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The new NBA season is barely launched than the bettors on American basketball are already taken by the euphoria and the match overdose of the regular season. The recovery took place no later than yesterday with a very good introduction to the American who have already been talked about with astronomical contracts. For this new season, we find the same with a lot of uncertainties. Indeed, the pandemic stopped the regular season. Some franchises have not played for almost 10 months! This year, the teams will play 10 less games, which makes a regular 72 game season. Widely enough to find the best bets and the best ribs for online bettors.

The bets on the winner of the 2020-2021 NBA season

It is often the type of betting that will attract beginner bettors, because the coasts at the start of competitions are often excellent. Unfortunately, it is always risky because on the one hand, the seasons are long and the workforce can be changed. On the other hand, it is a part of the bankroll that is blocked for several months, which means that players cannot make this money work. On the other hand, it is good information to know the opinion and have a return of analysis of the bookmakers.

The ratings for the title NBA 2020 - 2021

  • Los Angeles Lakers 3,60
  • Milwaukee Bucks 6,75
  • Brooklyn Nets 6,75
  • Los Angeles Clippers 7,00
  • Boston Celtics 16
  • Miami Heat 18

Obviously, we find the Los Angles Lakers favorite for their succession. The team carried by LeBron James and Anthony Davis is a continuation with a daring recruitment which seems to make it an even stronger team this season. The arrival of Dennis Schroder, Marc Gasol, Montreal Harrell and Wesley Matthews can make its direct competitors tremble. The Los Angeles Clippers of Kawhi Léonard, the Brooklyn Nets of Kevin Durant and the Milwaukee Bucks of Giánnis Antetokoún will have a hell of a challenge to delight the title to the Lakers. We will not say that the other teams will do figuration, but we do not expect a surprise as the Raptors succeeded, two years ago.

The ratings for conference winners

As you know, before you think of the Playoff, it is advisable to devote yourself to the bet on conferences. We will rather take an interest in the Eastern Conference, because in the west, the ratings are less good, because of the Lakers scarecrow. To the east, we are in a total blur. Nets can take advantage of a solid and experienced workforce. Kevint Durant is at the center of questions after his serious injury. The Brooklyn Nets were not ridiculous last season, but the two prestigious reinforcements and the first season of Steve Nash as a coach leave little warranty, even if it is necessary to monitor them with Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris Lever, Joe Harris, Jarrett Allen and Deandre Jordan, he had already impressed. If during and Irving are there, it can hurt.

Bucks remain the favorites. We must not forget that last season was the best team of the regular season and they will be keen to make people forget the semi-final of the lost conference against the Heat.

The ratings for the winner of the conference is

  • Milwaukee Bucks 3,30
  • Brooklyn Nets 3,50
  • Miami Heat 6,75
  • Boston Celtics 6,50
  • Toronto Raptors 7,50
  • Philadelphia 76ers 10

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