Sports bet: all types of betting on football

All sports have a range of their own. So you have to know them well and understand them to use them as well as possible. Sometimes the name can be confusing. Betting on football is not complex, the types of bets are often logical, but it must be admitted that a beginner can get lost or simply bet badly because he will not have understood the supporters and leading to his choice of Paris on football. We will therefore present the type of bets of the most basic or more complex. For example, I had a question of a Boeotian who asked me by email what a 1N2 was. For accustomed bettors or even a little less, it is so logical that we do not think of specifying it. Finally, this email gave me the idea of ​​presenting all the types of betting on football as clearly as possible that you find in the bookmakers that we have tested for you. This article can be crippling for good bettors and regulars, a stupid thinking for new ones and even a discovery for the curious. On the other hand according to the choice of your bookmaker approved by the arjel the name can more or less change so if you have a doubt seek in Sports betting rules which must be not far from the FAQ of your online betting site!

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For example, we will take the match of the 1st day of L1 2018 -2019 which launches the season:

Om - he used to

  • Résultat : Le pari 1N2 => OM – Nul- Toulouse. L’équipe 1 est l’équipe qui joue à domicile tandis que la 2 est l’équipe visiteuse.

  • Double result: you have the choice between two results on 1N2 Paris. For example you can bet. OM or zer / Toulouse or zer / Marseille or Toulouse

    Advantage : you spend one in 3 chance to a chance in 2

    Disadvantage : The dimensions of drops significantly.

    Our advice : Do not bet on the favorite or another choice. Use this Paris if you think the outsider has a chance to win or zero

  • BUTS Total Name

    You have to guess the number of goals scored using margin. +/- 1.5 purposes, 2.5 goals. Do not confuse with the number of exact goals. Please note that the decimal means that it takes for + 2.5 goals, 3 minium goals, but 5 is also perfect for the - 1.5 goals is that you think there will be between 0 and 1 goals .

    Advantage : Bet very readable when you know the teams well.

    Disadvantage : The ratings are often very well done, that is to say that they often correspond to the idea that we can have a match.

    Our advice : Just aim and do not hesitate to choose the - who is often more remunerative.

  • Total goals - Home team - Goals outside: the bookmaker asks you to bet on more or less x goals.

    Advantage: instead of being on the whole match, you can refine the number of goals according to the team. The odds are much better and you will also see that the number of goals changes according to the team. For our example: on Marseille it's +/- 2.5 goals and for TFC, it's +/- 0.5

    Disadvantage : None

    Our advice : Know the two teams that compete, watch the shape of the attacks and defenses on the last games!

  • But for the 2 teams: the two teams score. Very simple to understand less to use.

    Advantage : The ratings are often interesting.

    Disadvantage : The stats of last season shows that the balance goes rather to a single brand team, but slightly. This is a case by case, a marginal trend.

    Our advice : It would be good to see the previous teams of the teams. The scores can speak, but you can win 1-0 having conceded 10 opportunities. The match summaries are probably worse than seeing nothing at all. Test it with small bets to learn to tame it.

  • Final result (reimbursed if zero): the one can advise it to beginners but not only. Basically you go from 1 chance in 3 to 2 chances out of 3 .. not to lose your bet. If the result of the match is zero, you are reimbursed.

    Advantage : This bet allows you to optimize your chances by allowing you to lose only once in three on Paris 1N2

    Disadvantage : The ratings take a slap.

    Our advice : Play on this bet only if you think that the outsider has a real chance to hinder the favorite.

  • Half-time / end of the match: you have to determine the winner / zero at halftime and at the end of the match. It is a combined bet.

    Advantage : the ratings are very good

    Disadvantage : Bet very difficult to determine. A favorite "scarecrow" can take time to open the scoring against a team that puts the bus.

    Our advisorHe: Avoid.

  • Exact score: Find the exact score of the match.

    Advantage ; Huge odds.

    Disadvantage : You might as well play lotto.

    Our advice: To flee !

  • Exact score - Multichoix: Find the exact score through several choices. You bet on 1-0 2-0 3-0 for example.

    Advantage : More interesting than the exact score.

    Disadvantage: It remains a lottery with more luck on your side/

    Our advice: To avoid !

