Quarter -final return C1 2021: Bayern - PSG, forecasts

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Afterwards, the madness of the first leg, we come back with the forecasts for the return matches. Fleet matches were not surprising except for an exception that has changed football in a surrealism that capsizes the supporters and murder the bettors online. We will come back to it. For these quarter -finals, we will try to find interesting ribs and try to make our bankrolls climb. In good American, we will try to optimize the gains on the return match of the Champions 2021 Champions League, Bayern Munich-Paris Saint-Germain.

Bet on PSG - Bayern

Qualification ratings with Betclic

  • Paris 1.33
  • Bavaria Munich 3.05

The ratings of the match

  • PSG 3.05
  • Nul 3.75
  • Bayern 2.12

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The result of the match, with the 3-2 victory of PSG, is considered by most observers as a miracle, however, we hear the term exploit more and more often. For us bettors, we absolutely have to return to the match and not be influenced by chauvinism or the Parisianism of commentators. Paris drank the broth for 90 minutes. It looked like PSG had turned into a small L1 team moving to the park. From time to time, there is a miracle and the miracle took place in Munich. How to bet on it, what lessons can learn from it? Before betting on this match, it is absolutely necessary Know who will play it or not. There are too many unknowns and Bayern, just like PSG, could still have absent executives. We don't bet to find out if the best will win, but on the team that will qualify. Bayern is much above Paris, but it has been found that it was not enough. Miracle on the return against Barca, to go against Bayern, but it is also the demonstration that pocket men are able to spend 90 minutes in the middle of chaos and launch an arrow in the heart of his opponent on a counter. We hear everyone congratulating ourselves because Bayern will have to attack the park. Bayern is made for that and they would have won 3 - 2, that would have changed anything.

We risk seeing the same type of match with Americans stung to the live and Parisians who will try to hold and pray on a flash of one of the individuals. For us bettors, the Bayern qualification rating is honey for bees. The Americans are excellent outside and have already knocked out games, while Paris has been suffering on its land since the start of the season. Obviously, we must offer you a bet before knowing which players will be on the match sheet, but for us, the qualification of Bayern is so good on the side and the Americans are so superior to PSG that we cannot let it go. Afterwards, we don't bet on miracles, but on concrete.

Our prognosis : Bet on the qualification of Bayern Munich for a dimension of 3.05.

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