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The news is a thunderclap in the middle of the storm which is engulfing the world. This thunderclap is in the world of sport and probably in yours if you Bet Sport online And that you plan to play on an online bookmaker. We can even think that the cancellation of these two international competitions could launch a fall in Domino. If the Olympic Games can be shifted by one year, why take risk with the continuation of the local championships of the various competitions?

Jo Tokyo 2020 EN 2021?

For the moment, what we know what the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games will not take place as planned because of the pandemic. However, in July, we all hope that COVVI-19 will no longer be a danger to humanity, but no one really knows if he will go out with sunny days. There will remain so many wounds to heal that it would have been moved to put sport as a priority. The decision was late. The Olympic International Committee did not want a postponement because it involves hundreds of millions of loss. Japan quickly joined the IOC before making it known that a postponement seemed wiser than a risk of a second wave from the Olympic Games to leave around the world. Some find this irrational. The vast majority of athletes seem relieved of this decision, despite the consequences for those who have been preparing for 4 years to be their ultimate in the summer of 2020. The estimate would be around 4 billion additional cost for the organizing country.

What it changes about our bets:

If you are betting like a pro, you will lose hours of work. In a year, everything may have changed. A priori qualifications in nations will also be postponed. In summary, we go to zero. Fortunately, American bookmakers did not offer many Paris options. The English have been offering bets for at least a year. It is unfair, but it will not change anything for the ordinary bettors. For all those who have prediction tables that follow athletes, national qualifications, it will be necessary to start all over again and take into account the periods. And honestly, when you program to run for a gold medal, the body and the mind are prepared for D -Day and one can wonder if all the athletes will be able to reprogram for a year of additional preparation.

Euro 2020 in 2021 ...

This is the other blow for bettors, but UEFA has decided in favor of European cuts. This summer, it will be dreary plain, unless the project to shift the championships and the European cuts. This withdrawal should therefore lead to a cancellation of the Nations Cup. Important, Euro 2020 will be played in 2021, but will keep its name. It's very simple, if you see information in our Bookmakers guide on Euro 2020, they will not necessarily be outdated. UEFA first explained that the name was going to change and then finally, Euro 2020 will be called Euro 2021.

What it changes for betting:

Absolutely everything. In one season, the levels, the teams, the collectives, the selectors. Everything can change. We don't even know how, he will organize. We still note that it is an era sign, UEFA prioritizes club football rather than national teams.

Bet on golf: and now the Ryder Cup?

It is a competition as important as the euro or the Olympic Golf world. If in USA, we discovered it last year, the Ryder Cup attracts thousands of spectators and we are not far from the billion cumulative spectators during the two weeks of the tournament. This year, it is planned to play it at the end of September 2021 in the USA. In terms of time, let's cross the fingers, the pandemic should have stopped. However, fear is already there. Pros players are starting to talk about the fact that the preparation will be truncated. At present, it is maintained and the organizers do not seem to want to negotiate, but we can have doubts when we see that the US are being submerged by the pandemic.

What it changes for betting:

When we talk to bettors on golf, we talk to a little niche of enthusiasts. We therefore advise you to wait until the previous week to put your bets. It is likely that the Ryder Cup takes place, we will have little hindsight to set up a strategy, because we can imagine that there will be few tournaments before. It will therefore be difficult to get an idea of the form of players.

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