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We warned you! You have to postpone your bets on competitions. Obviously, we did not yet think that the pandemic would go so quickly, and that today, we would write to you with prohibition to go out without having a declaration on honor. Instead of prediction, strategies and seeking Best Online Bookmakers, we are going to tell you about the consequences on sport in the broad sense with today a zoom on sports TV channels and, obviously, our dear online sports betting sites.

Sports betting: more exotic bets

The cascade cancellation of sporting events did not really take place. The organizers have kicked up in touch, but it is the reports that make legion. At the minute I write to you, Roland-Garros is postponed to September 2020. The bettors on tennis will wonder how it will happen with the American Grand Slam tournament, the US Open. In the morning, it was the 2020 football euro that was moved in the summer of 2021. Cycling races, classics, and we fear for the Giro, are all postponed one after the other. Tokyo's Olympics are not threatened, but the Japanese are no longer too excited to receive a world event. The athletes are starting to request the outright cancellation of this event. This long list continues to grow and if for us, it is a frustration, we can say that on the side of online sports betting sites, it is a disaster that is not yet industrial, but not far.

Today, the big championships, the European football cuts, tennis and the NBA are stopped, which represents 90% of daily sports in sports. And it is also the competitions of the sports most popular by online bettors. A American bookmaker, whose names we will have, told us about figures. They are bad and the amount of bets is in free fall. However, bets did not fall as low as specialists thought them thanks to a reorientation of bettors to minor championships.

In short, everything we recommend in our sports betting guide: betting to bet, without strategy, without knowing the sport perfectly, it's a great idea to lose all your pocketed earnings. On the other hand, it was a blessing for the bookmaker which listed us the five championships which received the most landscaping the week before confinement.

The top 5 football competitions most played by bettors

  • Turkish Super League
  • Russian Premier League
  • Super League Serbe
  • Algerian division 1
  • Primera Chilean Division

However, we know that acalmia in this storm will be short -lived, because all over the world, we talk about suspensions of competitions. With an increase of 20% last year and regular growth for 10 years, the year 2020 will ask our American bookmakers to type in its reserves, even if what is lost today can be caught up when the competition will be played. The shortfall will be enormous for the competitions that will be canceled.

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Sports media, already out of breath?

Sports media are deprived of information. We know that they have a rare talent for brewing wind, but there is no longer even wind. The big national sports daily, whose names we will have, is made to speak only of the consequences of the coronavirus while making a doubtful list of athletes infected by the COVVI-19. The strength of the paper is that we can write pages even on the void. The paper, internet and radio press can talk about the history of sport, return to different events, take the time to analyze. Instead of commenting on the present moment by promising that we can finally learn empirical lessons that Will be contradicted in the next match, sports journalists can finally step back .. and we finally hear "it is only football after all" ...

The most difficult is for those who live in the image and in addition to an image that they have paid a fortune. TV rights have become colossal and in a snap of the fingers, the broadcasters have nothing to disseminate ... The sports channels cannot cut the antenna while waiting for better days, because today, subscribers are not linked. In USA, sports channels are not profitable. BeIN Sport is several billion debts. It still exists, because it belongs to Qatar which reunites without taking care of the unfair competition that it induces. RMC Sport has lost tens of millions and should go out little by little when it has just lost the rights to The Champions League. C+ is doing rather well with a strategy that is not anqiuely based on sport. Suffice to say that it takes genius to try to limit losses. We play on nostalgia with the retransmission of the Football World Cup 2018, the opportunity, perhaps, for some to realize the real level of the Blues. Retransmission of matches is a solution envisaged. The concern is that it concerns a small part of ultra passionate capable of watching a match for technique, beauty or nostalgia. Sports channels live mainly on disposable images. Specialist programs run in a loop and this is an opportunity to see as playing oracles, they can tell anything.

The question is how long the sport will be suspended ... In addition, the fear is to see competitions open, but behind closed doors. The intimate is not at all television. The fear is to see the number of subscribers melt before the return of next season. The channels already in difficulty could disappear, while the brand new entitled, Mediapro, announces to keep the same calendar for its new channel.

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