  • Goal gap: Determine the goal gap on a victory for team one or 2

    Advantage : Can be interesting with teams with confirmed characteristics in attack and defense. Two teams can play players and based on a defensive system are more likely to go to a narrow score.

    Disadvantage : It is still lottery.

    Our advice : Can be tempted, but to avoid most of the time.

  • Marge of the winner: This bet consists in betting on the goal difference of the match winner. +1 /+2.5 /+3.5 goals

Advantage : This A allows you to play on the number of purposes taking into account the forces involved.

Disadvantage : This remains very hazardous. Between a scored goal and a post, it makes a lost or won bet

Our advice : Another bet to avoid, unless you want to bet on a large team playing against a relegation. In this case, the rating will not necessarily be high.

  • Result & total number of goals: Another combined bet since you bet on the winner and on the number of purposes. On the one hand, you must find the 1N2 and in addition it fat estimates the total number of purposes: +1.5, +2.5 etc.

    Advantage : This can re -inflate a rating of a favorite in a significant way.

    Disadvantage : Two pronos in one therefore twice as much risky with the small divination side of the number of goals.

    Our advice: Why not. Be careful to select the match for this bet. You have to be on your 1N2 so that the risk is only on the total number of goals.

  • Result & The 2 teams mark: determine the 1N2 combined with the bet The 2 teams mark.

    Advantage : The side is improved and this bet if it is well worked upstream can prove to be a winner.

    Disadvantage: It is always more difficult to make two pronos than one

    Our advice : Very good bet, but to use sparingly when the match lends itself to a readable scenario. Avoid the draw, aimlessly. The 0-0 is not even in the 10 most recurring scores in L1, despite a persistent legend that says the opposite. It's 5% of the season's results!

  • Result & 1st team to mark: another choice of 1N2 coupled with the divination of the 1st team to mark.

    Advantage : We could say the dimensions, but on our OM -TFC test match we arrive at the OM win/ OM first goal for a rating of 1.42

    Disadvantage : Bet coupled on more chance based on a rating not necessarily paid

    Our advice : For Sunday bettors. In the long term, it is not serious.

  • Double chance & the two teams mark: a coupled bet or you have two choices in the 1N2 and you must determine whether the two teams will register goals or not.

Advantage : The dimensions are interesting and it is an effective way to boost the rating of an ultra favorite.

Disadvantage : Coupled bets are always more dangerous, this is the reason for the high ratings.

Our adviceL: Yes, but .. Start by determining if the bet "the two teams mark" is quite solid, that is to say that you consider your chances positively. If the answer is yes, it's a good opportunity. When you manage to finish the type of bet "the two teams mark", it is that we have a good idea of the match and therefore the 1N2 must flow from source.

  • Double chance and number of goals: bet on two 1N2 results and coupled with more or less x goals.

Advantage : The double chance rating is significantly improved.

Disadvantage : Apart from the risk of coupled bet, these are two readable bets.

Our advice : Base your Paris on the double result. If you have a certainty on the double chance, you will have an estimate of the forces involved and therefore of the potential for goals of the match.

  • The 2 teams mark in the 2 half-time; Basically you indicate whether the teams mark both half-time and both in the second half. In fact you go on a minimum 4 -goals match if you say yes.

Advantage : Do you have a good star?

Disadvantage : It's lottery and if you like it, play on a match that you think will be the scene of many goals.

Our advice : Quite simply.

  • The 2 teams score and total number of goals: the bet coupled on goals from the two teams and on more or less x goal.

Advantage : It is a bet that can be part of a prognosis between two playful teams that take risks. For example between match between Guardiola and Klopp.

Disadvantage : Two difficult bets in one.

Our advice : Caution is the mother of safety.

  • Team that marks; It is necessary to determine which team will score the 1st goal of the match or the last goal of the match.

Advantage : Can work on a match between a favorite and a small team ...

Disadvantage : It's a bit with a wet finger, we don't like it.

Our advice : Avoid, unless you play livebet.

  • Total number of goals: Determine the number of goals. You will have the choice between 3 possibilities: 1-2 2-3 3-and

Advantage : Team statistics can help you just like Statistics per season. In Ligue 1, we know that there is an average of 2.8 purposes per game.

