How to bet on an archi-favori?

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We may not tell you, we may write it and we could sing it to you, dear members of the Jouerenligne community, you should not bet on an archi-favori. And yet, we often receive this question "How to bet on a favorite?" ».. This is already a good thing for our educational mission on online bets. You have understood that betting on an ultra favorite reports nothing, that slab, nib, tchi, nada ... and to bet anyway, you have to go see rather exotic types of well -side exotic, but they are more from the domain of Madame Soleil than that of a serious bettor looking for profit. Voila, it is difficult for fans not to bet on their teams and even less to bet against. This is something that is designed for all real supporters. Looking at her favorite team and hoping she wins when the bettor hopes to you that she is losing or taking a goal calls into question the mental health of the person concerned. We will try to find you a solution so that your wallet does not come and betray your heart.

What is a bet on an ultra favorite?

An ultra favorite, according to our definition is a listed team above 1.30-1.20. We repeat it quite often, you never put on a rating above 1.50 and between 1.50 and 1.60, it is really for the galley seasons where the bankroll melted. For us, it is therefore the rating that determines what is called "ultra-favori". Because ultra favorite can be out of the Outsider, but it is unfortunately rare.

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Why is it difficult to bet on the ultra-favori

The difficulty comes from the fact that the rating requires a big bet to be profitable. Putting 20 euros to earn 2 euros is not profitable in the long term. You earn 2 euros per game. In current sport, the biggest favorite does not win all of their matches. If we take the example of football where money allows you to create disproportionate teams for certain championships, the domination undoubtedly can attract the bettor. However, even PSG, Juventus Turin and Bayern Munich never remain undefeated and make a few draws. If you are betting on these small dimensions, when the ultra favorite will make a mistake, you will lose everything you have won. On the season, bet only on a Paris victory will even make you lose money. Thinking about the season makes it possible to fall into this trap. The difficulty is not so much to be "on" to win, but to find a profitable dimension. The problem is that depending on the sport, it is difficult to find Types of betting To annihilate the low side.

The types of betting to earn more with an ultra favorite

For some sports such as XV rugby or basketball, Paris at Handicap makes it possible to rebalance the rating by making the teams leave with a handicap.

The bet on the scorer, the marker etc etc can be interesting, but there too, the more dominating the team, the more the offensive players will register goals and the more the dimensions will drop. The end result is that the big players and in particular the "goalscorers" have weak ratings for a bet that is always risky. The solution is therefore to bet on the match, that is to say find a possible bet where the domination of the favorite team raises the rating. For example, the "two teams mark" in football is a bet that can make it possible to significantly raise the rating and that is readable. For thes Paris on rugby, the bets on team X wins with x points ahead is also interesting because it offers you the possibility of choosing from several intervals without having to specify an exact score.

The bet live as the best solution?

Paris live or livebet, allows you to be proactive on your bets. When an ultra-favori plays, it is always better to see the match and its progress. An easy meeting can be transformed into a delicate match where the little one opposite will resist until the last second. It is also possible to see the players in good shape, the physiognomy of the match. When a team lowers the foot when the score is done, we can imagine a goal for the little one who seemed unthinkable in views of the statistics. This is the best way for us to optimize the dimensions in a completely unbalanced match. Bookmakers all offer a livebet version with streaming matches like on Unibet TV.

The settings that bookmakers can forget

Bookmakers are the champions of the odds and rarely offer Bet Vallue. However, they are also the hostages of statistics. At the end of the season the psychology of the teams can come into account. Between an ultra-favori which is certain to glean the title and a small team that plays its survival, the surprise is more likely to exist. Large stables tend to sweep everything as quickly as possible. On the other hand, watch out for the structure of the championship. For betting on XV rugby, it is also necessary to take into account the two -part championship. A team can be satisfied with the qualification to get in shape for the final stages.

In conclusion, the best way to play an ultra favorite match is to find a flaw that allows you to enjoy a high dimension. For Sunday bettors, the big favorites are a boon, but for someone who wants to bet for a pro, it may be more difficult to find high ratings without falling into the impossible bet.

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