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Female sport gradually leaves the shadow. In USA, it is blatant with the arrival of rugby and football on the antennas, but in addition it should be noted the successes of Audimat of the proposed meetings. Clearly we stay on the women's sport of national teams for collective sports: rugby, football, handball. For individual sport, female tennis is undoubtedly the best known and most followed individual sport. And in this year 2019, female sport will be at the party with the 2019 Women's Football World Cup and the women's rugby that is exploding and it even shades male rugby. Bookmakers will not let these opportunities pass to seduce a whole new clientele. We must expect better coverage in terms of bet, broadcasts and special promotions. So we take you to a small tour of female sport from the angle that interests us, sports betting.

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Women's football: the 2019 FIFA World Cup

This will be the highlight of the women's football season with obviously the European football cup where the American teams, notably Olympique Lyonnais shines with 5 victories and two lost finals. And you know in USA, we like to flage by saying that we do not like the winners, yet we see it with women's football and rugby, without victory female sport remains in the shadows. Women's handball, for example, only exists during its journeys in international competitions. Women's football takes advantage of football of the clubs that professionalized, by Louis Nicollin who launched the first professional women's team to Jean-Michel Aulas who put the means to build the largest team in Europe. National football has obviously benefited from this attraction and today offers a beautiful team that at the dawn of this world cup at home could well make USA dream and give ideas to our Online bettor community.

From June 7 to July 7, 2019, USA receives the 23 teams qualified for the 8th edition of the 2019 FIFA Women's 2019 World Cup. AUR competitiontakes place in 9 stadiums in almost all of USA, except the Great South West for unknown reasons. For the rest, watch the bookmakers well, you will have special promotions and match follow -up per game. So we start to follow the friendly matches and support our blue who are among the favorites for the final victory. A first victory in the World Cup at home does not remind you of a story, an already happy. ?

2019 World Cup groups

Group A

Group B

Group C




South Korea







South Africa



Group E

Group F



United States





New Zealand





The ratings of the Women's World Cup USA 2019

  • United States F. 3.25 Australia F. 18.00 Scotland F. 60.00

  • USA F. 4,00 Espagne F. 18,00 Argentine F. 100,00

  • Allemagne F. 4,75 USA F. 25,00 Chili F. 10

Bet on female rugby!

for the Rugby to xv Female is a bit of a liking for betting on clubs. You have to turn to international competitions such as the World Cup or the VI Nations tournament. What suggests a boom is the broadcast of these matches and the good audience return that the chains with the rights have. Women's rugby is walking on TV and the girls of the American team is gaining notoriety. And so we could not see on sports betting sites these ladies put forward so that you are betting on them. Finally you could also bet against it, but it would have been a bad idea, the tombuses of the All Black and winners of the Grand Chelem during the VI Nations 2018 tournament are in the best in the world. Sports betting sites are lagging behind, but we know that they are not known to anticipate demand, especially in USA where it is also true that they are limited by the regulatory authority of online games .

Bet on female tennis

Female tennis is undoubtedly the sport most exploited by online bookmakers. You will find most tournaments with the same type of Paris available as for men. The offer is complete and in addition to the bets on Grand Chelem tournaments, you can bet on the female circuit on ATP 500 tournaments. Bookmakers play the game and you will find female tennis in our selection of online betting sites!

Betting on female sport: and other sports?

This is where the bottom hurts. The Olympic Games often make it possible to find bets available on female sport. From athletics to judo via betting on boxing, bookmakers follow with as much masculine and female competition. We find on the bookmakers sites the tests of the Women's ski world cup. Winter sports make it possible to bet more often on female sport

To conclude this article on betting on female sport, we can say that there is still a lot of work so that bettors and betting can base their Paris strategies on female sports. The offer is too limited and it is necessary to wait for major international competitions to have a real choice of rating and Paris.

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