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Microgaming, Casino game software publisher

So no it has nothing to do with the video game store chain! You are not far away, because MicroGaming is a real dinosaur in the world of Online gaming. We could even speak of a precursor or one of the precursors of online gambling. Born in 1994, microgaming crumbles under the awards. With 14 awards for example at the prestigious B2B Awards ceremony, the success and the recognition of microgaming is undeniable. Beyond being a historical value, London society has evolved and questioning itself to follow and sometimes anticipate the changes in the online gaming games which is itself always at the forefront of technological developments. Whether it is on the tools with the passage of the desktop computer to smartphones, but also to the development of casino games which are more and more complex, the microgaming know-how is global. Slot machines, poker game, bingo, table games without forgetting roulette, the studio of Creation of game software One does not miss one. So let's discover this online gambling monster!

MicroGaming: Precursor and leader of online casino games

When MicroGaming was born in 1994, the Internet is in its infancy for the general public. Online games do not yet exist, because even if the technology would have made it possible to create it, consumer connections were far too low to support this kind of site and online game software. MicroGaming is a splendid example of responsiveness and adaptability. This is the first company to have created an online casino, it's them! In 1994, they launched the online casino "Gaming Club" first online playroom in history. Low hat. It is then a conquest of the market by winning in all sectors of the online games of Casino. If we know above all microgaming through its hundred slot machines, it is because the slots are a bit of the studios showing because they are easily identifiable. Microgaming, however, offers table games such as blackjack, casters, craps etc etc. With more than 300 games, you will find on the Quickfire platform, most free demo games! By following market developments and anticipating them, Microgaming has developed a offer of Casino live. His slot machines are at the forefront with real research and development to find the new features, the themes of tomorrow while preserving a clean identity.

In 2009, the software publisher launched the first, once again, the first progressive jackpot in Europe whose name can remind you of a famous European lottery. English society is even in the book of records with the biggest Progressive jackpot Distributed on an English online casino with 27 million euros and dust won by an English slot machine player.

Some sloping machines and created by microgaming

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Microgaming Jurassic Park Machine

MicroGaming develops a certain number of franchise including that of Jurassic Park and more recently the blockbuster "Jurassic World". In this slot machine you will find the retro side of the first opus directed by Steven Spielberg with the latest advances, of the time, of microgaming slots. You will find a universe that will evoke the film with characters and dinosaurs, but also a real respect for the universe that will make even those who have managed to miss the franchise will be able to immerse themselves and discover the island of Spielberg and its jurassic park. You will find numerous and richly endowed features: bonus towers, Wild symbol, different gains multipliers, scatters and many free spins, free towers in the language of Molière? With a 97%redistribution rate, this slot machine will remain a good experience for high rollers, but do not doubt it, this is an excellent first experience for all beginners. Joussiability, available on smartphone, high, easy -to -access, playful redistribution rate, the micrassic microgaming jurassic park machine is a perfect example of the know -how of the money game software creation studio.

Microgaming has become a leader, but he does not hesitate to work with more modest and younger studios, but with a talent rare enough to seduce men and women of microgaming. Rabcat is one of the guests at the microgaming table to develop a slot machine around the theme of Robin des Bois. Some will say that it is more a Rabcat jewelry, but it is flocked microgaming, so you have to see a wedding of talent and know-how, boosted by the microgaming client casino network.

The Robin of Sherwood Machine MICROGAMING and RABCAT

This slot machine is a fine example of microgaming creativity which from a classic of literature and cinema manages to offer its version without making blasphemy to the world of Robin des Bois and Sheriff de Nottingham. The graphics offers a cartoon universe filled with surprises and colorful and surprising animations of humor and irony. The game mechanics are very well oiled for this slot which remains demanding with a redistribution rate of 95.8 %. The gain is less recurrent, but the game makes sure to be addictive enough to push you to pass the levels and therefore to engage the features that populate the game :: Arrow Wild- Wild Turning Features- Free Spin Bonus- Royal Clearing Bonus. This slot machine is a small pearl and also represents the know -how!

In conclusion

Microgaming is a giant of the world of online casinos. Its success is no longer to be demonstrated, you just have to see His recent turnover, but if you have any doubts and maybe you think it's still a story of marketing and fan boy, take a look at the site to test the games for free and after we will talk about it!

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