Bet on football like a pro

Football is the discipline that most attracts bettors. As a number 1 sport in the world, it is far from amazing. The problem of football bettors, in addition to basic errors to avoid - on this subject, read our article - It is that they bet too often without knowing the bases. Knowing football, being a fine analyst, being passionate since childhood is far from sufficient to optimize your earnings in bookmakers. You will first have to bring your calculator and a little patience. Take the time to master the vocabulary of bookmakers, analyze your victories and defeats! First of all, take a tour in our article "bet like a pro". This is a whole strategy to put in place. Please note, there is no miracle formula or zero risk. The good economic health of bookmakers shows that part of the players does not play seriously and also that the bookmaker is a tough opponent.

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Target your forecasts on a championship you know!

You have to become a football specialist. To start you have to focus on a national championship. It is necessary to follow news, tactical, technical information, but also anything that can happen outside the green square. For this, I advise you to choose a championship that you love and that you already know well. Do not only focus on large teams. The soft belly and the classification bottom often offer better dimensions than the big clubs that crush their championships. This is all the more true if you play on simple bets. Knowledge in the broad sense of a championship is an absolute need for become a winning bettor. If you know that by far the Premier League, you can make the mistake of betting on Liverpool for its name and glory when it plays against the 'Petit' Club d'Everton ... except that the Everton team is in the city of Liverpool and that this match is played out in knives pulled in what is traditionally called the Merseyside derby. You never put on a name or a reputation! We bet after having estimated the chances of beating the bookmaker.

Bet at the last moment!

If this rule is valid for collective sports, it is particularly in football with team compositions often given to the last minute to officials. In addition to any injuries, there may be tactical and strategic choices of the coach. And as fashion is mostly coaches to play into the intoxication, if you play two days before the match, you will bet maybe on a team that will not be aligned and your bet will therefore be outdated. The dimensions can also be less interesting because they have been smoothed taking into account all the latest elements. So, do you prefer to play a rating possibly better blind or playing a lesser dimension with optimal visibility? From the answer to this question, we can guess if you are going to be a winning or losing bettor.

Choice of dimensions in a football match

You have many bets to bet on a football match. It is sometimes more than a hundred Paris available for big games. From the simple bet to combined bet, you must avoid bets which depend only on luck. Bet on the exact score is to the little happiness luck. It is therefore to be avoided. Eliminate the bets that depend only on luck. Then, it is by betting that you will find those who bring you the most. There is a part of irrational. You will quickly find bets on which you will be more comfortable. Statistics must also guide you, see below.

Statistics: a tool, but not an oracle

Statistics are a tool to use with intelligence. Do not go back to Mathusalem. It's good to sell paper and give grain to grind to sports media. Prefer statistics for the current season! It is the most important. Individual statistics can help you especially if you are betting on scorers. The stats of the teams are those which must help you in the implementation of your strategy. You will find them a little near the most detailed at the most wacky. These stats should be your Bible. And it is according to them that you are betting, not according to the name of your favorite football team!

The traps to avoid to bet on football!

Generally, we put little on the first days of the championship. The bettor has no information except the forces present on paper. There is no point in risking your bankroll before having visibility on the assets and weaknesses of the championship teams. It is also a moment when the big teams can start to get in shape for spring when the smallest are already in place to take points as quickly as possible and thus avoid spending a season to fear relegation.
National cuts can also be the share of unpleasant surprises, especially in Ligue 1 where coaches too often run the workforce.
And maybe the matches to be avoided at all costs. Friendly matches.

Le Livebet

It is the Grail of the bettor. Mise live Depending on the progress of the match! We cannot be more near the reality on the ground. Some books even offer legal streaming matches. The Livebet does not allow you to visualize the stats live and therefore asks to know football on your fingertips. This is the most exciting way to bet online! You have to be fast, effective and perfectly control the software of its sports betting site! And all Lexicon of sports betting... Now is not the time to miss a rating that can be updated at any time.