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Born in 2014, Spinomal is the new generation that we love so much. Creative, excessive and at the cutting edge of technology, thesoftware publisher and its band have rushed into the HTML 5 breach. And in a few years, if they have been able to impose a style for players and a safe product for online casinos. With 80 games in its catalog, Spinomal pays its youth with a rather light catalog.

As always the quality is expected and we can say that it is there.

Spinomal - Simply phenomenal!

His know -how allows him to create games that are played on all supports with the same intensity. The originality of this game editor is its development of casino games on social networks such as Facebook. You will thus find a lot of its multi -platform games available to Play for free.
It is by associating with Odobo Gaming in 2014 that Spinomal opens the doors of the world of online games. At present Spinomal is mainly present on social networks. The quality of the machines to underline respect and there is no doubt that the future of this software publisher will be in the largest online casinos on the planet. You can find them on Enzo Casino for example.
With games in different families, Spinomaln offers a global offer. It's light for table games with a small European roulette which is a bit alone in this category. In addition, the game is successful and competitive.

Spinomal online casino games

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Spinomal: dazzling graphics

Spinomal games are really successful. We feel the work of design with a licked aesthetic, an immersive graphics, often crazy, a real sense of musicality ... It is a beautiful immersion that Spinomal offers us. The themes are varied, sometimes curious and often amazing. Reving Love for example takes you to a horrific world where love continues to animate a completely perched teacher. The mechanics of different slot machines are extremely rich. Is it habit
Social networks and the need to surprise to keep players who influence the Soup machines of the Irish group? In any case, slot machines are full of wild, features, crazy animations, regular jackpots and features to die for. Put a room in a spinomal slot and go on an adventure.

Spinomal slot machines

Reviving Love de Spinomenal

This is the last little wonder of the software publisher. And each word is weighed. The graphics are exceptional. The immersion in the world of this completely barred scientist is immediate. The story is wacky at will, unless your little heart is broken and that a crazy scientist wanting to help you win back your love does not echo your romantic turpitudes.
It is rare to stop on a slot machine and to say that it is a real beauty. With 5 rolls and three lines, you have no more or less than 243 ways to win. And in addition it is generous with a redistribution rate of: 95.35%. It is a real token festival. The game mechanics are such, also served by a total immersion, which you will become addicted to this teacher doUX crazy. The figures are game cards, the famous young lady and the crazy professor who plays the role of the Wild. A good combination and let's go for 10 Free Spins Tours !!!
Really, but then really, a slot machine as we like them. It's a crush on a love game!

Hunting Treasures de Spinomenal

I already hear you! "Another treasure hunt". Yes, but it is a pure success and you could even say that it reinvents the genre. Find yourself at the bottom of an ocean abyss to find the treasures that litter the sand. Superb background music, HD graphics, soft colors, it really looks like it! With its five rolls, its three lines and 50 lines of payments, you have all the equipment necessary to search the bottom of the oceans. The items are varied, but the most notable are a human skull, play cards from 10 to AS, the essential wreckage, the octopus and a young young lady who does not seem to fear high pressure. Just have three identical figures to trigger the jackpots. Spinomal ignites the game with a redistribution rate high, a trademark at home, and therefore gains that fall regularly.
The octopus launches 10 laps of free spins, one eye acts as Wild and 5 lines of payments and an X5 multiplier of your bet. In fact, you will have the impression that something happens. Even with this classic spinomal theme manages to renew the game with its unparalleled know -how.

In conclusion: Spinomal is a real good online casino game creation studio. Its slot machines are original and its assumed choice to offer high redistribution rates make it a real pleasure to discover your slots. Do not hesitate, when you want the spinomal logo, click on it, guaranteed happiness and multiplied winnings!

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