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NETET, review of the online casino game publisher

NETET is one of the digital entertainment pioneers and has been a special place on this market for almost 20 years.

Thus, the Swedish company has provided high -end services focused on Online gambling. We will therefore find many online casinos which offer the products developed by its engineers and which are among the most innovative and the most appreciated by players around the world.

The know-how of this developer is no longer to be demonstrated and only promises good in terms of his future online casino games.

Netent, a prestigious past

NETET was founded in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden. The developer has built his reputation on philosophy which says that each day simply constitutes a new challenge to take up. Creativity and innovation were spearheads that allowed him to stay in the race for an environment that evolves as quickly as that of digital entertainment.

By fixing new challenges every day, Nette has been able to avoid falling into the usual monotony and routine that threaten the Igaming developers.

Since its creation, it has thus been able to develop nearly 200 games all as innovative as each other for the use of more than 200 online casinos. In 2017, no less than 41 billion micro transactions linked to online games were carried out on the platforms offered by Nettent.

Currently, the developer employs nearly 1,000 people from around fifty different nationalities. This diversity combined with implantation in many sites scattered all over the world have shaped the keys to Netent's success. The profiles that work within the company were selected for their donation, their passion and their curiosity. Their open -mindedness contributes greatly to the development of the company and makes him get ahead of his competitors.

NETET also won the image of a business concerned about gender equality and aims to reach a balance of men/woman representation at the 2020 horizons. For the time being, he is already working according to a proportion of 38% women for 62% men.

The social coverage system offered to employees of NETET also allows them to be maintained in the best working conditions which can only bring them efficiency and therefore ensure the development of the company. The managerial system that prevails within the company also facilitates interactions between individuals by limiting conventional bureaucracy for a flexible and listening hierarchy.

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NETTE, incomparable know-how

The human potential of Nettent has allowed him during these many years of existence to win multiple awards in the online digital entertainment industry. In 2018, he received the 2018 EGR Awards EGR Awards which rewards the most innovative companies in the design of Igaming applications on mobile devices.

The games developed by NETET are among the most popular. They combine quality and originality which makes them unique products with sumptuous graphics and unprecedented gameplay. The themes are Very varied and allow rapid adaptation to the new standards imposed by the market.

His latest 3D slot machines are the perfect example of Nettent's know-how. These new games offer improved features except to talk about bonuses, free spins and mini-games, previously unavailable. Most of its animations far exceed what is most common on certain video games.

The technology used by NETET has the advantage of being experienced and safe. It is based on Flash and HTML5 software. This development mode offers the advantage of being able to play directly from your favorite browser without going through any download.

Current technological advances and the rise of mobile devices make digital entertainment even more accessible to all. NETET has understood the challenges linked to this new market and quickly adapted to it by ensuring the migration of its slot machines on these new mobile supports.

NETET technology for players and for online casino professionals

Nette is not content to develop and popularize the best online casino games. The available products are both rewarding for players and attractive for all operators who wish to host them. Players thus enjoy unrivaled experience while online entertainment professionals have wider business prospects.

NETT has also created iconic licenses such as Dracula, Gonzo’s Quest Or Starburst who helped build his brand image and renown. The partnership with big names in film entertainment such as "20th Century Fox" or "Universal Studios" has launched exclusive licenses based on Hollywood blockbusters.

The Netient Games grant between 95 and 98% of earnings to players which makes them gain in popularity. With Nettent Live and Nettent hires, players are also rewarded with bonuses that can then be spent in other NETET products. There is therefore a real NETET community that facilitates interactions between users. Some titles like Mega Fortune Cumulate the more gainsEurs Casinos. The world record is held by Nettent with $ 17.86 million in Progressive jackpot On this slot machine.

Accessibility to its games from a wide variety of platforms is also a decisive criterion in Nettent's success, because it allows the video-play industry to vary its distribution channels according to the trends of the moment.

The assistance provides by NETTE to its distributors is also intended to be flexible and efficient. The back office has optimized tools for professionals. It is fully accessible online which facilitates different current operations such as maintenance.

Finally, the marketing tools present can be configured endlessly in order to correspond to the specific needs of any online casino.

A publisher turned to the future

Nettent's future is not limited to the simple development of new games. The publisher considers igaming as a real way of life that must be maintained. He was one of the first to offer Virtual reality games With a VR version of Gonzo's Quest.

