Betting on tennis: Grand Chelem tournaments

Betting on tennis: Grand Chelem tournaments

Tennis is a tournament sport. The individual ranking of the ATP World Tour makes it possible to distinguish the best of professional tennis players by granting a certain number of points according to the difficulty of the tournaments played. ATP tournaments are divided into three main categories. Les Grands Chelems, Masters 1000 and Masters 500. Players are still looking for points to win places in the ATP World Tour ranking. Furthermore, there is no point in betting on everything, because the offer is great. To bet well online on tennis, you have to know the various tournaments that animate the season of the ATP World Tour. In this article we will focus on the 4 largest touions of the tennis season!

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Betting on tennis: Grand Chelem tournaments

There are four Grand Chelem tournaments which are each of them the ultimate goal of all professional ATP players. For the most part they will be an evanescent dream, but for those who win them, it is the Grail. They are obviously available for men, women, doubles and the Next-Gen category, that of the hopes of global tennis. These are the only tournaments where you can bet on this category on the sites of Online sports betting aged by the Arjel.

Here are the four Grand Chelem tournaments in the annual chronological order.

Betting on the Tennis tournament of Open Australia

This is the first Grand Chelem tournament of the year. It is played out the third week of January on a hard surface called "plexicushion" by the name of the company that invented it. This tournament is the most recent to have invited yourself to the Grand Chelem menu. His story started on grass and it was his hard passage that devoted it in 1986. He officially became the 4th Grand Chelem in 1983. We can say, without shading this prestigious tournament, that it is precisely the least prestigious of the four. In its modern era the two most titled players on the Australian surface are Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic with six victories each. In 2018, the endowment was $ 55 million. This tournament for us bettors, but especially for players, poses a major factor, the weather. So you have to look at when the players evolve and between the overwhelming heat, in January, it's summer there and the games at the start of the evening, the game conditions have nothing to do. The controversies about the advantages given to Federer who regularly plays his matches when the heat declines continues to run ink. The other essential factor in tennis is the surface. It is true that since we have a trio of monsters that are Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, the Beotian eye could be mistaken by his players capable of winning on any surface. The ultra modern surface of the Australian Open is recognized by its horizon blue. According to the director of the Australian Open faster than the lawn of the Wimbledon tournament and the clay of Roland-Garros but a little slower than the surface of the US Open.

Betting on the Roland-Garros tournament

This legendary tournament, whose real name is international name in USA, has been played since 1891! The annual meeting is set every year in June. He is mythical, not only because he is American, but because his story is patinated by the history of tennis and he is considered the hardest part in the world. The clay is its meadow. The rules are strict with respect for original tennis with for example the absence of a tie break at the end of the fifth set. Obviously, this rule can change. Always be vigilant about developments in ATP tournaments' rules which sometimes can even surprise the regular bettors of tennis. The surface is part of the myth with this clay which slows down the game and lets develop dantesque exchanges until the end of the exhaustion of players. Discover our special article for Bet as a pro on the Roland-Garros tournament

Betting on the Wimbledon tournament

Perhaps at the Roland-Garros myth is above Wimbledon, but in terms of prestige the "So British" London tournament is unbeatable. Or vice versa. Correct outfit required and it is white dressed that players present themselves on the courses. Wimbledon is played outdoors on lawn. This tournament has taken place since July 3, 1877. It is the oldest world tournament and note that the ladies can participate since 1884. When we hear certain speeches on female sport in this fin 2018, one can wonder how we do to have a conscience which is more than a century late. The surface has long been the setting for the most offensive tennis players. However, since 2000, the institution has changed the texture and composition of its lawn. The result is quite impressive when you are a tennis dilettante lover. Grass is grass. Well, no, the new lawn allows the ball to bounce much higher and the profile of the performing players has changed since then with the strength of the more defensive players. This Wimbledon tournament is played out from the last June in the eponymous district of London. Roger Federer and obviously the MAN record of the modern era with 8 titles, but let's not forget William Renshaw and his 7 titles before 1968.

Betting on the US Open tournament

The last Grand Chelem of the year of world tennis is played in New York, in Flushing Meadows and begins every year at the end of August. Betting on the US Open is knowing its surface: it is a so -called "hard" surface but different from that of the Australian Open. This surface is neutral and it impacts the bounce of bullets less than the lawn or clay. It is said that it is the fastest and ideal surface for all offensive players. In terms of records, we still find Federer accompanied by Pete Sampras and Jimmy Connors. Here again, we note that the change of surface and the game itself, the US Open is played at the bottom of the course giving pride of place to the big strikers.

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