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The SIC Bo, also called Chuck A Luck in the United States, is a simple to apprehendage game that is very successful in Macao among others. More and more present in Europe and in particular in USA, both in traditional casinos and in online games sites, the SIC-BO also has its share of strategies to gain as much as possible. And it works! Here are some that you are invited to test on our partner casinos.

It was the Americans who discovered this dice game in the middle of the 20th century, among the Chinese workers who came to participate in the construction of the transcontinental rail. They somewhat adapted the rules and even gave him a new name: "Chuck-a-Luck", before this game arrives in the casinos of Las Vegas. He is also very popular, just like in the Philippines or Macao, where he is the main table game.

Recently arrived in American casinos, the SIC Bo was already playing on online casinos where it was a great success. It is a game that is both simple and fun, not at all boring for a dice game, which allows you to win pretty earnings, and we have everything to try to try it ... and as for many things, to try it is to adopt it!

Sic bo - small history

SIC BO - which means "pair of dice" in Mandarin, is a game of chance that finds its origins in ancient China where it appeared some 2000 years ago. He did not yet appear in his current form but was simply played with small pebbles. At the beginning of the 20th century, a strong Chinese immigration will make the SIC-BO known in the United States. Indeed, the many workers who came to work on American sites and more particularly on the construction of the transcontinental railway play regularly at the SIC-BO between them during breaks or in the evening. The Americans are interested in it and will adopt this very playful ancestral game by reversing it Chuck A Luck. It is under this name that the SIC-BO appears in the game establishments in Las Vegas. Little by little, the game will arrive in Europe by resuming its original name but it remains there still little known. In USA, it was not considered a casino game and was only authorized in 2012. The sic-bo is thus present in some terrestrial casinos in USA as is the case in Enghien-les-Bains or in Deauville but also recently in Forges-les-Eaux.

SIC Bo rules to play real money

The SIC BO is played with three dice. The rules of the SIC-BO are very simple, it is simply a question of knowing the possible bets and their respective relationships, that is to say their performance, which depends on the probability of winning.

The SIC Bo - which is also called Tai -Sai in certain Chinese regions - is played on a very specific table dedicated to this game. Indeed, the table is divided into different zones each corresponding to a specific bet and where players will deposit their bets. On the table is also a glass bell, called cage, in which three conventional dice are imprisoned, that is to say cubic and numbered from 1 to 6. At each turn, the dealer launches the mechanism allowing to launch the From after waiting for the players to deposit their bets of course.

Once the dice is immobilized in the cage, the boxes corresponding to the winning bets light up which allows you to identify successful bets. The dealer then pays the winning bets and recovers those of the losers.

The rules of the SIC Bo are therefore basic but to play it, you still have to know the bets that it is possible to achieve during each game - and of course, the enthusiasts are experiencing start -ups to play sic bo and these Ci will undoubtedly be the subject of a future article on the SIC BO online. In the meantime, our Tips for playing online are always valid!

The different bets at the sic bo

Possible bets at SIC Bo are very varied, from most risky to sure, the first being naturally much better rewarded than the latter. It is up to everyone to juggle according to their risk aversion!

It is possible to bet on the sum obtained in total by the three dice. Some sums being rarer and difficult to obtain than others, their reports are not all the same, varying between 6 for a 10 or an 11 and 60 for a 4 or a 17.

It is for example easier to obtain a 10 than a 4 because the 10 is obtained with more different combinations than the 4. Thus, a 4 can only be made with a disturbance 2 and the other two worth 1. On the contrary, 6 different combinations give a sum of 10 (1-4-5; 1-3-6; 2-2-6; 2-3-5; 2-4-4 and 3-4) And this, without counting the order of dice.

It should also be noted that it is not allowed to bet on a sum of 3 or 18 (or so in the form of a triplet since these sums correspond respectively to a triplet of 1 and a triplet of 6, as we will see later.)

