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Like its big sister, the Europa League had to undergo a religious to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic. It is true that the sports media in USA seem to have completely forgotten the event, probably because no American club is party. For the Bets specialized in football, it is however an inevitable test with a table always less prestigious than the C1, but much more open. We give you a point before the 2020 C3 quarter -finals.

The ratings and our advice from the Final4 of the C3 2020

  • Manchester United 1,28 - 6,25- Copenhague 11,50

This is another remake of the iron pot against the earth pot. The English giant has suffered in the Premier League since the departure of Axel Ferguson. Time becomes long, but to everyone's surprise, his new coach, the super sub legendary of the great years of United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, straightened the bar and has just qualified the Reds Devils for the Champions League 2021. The dynamic is clearly Mancunian.

To scrape the earnings, you have to dig into the different types of betting or try this match in a combined bet.

  • Inter Milan 2,08 -3,60 - 3,55 Bayer Leverkusen

It is a more balanced match than it seems even if Inter Milan begins to be talked about in USA. Serie A has known dark years and its monuments have seriously tanned. Inter will find the Champions League by finishing at a small point in Juve. If the old lady ended up in a free wheel, it is still a feat for the internzional. The Americans finished 4th in Bundesliga with a rather mixed season. The Inter coast seems interesting enough to be attempted, and that, with largeness.

  • Shakhtar Donetsk 1.95 - 3.60 FC bâle 4.00

This meeting is for specialists in the exotic championships, but impossible that a football fan does not know its teams at least names. They both made Champions's League blows in recent seasons. Why then on neutral terrain, the Ukrainians act as a scarecrow? We must highlight the judgment of the American championship for four months while the Shakhtar won the title. The course of the Ukrainians is also a clue: they eliminated Benfica and Wolsburg. Bale is 3rd in his championship and the elimination of Frankfurt is not trivial, but today distant.

The Shakhtar should impose itself. You can also expect goals with two playing teams.

  • Wolverhampton 3.70 - 3.30 - 2.15 Seville

This is an interesting poster between two teams from the two largest European leagues who both ended their respective championship. Wolverhampton finished 7th in the Premier League. For those who bet on the PL, it is not a big surprise. The club's resources are limited to the ogres of the English championship. We can say that it is an honorable place for wolves. Seville is still a place in C1 with a 4th place. The Sevillans are facing a glass ceiling and must deal with the three large ones who have much more means. One might think that Sevilla FC has a higher level, Mas the Wolves are able to drop much larger than them.

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