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Last September 5 was held, or rather had to be held the most anticipated match in South America between Brazil and Argentina. Except that the show only lasted 5 short minutes after kicking off. A judgment, or rather a draft, because the meeting was not interrupted by a whistle of the referee but by the health authorities of Brazil for non-compliance with the health protocol in force in Brazil.

Indeed, 4 Argentinian players arriving from the United Kingdom would not have respected the compulsory isolation period upon arrival in Brazil. An unprecedented misunderstanding that should not remain without consequences in the world of football, not to mention thousands of dollars engaged in bets on this match.

Compulsory isolation of 14 days not respected

The reason invoked by Brazil's health authorities during the match stopped, would be the fact that 4 Argentinian days would not have respected this compulsory isolation period when arriving from the United Kingdom. The players concerned are Emiliano Buendia (Aston Villa), Cristian Romero (Tottenham), Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham) and Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa). Brazilian authorities accuse the players concerned of having lied about their entry form in Brazil by failing to declare that they have stayed in the United Kingdom during the 14 days preceding their entry. For its part, the Argentine Football Federation defends itself from any lie and even claims to have asked for derogations for the players in question. Decidedly the embezzlement are currant currency in sportsmen!

A disappointment and the follow -up to be expected

The stop after 5 minutes of one of the most beautiful posters in the world between national teams is of course a huge disappointment for all football enthusiasts. A real cold shower for the tens of thousands of Brazilian spectators present at the stadium and hoping for a potential revenge of their team after the final of Copa America lost to Argentina on July 10. A fact that has not failed to make FIFA react which announces that it has been grasped from the file and already announces gold and upcoming decisions for the person (s). However, it remains at this time difficult to know with accuracy what happened. Have the criminal Argentinian players really lied? Did the Argentine Football Federation really apply for a derogation from the Brazilian authorities, and above all have she obtained it? What do the faults risk at the end of the survey? So many unanswered questions but which will surely have important consequences for one or the other of the 2 teams, once all the light is made on these elements.

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