For the most chilly, a bet can be deposited on "small" or "large". The first bet will win if the sum of the three dice is between 4 and 10 included while the second will be for a sum between 11 and 17 included. Be careful however, the bet is systematically lost if the dice form a triplet. Thus, if the dice fall on 2-2-2, the “small” bet is lost despite everything. This also explains why these bets do not take into account sums 3 and 18 which would necessarily be losing since obtained by a triplet.

Finally, we can opt for a bet on the values of the dice themselves and not the sum obtained. The most risky is to bet on a particular triplet. The player then has only one chance out of 216 to win but his bet can bring him 180 times his bet, a significant gain. But the player can also bet on obtaining any triplet, a double, a "duo" (a combination of two particular dice to obtain on two of the three dice) or even on a specific side (more It will appear in the end, the more we win). Reports can sometimes change according to the casino, they are often recalled on the game table so that the game is accessible even to beginners.

Tips for playing sic bo online

The sic-bo is a pure game of chance, it is obviously impossible to define a strategy ensuring a gain with each game. Unless you have dice which is naturally not an acceptable solution! However, some tips optimize your earnings by playing SIC-BO. Some of them would be valid for several casino games and are almost common sense.

When you decide to go to a terrestrial casino or register for an online casino, the goal is to have a good time and distract yourself. The players hope of course to earn a little (or a lot) of money but you have to make sure you don't lose too much. Also, it is important to take your time when playing SIC-BO for two reasons. On the one hand, it avoids rushing to bet without thinking and risking losing everything at once and on the other hand, it extends pleasure. For caution as much as for pleasure, it is therefore better to play each part in a posed way and with a small sum with each game to have a longer moment of relaxation in front of the game table, whether real or virtual.

Play SIC Bo at the online casino

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Strategies to play SIC Bo

To speak more specifically about SIC BO strategies, you have to be interested in different possible bets because even if you cannot be sure of winning, some choices are more judicious than others. Each bet has its own relationship and if one can be tempted to bet on one of those who have the best yield, it should not be forgotten that the gain is roughly inversely proportional to the probability of winning it.

It is therefore better to aim for a lower gain by being more likely to win than a big lot very difficult to obtain. By betting small sums on simple bets, the player is likely to gradually accumulate a nice chest. Do we not say that small streams make the big rivers? By following this line of conduct, it is therefore better to favor "small" or "large" bets which do not seem very profitable with their ratio of 1 but still allow to win almost a fOis out of two.

To vary the pleasures a little, it is not impossible to bet on a sum provided you confine yourself to 9, 10, 11 or 12 which have less good ribs but are also more likely. Moreover, despite their attractive report of 60, the 4 and the 17th have a hoping of earnings lower than other values, each being in any case negative since it is always the Casino the real winner in each of the games offered. This is the method of prudence ...

Some people think that it is better to choose the same bet but this SICBO strategy has no legitimacy since the dice throws are independent. Thus, even if the sum obtained by the faces of the three dice was less than 10 during the previous part (therefore a "small" bet won), there is no more chances that the sum is "large" next. This method above all makes it possible to avoid regrets if the bet is realized when we have just changed its bet!

More specific bets like betting on a triplet, a specific double or duo are to be avoided because they are far too hazardous. Again, the reports are attractive but the probability that the three dice give the right result is really low. The famous bet "triplet" with its 180 report, for example, has only one chance out of 216 to be won. Which, compared to the chances of winning the lottery which are one of millions, is still hyper interesting!

The most informed players can deposit bets on several areas of Paris (within the limits of table rules: there is a good chance that it is prohibited to bet on all possible sums). In this case, two strategies are possible: make two incompatible bets which cannot be both winners but increases the chances of winning a small gain or making two additional bets which will combine the gains in a very specific case.

By respecting these few rules, you limit the risks of loss and you optimize your game to accumulate a maximum of money. For a little adrenaline, it is not forbidden to be tempted by a more daring bet from time to time provided you can limit itself and be reasonable, perhaps by betting according to its first winnings. But this method of small players is also that of small winners ....

Live SIC Bo - Play SIC BO live with a dealer!

