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Odoxa is a famous Institute of American surveys and surveys. Every year, he offers a large survey on sports betting sites. The survey is quite wide and ranges from the habits of sports bettors, with the eyes of the American on sports betting, to a ranking of the best odds of bookmakers authorized by the regulatory authority of online games, ARJEL. It is therefore a little treasure for us, who tells us about us, of you and even the gaze of others. Note however that this survey is commissioned by Winamax Bookmaker. Far from calling into question the probity and excellence of this investigation, for transparency, it is still good to know, but we will come back to it. So let's take a look at the latest Odoxa survey on online sports betting in USA.

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Basic figures on the American population and online sports betting

  • 13 % of American people say they have bet at least once on an online sports betting site.

The bet on sport in USA is not as developed as in the English Saxon countries and we still see all the potential for bookmakers who have received the ARJEL license. We will see later that one of the main brakes is the reputation that the American lend to bookmakers.

77 % of American people think that sports betting sites are:

  • Addictive at 77 %
  • 55 % secure
  • 44% fun
  • Innovative at 44%
  • Serious at 43%
  • Well controlled at 42%

We see all the way to do by bookmakers and in particular the Arjel which is supposed to guarantee the players the security, control and prevention against addictions. And apparently the American are not all aware. Obviously, this question is asked to people who do not necessarily bet, we can also see the many prejudices that must face sports betting world To convince the American. On the expectations that people have on sites, we realize that the biggest expectation is the security of personal and banking data with more than 56% of the votes! This is amazing since Bookmakers accredited by the Arjel use the same encryption keys as banks and for proof, deposits and withdrawals are made with the same tools. And like all European websites, American online online sites must respect the new RGPD law.

Odoxa and the calculation of the best odds of bookmakers in USA

Come on, we will show you how Cartesian doubt keeps certain reservations and it works for most surveys. You have to put your nose. Please note, Winamax Bookmaker, is a site that we highly recommend, but from saying that it has 80 % of the best dimensions, we must say that we are very surprised and we would be in front of any sports betting site having this claim. First of all, let's start with the explanation of Odoxa on the link between the sponsor of the study and the study in question. It is always embarrassing by the times that run ... So here is the explanation of Odoxa.

"Even if, obviously, Winamax is an actor involved and concerned by the subject, Odoxa who conducted the study is him, completely neutral and independent, and has obtained to be able to sweep all the possible dimensions of the subject recording in passing information also Very positive (statistical measures on the best dimensions) for the sponsor only for his main competitors who are clearly ahead of notoriety as a use tax. »»

So Odexa is paid by Winamax, but she highlights the objectivity of her investigation. It is therefore objectively that Winamax would offer the best ratings of all sports betting in USA.

And not just a little:

  • Winamax Bookmaker would have an average of 80 % of the best ratings on the market. This would mean that only 20% would remain on other bookmakers. Actually no. Out of 100 % of the best odds, Winamax has 80 % ^^

  • Unibet 'is not bad with 49 %

  • Betclic saves honor with 30 %

And there, you tell me: you're cute, but we have 80 + 49 + 30 = 159. It's been a lot 159 %. I also noticed. In fact the explanation is simple: bookmakers can share the best dimensions and therefore have them in common.

To spend a lot of time on sports betting sites, to look Best types of online bets, I can tell you that either I wasted my time, or there is a wolf, because my feeling is that things are much more complex. We are just going to ask ourselves questions.

So study how Odoxa did to achieve this result.

"Our analyzes were carried out on 5,635 games including 1,1612 football games, 1125 basketball games, 129 rugby matches and 3072 tennis games"

Who chose the discipline report? Why so many tennis match that represent ¾ of the study when it is a niche sport for bettors? What about Live sports betting ?

Second information:

"The period studied is between January 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017 on the following competitions"

Was the period determined by the sponsor of the study? Was this period chosen once the study was launched or has not debtated yet? Am I suspicious. Yes.

Our opinion on the ODOXA-WINAMAX study

I would not say that this can recall the international renowned scientist who explains to the world the property made of the round up, it is great before we realize that he is working in the Bayer-Mosanto ethics council . We must take this study for what it is: the game on online bets, the gaze of the American and the habits of the players is very interesting and in my opinion very useful for all the actors.

The game "it's us the best" ... for me, it's marketing. The study is true and I have no doubts about the figures studied and the integrity of researchers. What calls out to me are the choices of period, the choice of bets, the lack of information on the types of bets. The overrepresentation of tennis is more than strange. We are a bit like in radio audimates where everyone managed to be the best radio in USA on such and such a niche. We do not recommend Winamax because they would have the best ratings in USA, but for all the reasons you will find in our Winamax online bookmaker reviews and review.

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