Roulette: techniques and strategies

Roulette has made a name for itself over time to the point of becoming one of the main attractions of the universe of online casinos, as terrestrial. Game of chance par excellenceNCE, however, it gave rise to dozens of techniques and methods to challenge luck - luck that is mainly for the casino, and even more with roulette than with other casino games. Which certainly makes it a rather exciting challenge ... The fact remains that some experts - from the 17th century until today, agree that there are strategies to win roulette, or Less, to increase your chances of winning more often and faster, in a mathematical way.

A real player must know at least some of these strategies to play with roulette, and even if you do not use them regularly, try to hold one or two at least, and in any case, try them on free demos to train - it can be very informative. We will talk to you here about the different methods and strategies developed by enthusiasts (of play or money) and who obviously had to prove themselves since they still arouse certain interest today. However, we will not fail to warn you if some of these strategies seem too wacky - and above all, do not forget, the strategies are especially to spice up the game and make it even more interesting! After all, if the man challenged the laws of weightlessness, why would he not challenge those of chance - just for fun? And if in addition it reports ....

Online roulette strategies: really?

One of the advantages of playing American or American roulette with online casino is that you have the statistics of all your bets and results. So you can start analyzes and take out your theory! Since the dawn of time or since roulette has existed the greatest mathematicians have sought how to win in roulette. You have to understand them: it is a closed mathematical universe that offers a defined number of numbers and therefore possibilities. He must necessarily respond to a mathematical logic. In addition, you can simply play on red or black. Mathematicians, student researchers and so on have all become more or less crazy. If you are surfing on the net in search of strategies to win roulette you will find the most crazy to the most crazy by going through the most dangerous for your finances. We will offer you a tour of these strategies without advising you to use them. Knowing is power, so it's always good to take. We know that at one point when we play the different versions of roulette in the casinos, we come to the conclusion that there must be a way to earn more and more regularly. This is how we go from consumer to dealer! Cheer ! We recommend casinos, casino games, but above all we offer you a fun universe, where it is really possible to Earning big sums of real money, but whose goal is to be entertained above all. Our interest is the same as yours. Play for fun, take the earnings if there are without ever falling into addiction. Unfortunately, sites will offer you strategies to earn more, especially in roulette. This article is entitled "Roulette strategies", except that we will try to explain to you why, there are not really any foolproof roulette strategies.

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Methods, techniques, tips and strategies for playing online roulette

Roulette is above all a game of chance but if it is impossible to predict in advance and with certainty on which box the ball will stop, certain professional techniques sometimes prove themselves and can bring more substantial earnings than if you Entrust all your chances to fate.

Ces game methods and techniques can help Increase our chances of earnings in the long term and especially to minimize its potential losses. The best is to know them to play as best as possible. We have therefore listed the most popular, as well as the less known roulette game strategies for you to allow you to enjoy an enriching experience as possible. With all these tips in mind and these cards in hand, it is certain that playing online roulette takes on a completely different dimension and becomes much more interesting, and incidentally ... more lucrative!

The Piqumouche method

The so -called Picmouche Roulette method is largely inspired by the so -called classic martingale. It starts from the same principle while being less dangerous because it has a slower progression than the Hawk method.

The principle is to play each bet three times before doubled this one.

Here are the main lines: it is for you to start with an X bet and if you lose to re -turn X. It is only after three consecutive losses that you can double your starting bet. This method is therefore slower, you will need more than one winning blow as in Martingale to obtain a positive balance, but you are more in control over the game with this strategy.

So let's take the example of an bet where x = 5 as a starting bet.

  • Here is the first step you set 5 then 5 then another 5 and you lose these three times. So you lost 15.

  • The fourth time so you will bet this time 10 and if you win you earn 10 which leaves you in deficit of 5 after all the same 4 strokes.

  • You just have to continue until you arrive at a positive balance which in our case could happen after eight blows. Indeed in the fifth blow you would have played 10 then to the sixth still 10 then in the seventh you would have Played this time 20 to win and in the eighth blow to win again (for example)

Only then you would be positive of a balance of +20-5 = 15. To get there you will have taken 3 winning shots on 8.

