still few blackjack tournaments which are with direct elimination. In these rare cases, it is the player with the least tokens who came out. At the end of each round, for a multi-table tournament, it is the player who has the most tokens who passes to the next round meeting the winners of the other tables of the tournament. At the start of each new lap, participants start with the same number of tokens.

Online casinos are constantly revitalizing table games to attract new ones and stimulating old players. Blackjack tournaments can therefore sometimes offer exotic options to add pepper to the natural peppers of this game. Thus, you may discover the "secret" option that you also find on online casinos tables. "The last bet of each round is secret and only revealed once each player has finished playing. We notice that blackjack tournaments can be inspired by poker tournaments with options directly from the Texas hold'em. For example, Re-Buy. If you lose, you can return to the table by paying a new entry fee. This right is obviously limited. There are variants on qualifications: a player, two, three players per turn.

As you can see, the blackjack tournaments only change the structure of a part of Blackjack, but that very little the rules. Do not hesitate to discover this card game and all the others by choosing an online casino from our prestigious selection!

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