Slot machines - the most paid

The most paid slot machines

We enter the quadrature of the circle. This question that we often receive is a bit disconcerting. Necessarily, it is Bibi who sticks to it. What is a paid slot machine? Are you talking about the reversal rate, the amount of jackpots, progressive jackpot and therefore the potential of earnings or those that have reported the most in the history of online slot machines?

Why not make a list of the most paid slots?

If you expect a most paid list of slots, you will be disappointed. Why not do it? First, we are not an online casino T we do not work for them. Online casinos are transparent and you will even see on most the list of the latest winners and which games they were playing. We could give you this list. A little aside. If you go to a hard casino, wait for a person to win a jackpot or a mini jackpot and leaves their seat. Wait a minute. No one will throw themselves on it at least a few innocent new players. Why ? It is the theory of crests. A slot machine that has just spitted a good jackpot of tokens will surely not give it back so early. If I go around Last gains on online casinos And that I spot a paid slot, there is a good chance that it will no longer be.

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Paid slot machine: crest theory.

An online slot machine that begins to drop the tokens has reached a crest level. Randomly a slot will enter a crest phase, which means that it will give you several times beautiful sums. The trap is to believe that you will necessarily bring the jackpot and therefore continue to play frantically. The algorithm is settled on a redistribution and if it begins to chain redistributions on all the sums that all the players have lost on the slot, we can logically think that it will not last long. Basically, if you see a machine that has given its jackpot, flee!

You could tell you which machine has distributed the biggest gains, but that does not imply that it will do it again and so it would not be ethical to push you to play it.

Redistribution rate and volatility:

Again, we could list you to the largest redistribution rate. But by the way, what is redistribution rate and volatility?

redistribution rate or payments rate:

The principle is simple. It is the percentage of the bets played at the On Line slot that will be distributed. It is percentage. You will find it systematically indicated in our Machine reviews. A slot machine that displays a 97 % redistribution rate will make 97 euros out of a hundred played!

Be careful, Achtung, Be Careful, Simou Lev- Yes, I am comfortable with the languages- This rate is on all players over a so-called "long term" period. This period is a manufacturing secret. You have to understand that you can play 500 euros and lose everything. On the other hand, another player or more other players will benefit. It's unfair, but it's the game ... Let us specify that casinos and game software publishers play transparency and that you will easily find the rate of redistribution, RTB in English or payment rate, it is the same thing.

Volatility rate:

Often confused with the rate of redistribution, the volatility rate represents something else. This is the characteristic of a slot machine on its propensity to pay often or rarely. "Often" implies that it will be small gains, and "rarely" implies that the gains will be more substantial.

Volatility meets three levels : small, medium and large.

  • A small level of volatility means that it often pays small sums.
  • An average level of volatility means that it often pays average sums
  • A large level of volatility means that it rarely pays large sums.

Volatility is an integral part of the game mechanics. It is she who will make you gain power with small repetitive gains or when it is intended for the high roller who will have the patience to pass tricks and towers without Reward even if the new slot machines know how to enhance the functionality game to make the game wait. The little problem is that this rate is kept secret by the software publishers play and online casinos. It is therefore the experience that will provide this information. However, you can find the return of players on the specialized forums.

The most paid slot machines: Jackpot and progressive jackpot

To classify the most paid slot machines according to progressive jackpots is to push you to make a beginners' mistake. A progressive jackpot only depends on luck, it's like playing a lottery game. Storing on a slot machine that you don't just like to try to touch the progressive jackpot is illusory and dangerous for your bankroll.

For an article on the most paid slot machines, we do not give you a list. It is also a way of alerting you and giving you the keys to understand the functioning of an online slot machine. Go to our journals and analyzes of slot machines to find maximum information to help you choose your online slot.