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Spotlight Sports Group is one of the information leaders for Sports betting And turnkey solutions for books around the world. With an experience of over 34, the American group can take advantage of an extraordinary portfolio. You can count Pickswise, Racing Post and Freesupertips as the group standard. Spotlight Sports Group is already well known in US sport and its growth in Europe is dazzling. For European online bettors, the most appreciated American sport remains the NBA, but the importance of American football and the NASCAR are far from negligible. Spotlight Sports Group has just announced that it will strengthen in the American sports market.

Spotlight Sports Group: Information and Statistics

As we know, the sports bettor is bulimic when it comes to statistics and information. Today, a bookmaker must be able to provide a maximum without losing its readability and transparency. The Bets on football saw in a decade, the arrival of a tsunami of statistics closer to an NBA match than that of a football meeting. The most difficult is to find the correlation between statistics the information and the meaning they have. If bettors should learn to use them, it's the same for clubs. Spotlight Sports Group has this experience to give meaning. In addition to offering ultra-precise statistics on teams, but also on players, not to mention historical, the American group knows how to transform them into a precise analysis to produce The best forecasts possible.

SPOTLIGHT SPORTS Group is strengthened on US sport

It is the very recent announcement that stir the world of sports bettors. The American group still wants to increase its portfolio, that is to say, multiply the acquisitions, to offer even more content and sports analyzes. The pandemic instead of slowing down the ardor is an opportunity for them, because the matches that will take place in camera will ask for a new approach to satisfy the fans. At the same time, more and more American states are legalizing online sports betting. The idea is to provide as much information as possible to try to offer greater immersion to bettors. Statistics must transcribe the information that a professional bettor can collect as index when it goes to the stadium. The group wants to offer new tools to sports betting sites, but also on the points of sale of bookmakers. You should know that in the Anglo-Saxon world, players are used to going to a bookmaker office. It is a non-negligible part of the SPOTLIGHT Sports Group market.

A bright future for Spotlight Sports Group?

The B2B content sales manager Rob Black was optimistic by evoking the future of his group. He recalls that 75% of American states have adopted new legislation on sports betting. For him, it is therefore a new market that opens for his company which has all the qualities to conquer them and thus become the number 1 in the USA.

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