This method is statistically efficient since after eight blows with five losses and three victories we finally have won three times our starting bet what is important.

We therefore understand why in front of the classic Martingale this method is more advantageous and less dangerous.

Indeed again it is not blocked by the casino which would prevent you from doubling your bet systematically!

La Martingale: the math trap

You will find martingale methods that are deployed in different strategies. The problem of a casino player is not to win once, but to win over the long term. Martingale consists in doubled its bets while waiting to win. If you play 2 $ and lose, you play 4. If you win on a rating of 2, you earn 8 tokens with a net profit of 2 euros. So here is a paid strategy. However, it is a fundamental error just mathematically. The small pebble in the gear is that you have a defined starting capital. And if you play for the pleasure or bait of gain, your capital is limited. If your capital is limited nothing tells you that you will win before you have lost all of the capital. Martingale is only based on your earnings and not on your chances of winning. This theory is all the more harmful since it advises you to double your bets. It's a vicious circle. So if you are infinitely rich, there is bound to be a time when you are going to win and do it again. We are not infinitely rich and therefore martingale is a real trap. Never use it.

The classic martingale or martingale of Hawk

The Martingale de Hawk is the most popular and easiest martingale to set up on online roulette. The goal of the Hawk Martingale is simple if you win you do not move the amount of your bet, if you lose you double the amount of the preceding bet and so on, the goal being to come across a winning series.

The prolonged martingale

The so -called "prolonged" Martingale met with a great success with roulette players, but ...

It is relatively simple, to use it just play/bet on the squares of numbers to make your earnings.

Example of prolonged Martingale: You will place your token on the square made up for example of the following four numbers UN - Deux - Quatre - Cinq, so if you win, you will win your bet eight times as indicated in the table of roulette stakes. If you lose this time, do not do like in simple martingale, you do not double your bet, but you put exactly the same. You will therefore not double your bet in the event of failure eight times in a row. The calculation is simple:

If your bet is 2 and you lose 8 times in a row you will have lost 2 × 8, that is to say 16.

When you win the ninth time you have won 4 × 8, that is, 32 is double what you have lost.

This is, you will have understood a method similar to that of the simple martingale except that the risk taking compared to the gain is much more interesting.

In addition you avoid investing too much by doubling your bet each time, which can quickly put you on the straw if you do not have a sufficient bankroll.

Even better, in case the casino limits you in the possibilities of double your bet, here you go unnoticed.

This prolonged martingale is therefore a great way to win by limiting the risks taken.

She has our preference and you easily understand why.

Be careful all the same because as you play on a square, that is to say 4 boxes and that the roulette has 37, the probability of falling on these 4 boxes is lower than in classic martingale where the probability is 18/ 37. This is also why it is called the prolonged martingale because it is longer to implement. So be patient for this martingale.

Summary table of prolonged Martingale

  • Zographos' method

  • The Garcia method

  • Wells' system

  • The Roulette method of the opposite - It is an improvement in the simple chances of the Martingale of Hawk, which consists in playing the opposite of the last nine colors outings. Reliable in the long term, this method works in 90% of cases with a little patience and perseverance.
  • The simple chance method - they only pay the bet twice, but guarantee a certain security. It is a question of betting on peer or odd, red or black, lacks (1-18) or pass (19-36)
  • The Roulette method of distance: is played out on the principle of repetition, and the distance "the hand of the dealer" as well as on the law of third parties - we observe 12 prints to identify a repeated distance. Quite risky, this technique suffers from the lack of time required for calculations before the bet ...
  • The Sizaines Roulette method
  • The dozen roulette method (1 & 2)
  • Roulette technique endings. Also called "outgoing numbers method", it consists in betting on the "third party law" which is based on the unequal distribution of numbers, which sometimes repeat themselves several times in a row.

Note again with an important warning: it is not necessary to abuse the same methods in an overly ostentatious way - the online casino casters are equipped with robots of suspicious constant stakes. Some of this software is programmed to blur the tracks and change the course of roulette - which means that the game is no longer really random, which is why it is recommended to play online roulette only on Reliable online casinos and license holders, like those we present to you on this portal. Finally to avoid coming across this kind of software, and for an even more exciting immersion, the option "Live roulette" Still a great idea!

