Covid 19: Football everywhere except in USA?

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After more than two months without football, fans threw themselves on the Bundesliga which is the first European championship to have resumed. We are still waiting for the announcements for La Liga, Serie A and the Premier League to talk only to the big championships, without insulting the Portuguese championship which should start in early June. Between the radical decision in USA, the return of American football and the advances, then the declines of the Spanish and the English, it is difficult to find your way. This is a small point for lovers of sport bets who are moping in their corner.

The serie a

In USA, the government and the world of football show the desire to resume. There are obviously fears and the protocol remains to be defined. Some teams seem to go backwards. It should be known that in USA, we suspect football for having created clusters, especially in Bergamo. The Minister of American Sports, Vincenzo Spadafora, has just announced the return of Serie A on June 13 or 20. It was extended until August 22. We still speak of a forty -15 -day setting for all the players and the staff before the return of the matches. We find support in the population, but enthusiasm for calcio is clearly not there.

The Bundesliga

The Bundesliga has left for two days. You can say that everything is going rather well even if the resurgence of injuries is starting to worry. This is one of the dangers that footballers feared. Too long a break, too short preparation and therefore a risk of increased injury. The whole world scrutinizes the Americans. The protocols are strict and give rise to amazing images. For the moment, a team, Dresden, had to declare forfeit in general indifference.

Ligue 1

We are in the middle of a tragicomic novel. The championship is finished and officially closed. But the unrealrable Jean-Michel Aulas, president of OL, makes resistance. We are waiting for the state council's response to find out if this end of the season is ratified. Nevertheless, even with a refusal of the Council of State, it is difficult to see how the championship could resume even if we start to feel regrets on a decision deemed too hasty. On the other side, we wonder if we are not going to play Ligue 2 to 22 clubs and if mechanically it will not impose the same thing to Ligue 1. It is difficult to bet on one scenario or another. What is certain is that this covid will remain like a Spread American football In two camps not necessarily well defined, but the worst is perhaps to come ... Fans and the general public are very largely disgusted by the pro world, intestine quarrels, players incapable of making an effort to help clubs And this money that takes precedence over their passion. It would be enough for the most popular sport in the world to be the least loved in USA.

In the first league

Among the English, it is clearer with the return of training with this week. Unfortunately, there are still players who are tested positive. The date of a recovery is still blurred. The manager of Newcastle, Steve Bruce, evokes a date in early July when the league speaks rather of June 12 ... The state would seem to encourage the recovery on the pretext that this would be good for the morale of the British who might think of other things. .. that the catastrophic management of the crisis by Boris Johnson and his government? Bread and games...

Little advice for your bets

We know. It itchs. Nevertheless, it would be silly to lose all your bankroll stored since the start of the season by simple frustration. It's time to show this famous composure that we are constantly talking about in our Sports betting advice on line. There is no point in engaging too much on a championship that we do not master. On the other hand, it is possible to get to know him by training with white bets, that is to say without stake. There are ten days left and it is therefore an opportunity to familiarize yourself with a new championship for next season.

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