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The NBA season is coming to an end for a thunderclap from Toronto which becomes the first team outside the USA which wins the major American league. For USA, the thunderclap, it is undoubtedly the retirement of Tony speaking legend at 37 years of American basketball and sport. If today, the terms of legend or genius are distributed to the shovel, TP went to look for them on the parquet floors, but also outside. There is no doubt that the NBA will also be able to pay tribute to this player who has marked the history of competition.

Toronto Raptors: American slap

In USA, sports enthusiasts do not realize the ambiguous relationship between Americans and Americans. USA lives in the shadow of its bulky neighbor who is used to believing itself alone in the world and the only resident of North America. There is a contempt, more folk than mean, from the US to this original neighbor.
The Toronto Raptors have, against all odds, beaten the ultra favorites, tenant of the title, the Warriors. Suffice to say that bitterness is at the appointment. We are not going to lie, American basketball has a lot of fans in USA and supporters tend to change jersey in an opportunistic way. This consumption of sport is wreaking havoc in football. All this to tell you that on social networks, the Raptors are broken down: "The ugly NBA champion in 10 years". The bettors had to hurt their teeth, because nobody saw them in the final and even less . It's a bit of a hangover in the nba even if there are romantics that see a beautiful story of the little man spilling the big ones. The bettors had to reread the RSports betting elements To see if a special clause existed for a NBA champion outside the US.
Basically, injuries have decimated the Warriors. We arrive in the flaws of the NBA where the franchises put the package on a major five and the bench is sometimes unbalanced. There, in this case, it is a cascade of injuries that decimated the Warriors. Raptors have transformed in the space of 6 years. They doubled the value of the 500 million team to more than a billion dollars. The little one plays this status of outsider especially to sell a national dream.
For the final, his clip "We the North" is not far from being a promotion of a national team going on a mission for the honor of the nation.

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Tony Parker: 37 years old and retirement

"It is with great emotion that I put an end to my career. I worked a lot, a lot received, it was an incredible adventure! Even in my wildest dreams, I would not have

never thought of living these exceptional moments in the American team and in the NBA ",

It is with these words that Tony Parker announces his retirement as a basketball player. If a player is unanimous, it's him. Rare its athletes who go beyond the field to conquer the status of national heroes. After 18 years in the NBA, 20 years of career, Four NBA champion titles With the franchise of the San Antonio Spurs and a title of MVP of the finals and six selections for the All Star Games, he derives his awakening. We obviously remember his title at the American team at the Euro Basketball. Tony Parker represents the humble athlete who shows his house in San Antonio several tens of millions of dollars as if he invited you to his house, without the slightest bling bling, as if all this flowed from the source. Culturally, he is terribly American while being deeply American. This is undoubtedly why on both sides of the Atlantic the praise come from everywhere. The San Antonio Spurs will simply remove its number to put it in the Hall of Fame of the franchise. We do not realize well in Europe, but this honor is rare and reserved for legends.
Tony Parker goes on a sad season with the Charlottes. We can think that he goes just in time and still at the top. For a possible farewell tour, Tony Parker is very clear.

"I'm not interested in doing a farewell tour, if not with the Spurs," said Tony Parker at the team. Since I’m not interested in playing if you can't win a title and if I can't be Tony Parker anymore. With the status I have acquired over the years, if I am not Tony Parker, people will be disappointed. »»

Tony Parker has always had this ambition which is sometimes frowned upon in USA. The border between ambition and vanity is often poorly controlled in a country very sensitive to the overdose of Ego. In the US, being rich and famous is a reason for admiration. In USA, it is a reason for suspicion. Perhaps less in materialism, American will probably look at the path as much as the goal. Tony Parker succeeded in his behavior, on and off the field, to please the Americans and the American. Tony Parker leaves and embarks on a new career. Today, he embarks on a businessman life. He has just bought a ski resort. At the time of global warming, one can think that he is also daring in business that he was in the racket. He moves away from the prosecution, but he remains the owner of the Asvel whose male and women team are in the final of the American basketball championships. We see him a lot with the president of Olympique Lyonnais who seems to have become his mentor. Again Tony Parker knows how to surround herself. We wish him as much success in business as on the prosecution.

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