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It is with a great relief that we write to you these lines: the Champions 2020 League continues! If the format changes spectacularly, we will talk about it again, we finally have the program and therefore the odds. The desire to bet is strong, but we advise you to be patient and vigilant. Discover the draw and the ratings of the last 8th finals and the quarter-finals as well as our advice to properly manage the C1 COVVI-19 version!

The ratings of the 8th return and quarter -finals

This year, everything is complicated. UEFA decided to finish the 8th return finals, August 7 and 8, 2020 with the following matchs:

  • Manchester City 1,67 - 3,95 – 4,20 Real Madrid

qualification ratings

  • City 1,11 - 5,51 Madrid
  • Juventus 1.42 draw 4.25 Lyon 6.75

qualification ratings

  • Juventus 1,83 Lyon 1,87
  • Bayern Munich 1,47 Nul 4,45 Chelsea 5.45

No qualification rating

  • Barcelone 1,57 Nul 4,00 Naples 4,85

qualification ratings

  • Barcelona 1.35 Naples 2,96

Our advices

The only interesting match for qualification is Juventus Turin - OL. Juventus is barely favorite, which normally seems impossible. For us, there is a nice blow to do by focusing on the qualification of Juve which will have more certainties than Lyon with an official match in four months.

For other meetings, you will have to scratch in annex to making your butter.

Barcelona -Napoli can be interesting for more daring bettors. The Barca is losing its title in Liga. The Blaugranas have no game background and do not impress many people. Napoli is rather in good shape with a good series for this end of the championship. It will therefore be necessary to monitor the journey of these two teams well, because if we do not call into question the qualification of the Blaugranas, we have the feeling that the rating of the match is overvalued in favor FC Barcelona.

The quarfunks ratings

Obviously, the bookmakers await the result of the 8th to give the quarters of the quarters, but we already have those of the qualified teams.

  • Atalanta 3.50 NUL 3.95 Paris SG 1.88

qualification ratings

  • Atalanta 2.56 Paris SG 1.49
  • RB Leipzig 3,20 Nul 3,20 Atletico Madrid 2,25

qualification ratings

  • RB Leipzig 2,17 - Atletico Madrid 1,62

We enter the heart of the matter with quarters on a match and certainties that fly away. The first thing that should not be done is listening to the American media that sell the PSG product rather than a serious analysis of the forces of this quarter -final. It is a difficult opponent who is enchanting the Serie A and that many compare to the Ajax of last season. Indeed, this team will be under the threat of the trio of attacker of the Qatari club, but the Parisian defense will have to undergo the assaults of a team which can be found at six on the offensive phases, in particular with laterals which rise very high. We know that the Parisian sides are not always at the party. If the bookmakers put such a beautiful rating for PSG, it is in my opinion, a bluffing to attract the bets. For the other quarter -final, the Colcheneros are obviously the favorites, but again, distrust. Online bookmakers seem to forget that Leipzig is more fit at the moment than the Madrilenes. On the other hand, Simeone knows how to break the game of opponents and on a match, it can be formidable. This is the key to this meeting.

How to understand our bets for this surprise formula?

The first thing to analyze well is the format of this Final 8. We find a Champions League without a round-trip match as a final phase of the World Cup. Everything is going to be played on a first leg without possible calculation and without the famous goal outside. You must therefore analyze your match as quarter -finals of the World Cup. We know that often the matches are more closed, it is the fear of losing who can take precedence over the desire to win. One can think that this format can level the levels. The preparation is at the heart of the concerns of American supporters, but it must also be at the heart of your Paris strategy. If we take the quarter -final of PSG, we see the press celebrating this draw as if it was a victory. Yet we will be more measured if only for the five months with two competition games for the Qatari club.

For the Bets on football, it is a new challenge while being a dive into the unknown. We have a month left to make our choices and for us the ratings should not be changed except perhaps in the event of injuries of major players.

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