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Once is not customary, we will chat between us a Maltese software publisher who has the distinction of working only on online casino games in the “live casino” category. The Casino Live category is the new hit on online casinos, but this is still a place frequented by high rollers and regulars. Hollywood TV is based in Malta as its name does not indicate. At the start of the story, it is a casino specializing in the live casino that is launched on the web. Sometimes you can be right, but a little too much in advance. The world was not yet ready from a technology, flow and connection point of view and the live casino was in its infancy. Holywood TV has however been able to work, evolve and learn from its mistakes with for example one of the first and only (?) Site devoted only to online roulette. It has since become a major player in the live casino with casino software and innovative live table games with sexy crouches ... We cannot miss certain shots, even if obviously the croupters are formed and professional, But nicer than in hard casinos. After checks, the honor is except, there are many deales, just as beautiful as the croupiers. We are saved! We tease our hashtags a little, on Hollywood TV, good taste is in order and you will soon understand why Hollywood TV offers an original and unique live casino game offer while respecting the rules of table games that are offered . Let's go for a little tour on the pebble.

For over 10 years Hollywood TV has been working specifically on creation, the conceptualization of live casino games. And frankly, the explosion of these games is still to come and it seems inevitable to me. It just takes time for the idea to be completely democratized. Today, we have already crossed a real milestone. You will find fewer and fewer online casinos that do not offer live table games, see lottery online. For the moment, Vis will find a dozen live casino games at best, but we see that the category is growing and it is therefore that demand becomes stronger. We are still far from online slot machines or table games, but interactivity married to technology should end up seducing many players.

On Maltese land, this company is developing quickly. So, we could fuck and still be gone to know if Hollywood TV in his place in our review ofOnline game software publisher. 1000 times yes! The studio creates its games from A to Z and the particularity of Hollywood TV, it is in addition to conceptualizing them. You will not be at a classic online black jack table as you will find hundreds, but indeed in a universe and a theme: piracy, Egypt, Bikini Beach etc etc. In addition, Hollywood TV offers the casino its own game management software. Hollywood TV has its place in our category "online game software publisher". So obviously, the Black Jack will always remain black jack and the roulette will always be a roulette. What can change are the game options and obviously responsiveness. Game safety and transparency are obviously at the heart of live casino games offered by Hollywood TV. This publisher has its game license before the Maltese regulatory authority. Its games are verified by audit companies that validate the transparency and equity of live games.

Hollywood TV casino games

Here is a list of the most famous games of the Maltese publisher:

Cleopatra, Autowheel Roulette, Treasure Island Roulette, Bikini Beach Roulette, Thrones of Destiny Live Dealer, Spin 2 Win, Punto Banco, Casino Royal Roulette.

You will find in its live games a whole universe dedicated to major Hollywood themes. The croupiers and croupiers will be disguised, the background and the game table are also themed. If you've never played live casino, you may be wondering how it works. It is very simple. You will find yourself at a American online roulette table as if you were in a hard casino. In front of you, a professional dealer filmed by a dozen cameras will speak to you and animate the table as if you were sitting in front of it. In front of you, a kind of dashboard allows you to monitor your statistics live, manage your bets, a chat allows you to chat with other players.

A logical question arises? Is it fluid?

Obviously, fluidity and connection are at the heart of the problem of the live casino. The Hollywood TV experience is fluid and above all without disconnection. It is a real advantage and an absolute require for players not to have to reconnect and where to miss a hand or a spin because of a technical problem. You will have no problem on that side. The quality of streaming is HD. The other advantage and it is quite immense. At Hollywood TV, the languages are diverse and varied and you can play live casino with a dealer who speaks American, sometimes with a small most charming accent.

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