Disadvantage : The intervals are not large.

Our advice . It is a bet that can work well, we recommend it.

  • Exact number of goals: Determine the number of exact goals that will be registered in regulation time.

Advantage : Can help you develop your oracle talent.

Disadvantage : It's only luck. It can work on a match, but in the long term.

Our advice : To flee.

  • Total number of goals: Unlike the previous bet, you must bet on a goals. For example: between 1-2, between 1-3 etc.

Advantage : It is a very useful bet that allows you to complete your favorite range of bet when a match leaves you little option. Often on the side, this bet is perfect for specialists in a championship and a team.

Disadvantage : Ask for a very good knowledge of the teams.

Our advice : For us, it is a certain value of our bets. Those who followed us for the World Cup have seen it in our forecasts.

  • Total number of goals - Home team and outside team: determine the goals, this time by team.

Advantage : Can enrich your bet on the total goal number on the match. Remember that the bets that complement each other are not allowed. This is why, it is good to have at least two books.

Disadvantage : Less easy to estimate for a team than for the match in general.

Our advice: Not terrible. As much to bet on the match, this leaves you a margin of error especially if the two teams are close.

  • Exact number of team goals: determine the number of purposes that one of the teams will score.

Advantage : Even more sharp than the exact number of goal on the match. For confirmed soothsayer.

Disadvantage : You might as well bet on the first touch of the match.

Our advice : Never, never to the big one.

  • Teams to mark: you have to choose if team 1 brand alone, if none of the two teams mark - or if the team 2 brand alone or if there are no goals.

Advantage : On a readable match, it is often a beautiful rating that you have to benefit from.

Disadvantage : A bet for experienced player.

Our advice : Play little bet to understand the Mechanics of this bet And learn what match or not to use it on.

  • The most prolific half-time the most prolific half-time-the most prolific home / half-time team-Team outside

We group these bets. It is necessary to determine in which half-time, there will be the most goal. Then it is the same bet, according to the teams.

Advantage : Enjoy a good side if you play live

Disadvantage : too random for a pre -game bet.

Our advice : To play only in live bet to have visibility on the reality on the ground.

  • Scorers: bet on the player who will score at least one goal. You can even bet on the player who will score the first or last goal, on a double and on a hat -trick or more.

Advantage : The ratings are huge the more you go far from the attackers ....

Disadvantage: The scorer serials are very unwavering, the other bets are in the field of divination.

Our advice: To tell the truth, I never use this bet. When you know that playing will mark, you can on dimensions of 1.10 - 1.20. You have to play big on a fairly large uncertainty.

Everyone has their favorite bets, and scorers are one of the very popular types of bets. If you are betting on a scorer, look for the penalty shooter. It may be useful to determine which team will dominate the match to try to blows on the corners with a goal of a defender often very well on the side.

  • Scorer and his team wins: the brand player and his team wins. Please note, the goal should not be that of victory. It is simply a goal and a victory.

Advantage : Interesting dimensions to optimize a simple bet on a favorite.

Disadvantage : The coupled coupled ever more risky.

Our advice : Interesting if you play on a big favorite with a low rating in a single bet.

  • 1st/2nd half-time-Result: what a team will win the first half or will there be a draw. It is the 1N2 bet dedicated to the two half-time.

Advantage : the dimensions are always more interesting than for a 1n2 simple bet

Disadvantage : More complex than a 1N2 bet, the analysis is more sharp and requires having studied the forces in the presence.

Our advice : Test with caution. The experience on this kind of bet is crucial. Learn from your mistakes and develop a strategy for this bet.

  • 1st/2nd half-time goal differences: you have to find the goal gap for the first and second half. Depending on the match and the teams involved, the differences may change.

Advantage : The rating is more interesting especially for the favorite. For our example, we realize that OM with +1 at half-time, it's a rating of 2.

Disadvantage : It is already difficult to find the gap on a match and it is therefore all the more difficult to find the goal differences for a half.

Our advice: It is a bet that is not unplayable, but that beginners must avoid.

  • Result at halftime and second half without zero: the 1N2 turns into 1 or 2.

Advantage : You remove a possibility. If there is null your bet is reimbursed.

