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To bet like an online pro, you have to be able to listen only to yourself. It is enough to notice what the bookmakers put online to see the "power" of the sports media to highlight sports, the competitions of the players. The evolution of the media and the sports analyzes are plagued by many realities which are often far from the expected objectivity and ethics of sports journalists. In other words, certain interests, especially economic, can push a team to overflow when a media holds the TV rights of a competition. Be careful, distrust does not mean distrust. This article mainly concerns beginner bettors who may well despite themselves finding themselves to bet on an unknown discipline, because they are swept away by the media surge. It is therefore necessary to learn to use them well.

Do not let the media choose for you!

It must be said, the media are the masters of clocks to impose the film to see, the fashionable group or the last trendy idea. So, it is logical that for sport, it is exactly the same principle.
And whether we like it or not, it is systematic, people go for it. The most striking example is undoubtedly the 2018 Ryder Cup in USA. For the bettors on golf, it's obvious. However, the bets on Bookmakesr in USA were multiplied by two according to the figures of the Arjel. Obviously, we are talking about the number of bets compared to the previous edition. This influx coincides with the presence of this competition in USA. Online bettors have not become golf specialists instantly.
To translate, this means that the bettors rushed in a sport they do not know to play on one of the competitions most difficult to predict.
That's all you should not do if you want to earn money on sports betting. The media sell sport, because for them, it is a product. This product does not only make audience, but makes it possible to bring back advertisers who are often linked as a sponsor to competition. Their goal is therefore to make you want with all the necessary marketing. He thus shows white feet to advertisers. Whether it is good or bad, this is not the question. That a curious look at, that a country is passionate about a sport for a sport, it is good. On the other hand, betting online is not a game when you invest in this activity. So you have to be "incorruptible".

Our advice: It is simple and it must be written as many times as there are pages in our online betting guide: only bet on sports, competitions and teams you know. If you are an ace of betting on rugby, do not bet on the World Cup of football because you have read two or three articles .. worse than advertising, there are the analyzes of sports journalists.

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Do not bet by following the analyzes of sports journalists

We live in an era where the discussion, noble philosophical art, has become a clash where an opinion can only exist if it is decided. The easiest way is to have an experience: lookZ a match and read the next day's analysis. Sometimes we believe that we haven't seen the same meeting. Let's not talk about post-match analyzes where specialists engage in the game of the last one who spoke. There are obviously advice by former players and stars of sports comments on online bets, but money is not real and the pifometer on the other hand is there.

Our advice: What is good with sport and sports betting is that no one needs to be in the secret of the gods. What matters is not the opinion of X or Y, but your analysis, because you have seen the same match. We are sold a Champions League winner For 7 years and these matches where this future champion launches messages to Europe ... This team is a product that sells paper, visits to websites and for some TV subscriptions. For the best and the worst, the comments will say white in the morning and black in the evening.

When we see the amount of retransmission rights, we must keep the spectator captive by selling him from the dream or a nightmare, but never the tasteless reality. To bet like a pro, you must have raw info, watch the matches, cross statistics. Do not let anyone do it for you as well known as it is. We are talking about sport not about the geopolitics of the Balkans and its religious history. It's okay, it's not quantum mathematics

The same goes for the comments of a match. Commentators sell us the product that attracts people. Whether it is good or bad, the important thing is to create the buzz so that ELS people react and end up going to see the product in question. We are used to football to see how a club has been over-evaluated every year at the start of the season for eight years, while weaknesses are always apparent ... And in the end, supporters and followers will bet on This team when using common sense, they would not do so.

How to properly use the media to bet online?

If sports journalists have become the pro logorrhea to fill hours and hours of antenna, it is sometimes possible to take advantage of the information of those who are on the ground. It's a bit like information in general. Between the office journalist who talks about an event in New York and the one who lives it, the quality of the information goes from a judgment for the first to a vision for the other. It's exactly the same for sport. The media can have information long before bookmakers. The absence of a player in certain sports can largely influence the dimensions. If you follow a "field" journalist you have learned to trust, you have an asset to anticipate the dimensions of the dimensions.

The media are only a source of information. Analyzes have the promises, they only engage those who believe them.

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