NETET is therefore capable of its immense database to predict market developments. This faculty of analysis and projection guarantees both to the players and operators of online casino the best assets to face the future serenely. The simple fact of knowing which the most used platforms will allow, for example, an operator to better orient its offers. Players will also benefit from these advantages by benefiting from updates or products much more suited to their game supports and their tastes. NETET is also considering strengthening its presence on the igaming market. It must be admitted that he has all the assets to maintain his current leader as a leader.

NETET: prestigious partnerships

In his constant quest for originality and diversity, the Swedish developer NETT does not hesitate to establish partnerships with very well -known production houses or brands. Thus, he obtained exploitation rights on popular franchises. It was notably thanks to this kind of partnership that he was able to put on the market a slot machine like Planet of the Apes. NETET is not the only one to use this kind of agreements to have the possibility of making several titles with an entertaining theme. Known publishers as microgaming have already done in the past, and this has made it possible to create slot machines like Game of Thrones or even Jurassic World. Net Entertainment has also decided to embark on this practice and for its beginnings, the least we can say is that the Swedish brand intends to hit a big blow. Thus, developer fans and many online casinos that use its software could soon be entitled to 3 new slot machines promise to be highly entertaining: Jumanji ™, Narcos ™ and Vikings ™.


Released on December 20, 2017 in the United States, Jumanji is one of the cinematographic productions that have experienced the most success during the end of the past year. Witness the US $ 939.7 million recorded at the boxoffice. Eager to take advantage of the great success recorded by this film, the Swedish developer Nette is soon to put a title on the market bearing the same name. All bettors know, the publisher is really excellent in providing quality entertainment options. We can therefore expect to be entitled to several surprises on this title, especially since the theme he presents is himself very entertaining. It is a safe bet that graphics and other sound effects will live up to the expectations of the public, however high they are. Nor should we forget to mention the interesting and (very often) lucrative functionalities which are incorporated into the games designed by the developer. It is therefore natural to predict that the future Jumanji sub -undertaked machine will be very successful. The next few weeks will say more!


Nominated at the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards the Narcos series produced by the American channel Netflix was an incredible success worldwide. Considering the bracing media caused by this series - which relates the life of the greatest baron in the drug in history (Pablo Escobar) - it is easy to guess that the acquisition of the rights of this franchise has not been easy. However, the publisher Nettent has always been ready to make the sacrifices it was necessary to meet the expectations of his audience and he has once again provided proof. The developer has signed a partnership agreement with Gaumont, one of the largest production houses there is, in order to have the exploitation rights of this successful franchise which plunges viewers in the life of drug traffickers who checked the 'Latin America at a certain period using violence and corruption. Responsible for legal and commercial affairs at Gaumont, Tim Stephen said that today NEZ is the best game developer in the world and that there is no doubt that the new title will meet the expectations of millions of fans through the world. Speaking about this partnership, Henrik Fagerlund, Director of Products at Nettent, said: "We continue to push the limits with our brand games and Narcos is certainly one of our biggest contracts to date. The series was very successful with a huge audience worldwide and this audience, we intend to conquer it by giving it the opportunity to have fun thanks to our games. "


Narcos is not the only successful series that Netent intends to adapt. Indeed, the developer has also announced his project to design a title based on the scenario of the USA-Irlandes television series Vikings. For those who do not know her, she tells the story of a Scandinavian Nordic clan which tries to invade England and USA. However, to play it, fans of slot machines will have to wait a few months so that the latest settings are made. It is nevertheless to hope that once again, the developer surprises his world by making available a quality product that will be able to satisfy a large part of the public, even the most demanding players. Of course, once all these slot machines are launched, you can play on The best online casinos supplied by NETT that we recommend.

Retrospective of the best slots from Netent up to 2020

As usual - since 1996! - NETTE has also seen this year a new opportunity to impress lovers of its productions and to attract even more fans to it. The online game publisher has always been considered one of the references to the online betting industry, and he has always been worthy of this status. Despite the rather recent and successful launches of titles like The Phantom’s Curse and Asguardian Stones, the Swedish developer Nette is preparing a series of slot machines - for sure - will revolutionize the world of online entertainment. All the big game lovers know this, the ICE Totaly Gaming is one of the most important annual events in the world of online bet. Indeed, it serves as a showcase for developers who wish to make new launches or present their projects to the public. During the recent living room held in London, the Swedish developer was not asked to present to his audience the colors of the new year. Of course, he communicated fresh information about his project to put titles on the market using virtual reality, but that is not what has captured players the most. Indeed, the Swedish brand has suggested that new online slot machines would come to overbid its range of games already very well supplied, and of course, that did not leave the participants indifferent.

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