Disadvantage : The ratings are low especially for the favorite of the meeting.

Our advice : Advisable bet for patient players ready to play small dimensions

Come on courage, we soon see the end of our Analysis of online bets types. You ask me what a readable match is. A readable match is a meeting where the characteristics of the two opponents are easy to identify and let us imagine a match scenario. I'm talking about a readable match, not a written match. There is always uncertainty. If you take a Match between Barca And Vigo, you see very well what will happen even if the Barca's missteps can always happen. Some bets ask to have a readable match to go from the hazardous bet to a worked bet. For the bets concerning the first half, you have the equivalent on the second half.

Betting on football: 1st half

  • 1st half-Exact score: you have to find the exact score at the end of the first half

Advantage : Dimensions to attract the barge.

Disadvantage : Always the problem on betting on the number of exact goals or the exact result: without divinatory talent, it is Pif at meters.

Our advice : Flee, here we bet, we don't play online bingo!

  • 1st half - Result & total number of goals: Find the 1N2 and the number of purposes in the mode: +1.5 or 2.5 etc

Advantage : A way to improve the rating of a favorite in a match or you think there will be goals.

Disadvantage : It is a difficult bet on most matches where the challenger is close to the favorite.

Our advice: It is a delicate bet like all the coupled bets but which can allow you to enjoy a good rating on a readable match.

  • 1st half-Result & The 2 teams mark: Guess the 1N2 and choose whether the two teams mark or not in the 1st half.

Advantage : The rating always and then that's it.

Disadvantage : It takes a lot to anticipate and you have to omit on a match with a real favorite for the result at halftime while thinking that the team in front of the means to score, but not too much ...

Our advice : To avoid. As much on a match this bet can be interesting, over 45 minutes, it's too hazardous.

  • 1st half - Double luck & The 2 teams mark: Choose two results On the simple bet and indicate if the teams mark.

Advantage : Double chance allows you to eliminate a stranger.

Disadvantage : If you go on a double chance, it is because you are not sure of your blow.

Our advice: Why not, but the double chance bet draws the dimensions down.

  • 1st half / second half-1st team to mark: determine which team will score first or if there will be no goal in the first or second half. These are two independent bets. Either on the 1st half, or on the second.

Advantage : This may seem obvious with a favorite for a rather good dimension.

Disadvantage: It is very risky in a balanced match and for a match with a real favorite, the rating will not be very paying.

Our advice: Another bet to avoid unless you play live and this bet is available.

Betting on football: 2nd half

  • 2nd half-Result (reimbursed if zero): which team will win the second half. If there is a draw on the second half, the bookmaker reimburses you.

Advantage : Well instead of having a chance in three you have a chance in two.

Disadvantage: dimensions can often be below 1.50.

Our advice: A bet that may be interesting for combined bets.

  • 2nd half-goals gap: team 1 will score a goal or more, a goal exactly or team 2 will score at least the same number of goals as team 1 in the second half.

Advantage : The dimensions are quite high and even for the big favorite.

Disadvantage : It is still a bet or luck is really important.

Our advice : To avoid.

  • Invited cage for the team: will a team end the meeting without collecting goals.

Advantage : If the bet concerns a team that does not serve as a scarecrow, the ratings can be interesting.

Disadvantage : Again, you have to be a diligent bettor and know football and the teams that compete well.

Our advice: It is an interesting bet for bettors who work their bets in depth.

  • Team that wins without taking goals: it is written on it.

Advantage : The rating is often interesting because on this bet, you add a bet on the victory of one of the two teams.

Disadvantage : If the bet is simple, you will have a not interesting dimension.

Our advice : Why not, the rating level must count in your choice.

  • The home team or outdoor team marks in the 2 half: these are two bets offered independently for each team.

Advantage : Can optimize the rating of a favorite.

Disadvantage : The dimensions can be low.

Our advice : Except for the big stables, we advise you to go your way.

  • The brand team in the 2 half: a 1st and one in 2nd goal is to win

Advantage : In a readable match with attacking teams, this is a good opportunity.

Disadvantage : It is a bet that requires knowing the teams and the tyles of the game.

