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Patagonia Gaming, Prince du Bingo Video 3D

Patagonia Gaming, Prince du Bingo Video 3D

Patagonia Gaming has existed since 2012 and we can say that the game software publisher is as far from us as the Patagonia plains ... The online game creation studio develops in discretion and has been able to take a fairly path Astonishing since instead of going to play in slot machine rooms, Bingo games were his first specialty. And its success was immediate with online bingo games acclaimed. However, the online bingo niche highlights creators than the online slots who launch with a nice logo like movies in the cinema.

In two years, Patagonia Gaming launched its first online casino games and its name begins to circulate with word of mouth. We players imagine that software publishers are looking to make games that we like, but let's not forget that the first customer to seduce, this is the online casino. This is how a small studio like Patagonia Gaming makes a name for itself. It would be an exaggeration to say that the arrow development of the online bingo is due to this software publisher; But clearly he dusted the genre and clearly modernized this game. His work attracted names like MicroGaming, Red Rake, Spinomal or Booming Games who are now working in cooperation with this young studio.

By winning a work on new technologies such as download games, HTML 5, flash games and obviously compatibility desktop and smartphone, Patagonia Gaming was able to quickly offer games for players and therefore Online gaming rooms. In 2018, Patagonia Gaming launches its own online platform which offers its products to all online casinos on the planet, but also to others Online creations studio. By developing online sports betting software and software, the studio has conquered new markets and has thus been able to present its online casinos games more widely.

Patagonia Gaming: quality more than quantity

The catalog of this online game software publisher is naturally not yet provided as that of its competitors who have for some more than 20 years of existence on the Igaming market. But inventiveness and creativity allowed this young game software publisher to make themselves known and occupy a well -deserved place of honor.

With around twenty games, Patagonia Gaming shows that he does not create the chain of casino games, but although he takes care of all his creations and that at home, we do not copy/paste games of which We change the name and the decor to release a novelty at all costs every six months. Here, we are more in crafts and the game comes out once it is ready to face the world. The quality of the portage is also to be noted: you can go from your desktop computer to your smartphone without loss of quality and fluidity. Patagonia games work whatever your bone ; Windows, iOS or Linux for PC and Android and iOS for smartphone and tablet.

The cartoon style is at the heart of their bingo games. In Pirates, we see cartoons from cartoons and a whole design around the themes of pirates. This Vision you bingo made it possible to rejuvenate the game and offer it a new attraction. We find this innovation in the bingo of the pharaoh which was a real success online. Today it is rare to find it in the bingos sections of large online casinos.

The types of games offered by Pentagonia Gaming

Here are two examples of the Bingo Video 3D DSU Creation Studio Pentagonia Gaming

  • Candy Bingo 3D

The grandparent bingo takes a slap with the Pentagonia Gaming Candy Bingo 3D. Colors, a real theme and the end of the tristounet bingo 3D that immerses you in a unfortunate sad room, feast room, with a gray sky, surrounded by sad people ... There, you enter the candy shop world, That is to say a candy store, widely fantasized with pastel for a relatively girly decor. The Bingo Video tells you a story where little elves responding to the name Petey, Vicky, Luky and Atty accompanies you in this Bingo 90 game with 34 draws. And for those who will rediscover bingos games in online casinos, the discovery of new features will surprise them. Today you have mini-games inside Pentagonia Gaming online bingo games. These mini games will offer you gains, multipliers and free bingo grids.

The musical universe, design and ergonomics make it an ideal game to discover the world of 3D bingo video.

  • Pirates, Bingo 3 D video by Pentagonia Gaming:

It is one of Pentagonia's hits and undoubtedly its first world success. The game software publisher kicked the anthill with a modern game, taking up the codes of slot machines to revolutionize the gray and white universe of online bingo games. The success was dazzling. The theme of pirates is a classic online playgrounds. Resume the stories of Rousse beard the pirate and let the player move forward in the games while playing the bingo with at the end the treasure to find and the jackpot to pocket ... success guarantees. Available on laptop and tablet, Pirates arrived like a UFO to finish like a classic.

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