Roulette strategy: the rising alembert

Alembert rising is another method to improve your chances against the casino when you play roulette.

The principle is almost similar to that of the different martingales, since the bets are progressive.

So doNC You start with an X -put and in case of loss you increase your unit.

Be careful if you win you will have to lower your bet the next time in a unit.

Unlike the classic Martingale, it is not a question of making a hit the alpha and the omega of your method. No to make a profit is in the long term. It is therefore much longer and progressive, but you are more master of your game.

You can easily understand that if progress is slow, losses are also slowly made and it is an undeniable advantage in the face of other methods. So you will always return to balance despite the fact that the lost blows are in the majority.

Example starting from a five

On three shots you will therefore be 5 + 10 + 15 and you will therefore bring the double on this last blow. We see here that you are equal since you reportEZ 30 and that you spent 30. But it goes further, the next time you will play 10 then you will then play 15 then 20.

Now let's do the calculation together. As you were in balance we start from the last version, you will have since lost 10+15+20 but you will have won 40. You are here at -5 when you are already in your 6th blow.

Not bad is not it ? Continue immediately until being a beneficiary! This is the so -called rising strategy of Alembert, an excellent method for playing roulette that you have to succeed in controlling properly.

The most wacky strategy: the attack on the biased wheel

We put you in the bath right away with a technique that dates from 1873. And yes, when you are told that it has been a long time that man seeks to crash the casinos. It only concerns hard casters. Joseph Jaggers, an engineer in a cotton spinning, thought that the casters were by turning, a bit like his machines that turned at full speed during the English revolution of the 19th century. His theory was rather simple. If the wheel is biased, the result would be biased is numbers should be released more often than on a roulette in perfect condition. He therefore goes to Monte Carlos, the famous casino where the players were born "and for a week, his team will seek the results. And it turns out that a roulette is biased. That is to say that numbers will be released once again than once by 35. The Joseph Jaggers in pocket numbers will play against the Casino de Monte Carlo. He would have earned more than 700,000 euros today, but the casinotier, not stupid, feels the scam and changes the machine at space. Joseph Jaggers will lose half of his earnings before leaving beautiful player and above all rich enough to never have to return to his cotton factory. This legendary and truthful story should not inspire you. In addition, modern casters are checked daily.

The most logical strategy: always bet on the same color

Here is a strategy that does damage because it is logical. Nevertheless, logic is in no way mathematical as we will see. There are 18 black boxes in the American roulette board. The statistics that a black box is therefore 47.37! Be careful, do not rush on roulette after reading these figures: you are 99 % luck that the ball stops on a black box at least 10 times on 38. But the more you play, the more the small gap of statistics will grow. And in the end, the probability of reaching 47.37 % over 100 laps is minimal.

Independent prints!

So try on a virtual money slot machine and you will quickly understand the problem. You actually have 47.37% chance of having a black box on a wheel. So each time, you relaunch the ball with the same potential. It is as if you had a bag with small pieces of red and black paper. The more you remove it, the more you will have a chance to come across a black or a red depending on what you have come out. Well for roulette, it's as if you are handing over the papers you have pulled. So you leave each time with the same number of chances of winning or losing. I hope you understand. If you have understood this, you will avoid a lot of miracle strategies with roulette that are only, let's say, theories. And this is however a strategy that can appear logical ...

Conclusion on roulette game strategies and techniques

As for the basic advice, they do not change from one game to another but it is always good to recall them:

Prefer European roulette

Although roulette can be a game that does not require large skills, you can enjoy a lucrative session by choosing the variant you play as well as the bets you place. For example, professionals recommend to avoid playing American (or English) roulette, because it has an advantage of the house a little higher than that of the European wheel. This is due to the additional box 00 that it presents and that its American counterpart has not - which already statistically increases our chances since the boxes go from 38 to 37.

Set up limits and have fun

The other good strategy is to set limits for you, just to lose less money if you are not lucky enough while you play roulette. Also think that you offer yourself a fun game above all - play without expectations, for the game itself and do not think of victory. This one always arrives when you least expect it ...

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