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Felt Gaming, online casino game publisher

It is an understatement to assert that the world of online bet is filled with casino software suppliers. However, despite this plurality of developers, some brands manage to do well. This is particularly the case for the publisher Felt Gaming who, despite his relative novelty in the field, was able to make his way to the hit. The game company was born in 2013, which makes it "the new one" compared to older brands. However, if the developer is young by his experience, his know-how nevertheless pursues him at the level of the largest publishers in the online betting sector. Felt Gaming indeed brings a unique approach that will allow online bettors to benefit from entertainment.

Felt Gaming: a mysterious developer with huge talent

As explained, Felt Gaming's entry into the market is very recent and if the developer already impresses his world, he still remains very mysterious on certain points. Indeed, very little information is available to the origins of Felt Gaming. However, this bit of mystery that there is around the brand makes it even more attractive and somewhat intriguing. To this must be added that the publisher does things differently and does not offer slot machines for example. Company officials justify their policy by saying that they want to offer players an experience that perfected the atmosphere of brick and mortar casinos to perfection. Thus, Felt Gaming offers a range of games mainly composed of Table games. Poker, roulette, Baccara, Blackjack - Just the best!

Felt Gaming games: class!

As a rule, online game software developers Offer only a few table games to their customers. They therefore devote the large part of their toy library to slot machine games and other. However, Felt Gaming proceeded differently given his need and his desire to offer something different to the public. Thus, you will find in the range of games of the titles publisher like Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack (High Hand Blackjack and Sidebet Blackjack) or Roulette. These are certainly very popular titles in the world of online casinos, but those offered by the current developer are even more entertaining and bring a new touch to the experience offered. The designer has made it a point of honor to purify the design of all the games he provides. Thus, you will soon notice that they are completely rid of the usual frills that can be found on other games. Better still, the features made available on the games here are highly interactive, which makes the games in question even more entertaining and pleasant to play. As if that was not enough, the designer made his titles highly flexible, always in order to make the experience even more pleasant for bettors.

Felt Gaming: accessible to all supports

Felt Gaming is not content to offer his players games thanks to which to be entertained. It also offers them the possibility of accessing it from practically anywhere! Indeed, it is obvious that the titles offered by the publisher are accessible to all users who are entertaining on PC, but thanks to the HTML5 formatting of the games, they are also accessible to all online players who use their mobile devices for have fun. So, no matter where you are, as long as you have access to an internet connection, you can easily entertain yourself by playing the many games offered by Felt Gaming. Casino players are not the only ones to take advantage of the many advantages offered by the developer. The establishments he also feeds have access to features that allow them to best personalize the experience they offer to their users. Everyone therefore has reasons to rejoice with the Felt Gaming games which are very lucrative in passing.

Even if he has been operating in industry for only a few years, Felt Gaming has already managed to attract several online casinos promoters who have seen him the chance to attract a whole new clientele and offer players already Registered more reasons to have fun. It is therefore not surprising to note that Felt Gaming already feeds an interesting and ever -increasing number of online casinos. These establishments are mostly very popular and therefore offer their players the best conditions for playing and winning. All you have to do with is to choose one of our partner casinos powered by this publisher, register and start playing the excellent table games offered by the young brand. It is obvious that you will quickly find reasons to return to continue your experience. Finally, know that Felt Gaming is collaborating with control and audit companies that ensure, on a regular basis, the equity of the games provided by the brand. There is therefore no reason to make it.

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