It's the best way to play this online Chinese dice game. The big difference with the classic SIC BO is that you will have a real table with a real dealer. The immersion is total and it is a success because it is stupidly, the players have more confidence in a person of flesh and blood especially when it has some undeniable attires. To play SIC Bo Live, you have to be registered in real money. The technology is advanced and you have to pay the pretty croupier well. This is then the course of a classic SIC BO. You have to bet obviously before launching the three dice. Be careful everything can go very quickly, so don't let yourself have the exhilarating experience of the live casino. You can play from your smartphone or tablet without loss of fluidity and LAG. A small part of SIC Bo Live seated on your bus, so it's now possible.

Dice combinations at sic bo live

  • The combination passes: the launcher obtains between 11 and 17 including by excluding the triple, three figures of the same value on each of the three dice.
  • The combination is missing: the sum of the three dice is a figure between 4 and 10 included. Always with the exception of the triple.
  • The combination of triples: the player makes a triple with his dice: three identical figures come out at the throw and you have announced it! In Macao, it's a gain of 150 times your bet.
  • The combination of doubles: the launch of the three dice offers you a double: two dice have the same value.
  • The Any Triple combination: any triple that appears on the carpet.
  • The total combination: bet on the total of the three dice

4 or 17: same probability and report

5 or 16: same probability and report

6 or 15: same probability and report

7 or 14: same probability and report

8 or 13: Same probability and report

9 or 12: same probability and report

10 or 11: same probability and report

  • A combination: to bet on any combination of two dice 1-2 1-3 1-4 1-5 1- 6 2-3 2-4 2-5 2-6 3-4 3-5 3-6 4 -5 4-6 5-6.
  • The unique number combination: bet on one of the six digits coming out on a dice 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 of each die.

Attention, attention...

Depending on the country where you play you can bet on the pair and odd combinations.

The reporting of bets

The betting report and therefore there is question of your earnings, is different according to the casinos, there is no official stake report. To give you an idea, we give you the reports of Macao, where the game of the SIC Bo is a national institution.

Make in Macao casinos

  • Passe : Le gain est d'une fois votre mise. Probabilité => 48,6%.
  • Manque : Le gain est d'une fois votre mise. Probabilité => 48,6%
  • Le Triple précis : le gain est de 150 fois votre mise ! Probabilité => 0,46%.
  • Le double : Le gain est de 8 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 7,41%.
  • Le Any triple : 24 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 2,80%.
  • Total :

4 ou 17 : Le gain est de 50 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 1,4%.

5 ou 16 : Le gain est de 18 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 2,8%.

6 ou 15 : Le gain est de 14 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 4,6%.

7 ou 14 : Le gain est de 12 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 6,9%.

8 ou 13 : Le gain est de 8 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 9,7%.

9 ou 12 : Le gain est de 8 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 11,6%.

10 ou 11 : Le gain est de 6 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 12,5%.

  • Combinaisons : Le gain est de 5fois votre mise. Probabilité => 13,9%.
  • The number: the number appears:

1 fois : Le gain est de 1 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 0,46%.
2 fois : Le gain est de 2 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 0,46%.
3 fois : Le gain est de 3 fois votre mise. Probabilité => 0,46%.

SIC BO software publishers online

Several excellent Online game publishers Offer casino software to play SIC BO online. This is the case of microgaming, Ezugi and Novomatic for example. The SIC BO games online of these publishers are available on partner casinos and mainly on American or Asian platforms. It must be said that new online casino game providers focus their development on the design of ever -increasingly beautiful slot machines rather than the creation of table games where the possibilities are relatively limited in terms of innovation.

Play free at sic bo

If the SIC Bo inspires you and you want to try your luck by trying this game, have made you want, some American casinos offer it in their rooms as we have already said, but in the meantime, play SIC Bo online is no less attractive, which is surely a good idea to familiarize yourself with the game, especially since there is also, of course, the possibility of playing it for free. Most online casinos offer "demo" versions that allow you to familiarize yourself with the game, and to try the strategies learned. Do not hesitate to train before you embark on a real part!

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