Our advice: Do not play lightly on this bet there. Even a favorite can come up against a wall or simply unroll if the difference was made in the first half.

  • The home or outside team earns at least one half-time: these are two independent bets. Rest assured, do not predict the two teams.

Advantage : We don't ask you for the moon. If you think there will be a winner, there will be a team that will earn a half.

Disadvantage : It is a bet for a perfect match that takes place as you will have planned. In short, not a football match.

Our advice : This is a bet that you have to try when you have a favorite in mind.

Betting football: the rarest bets

The bet: more than 1.5 goals in the 2 half-time

This bet on a football match therefore only concerns regulation time. There must therefore be at least 4 goals in the match cumulative and regardless of the team that marks them.

Advantage : It is a bet that advantageously replaces bets on teams by team or half-time:

Inconvenience : Finally concerns little match in a season.

Our opinion ; It is a great bet to optimize the ratings of matches between the favorites and the small clubs. Football goes more and more towards a class struggle between an untouchable elite and small clubs which are there to play the role of expiatory victims. The Scores De Tennis There are more and more numerous when they were almost non-existent in the 1990-2000. The matches at more than 4 goals you see more and more. With a good analysis you can even try it on matches between the elite clubs that play the offensive.

The bet: less than 1.5 goals in the 2 half-time

Do you think there will be a maximum of two goals on a football meeting? This bet is for you.

Advantage : If two teams have an interest in making a draw as at the end of the group phase, it's a good bet.

Inconvenience : Modern or neo-modern football is rich in goal. The average goal per game is 2.

Our opinion : We can know if a match will have little goal with a precise analysis of the forces involved, but we are never immune to a match. Note that with the arrival of the Var, the penalties whistle more often and this technology really weighs on the apprehension of a match

The bet: Result (reimbursed if the home team wins or result (reimbursed if the outside team wins)))

It is a bet to bet on the outsider which secures your bets in the victory of the team at home. Should she not be outsider herself.

Advantage : It is a security that allows you to spend one in 3 chance to a chance in 2 on a simple bet.

Inconvenience : The simple Paris rating takes a nice slap ...

Our opinion : The loss of rating in relation to simple Paris, is it worth the candle? This is the question you need to ask yourself. Without very rare cases, this bet is interesting, but for bet as a pro, he is obsolete.

The bet: when will the 1st goal be scored? (0 -10, 11th -20 etc)

Do you have a crystal ball? So tell us when the first goal is scored.

Advantage : The ratings are all the higher since this bet requires a certain know -how in occult science. Note on the other hand that in this bet, you have the option no goal which is sometimes more interesting than betting on the number of goals.

Inconvenient : It's hazardous and it is not in a good way to bet to play like a pro.

Our opinion ; It is such a random bet when you know football, that we advise you to perfect you in the occult sciences before trying you. To flee !

The bet: inviolated cage for the team in 1st half or 2nd half:

The team you have chosen will not take a goal in the 1st or second half. Note that it is a different bet for each half-time!

Advantage : If you think that a concrete defense team, it is the right bet often generous with its rating

Inconvenience : It remains a very precise bet on a datum which is variable, even in the case of a large difference in level, we often see the big one lets go a little when the score is high whether in defense or in the tempted gestures.

Our aviS: Dividing this bet in two is an advantage. Even if it means trying this bet, prefer the one on the first half. We can also think that this bet is rather interesting for Live Bet.

The bet: 2nd half - Inviolated cage for the team at home / inviolated cage for the team outside.

A bet that you will find dissociated on the sites of the bookmakers.

Advantage : Better side than the one above since you have to choose a team.

Inconvenience : None if you are a fine analyst while having a taste for risk.

Our opinion : You might think that you have to prioritize matches against big and little ones, but it is especially the matches with defensive teams where the scores promise to be tight.

The bet: more goals on the period (00:00 - 14:59) - (15:00 - 29:59) (30:00 - Mt) (Mt - 59:59) (60:00 - 74:59 ) (75:00 - End of the match)

Determine in what period, there will be the most goal scored.

Advantage : None unless you are the bookmaker.

Inconvenience : a little near all the disadvantages for the lottery bets.

Our opinion : This is the kind of bet to proscribe unless you come from the future.