Bet on XV rugby: tips for beginners

With the Rugby World Cup that comes up, the VI Nations tournament that will start shortly and the 2018-2019 top 14 which is exciting, XV rugby will have a great media promotions and we can think That online bookmakers will play the game by putting the oval ball at the head of the gondola, with the promotions and the bonuses that go with it. And all this attracts budding bettors where experienced and honey attracts bees. Everything is very wonderful, except that betting on rugby is not an innate thing. In itself rugby is a complex sport to understand with laws of the games from minds that are not afraid of a somewhat eccentric complexity. We know that 98% of the bettors follow football and use other sports Like connectors to use the vocabulary of online poker strategists! Rugby is a collective sport, but it is undoubtedly the only thing in common with the world of the round ball.

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How to choose your bookmaker to bet on XV rugby?

The various Bookmakers approved by the Arjel offer a more or less complete rugby offer. You must therefore already determine what you expect as an offer so that it adapts to your frequency in Paris, to your knowledge of this or that championship and incidentally to the Bankroll part that you want to attribute to your bets on rugby to rugby to rugby to rugby to rugby XV. From there, you can select the bookmakers according to your expectations. If you want to bet only on the matches of the American rugby team, a mainstream bookmaker like Betclic will be sufficient. If you want to bet on more exotic rugby championships; Bwin sport may be more suitable. The ratings are far from linear and sometimes the Bookmaker X will be better on the type of Paris Y and on the same match The online sports betting site will offer a better rating on another type of betting. Again to bet like a pro and above all to bet seriously, it is essential to have Active accounts on several books To be able to choose the best rating every time. These are these small details, this 1.90 instead of 1.80 that will make you win in the long term. It is also necessary and here we are talking about an essential, that your bookmaker offers a Livebet Rugby on a large number of match. Why the Livebet? This is the subject of the next paragraph:

Bet in Live Bet on XV rugby

For the live bet, some sports are more conducive than others in this way of betting. If there are real new ones in front of this page, here is the definition: Live Bet or Paris live, consists in betting after the rugby meeting, or all other sports disciplines, has started. For XV rugby, it is more than 40 % of bets that are made in live bet. The solution of this enigma is rather simple. The structure of a rugby match and the TYou did not get a rosemary make this solution a perfect ally for demanding bettors.

What types of bet to choose for a rugby match

This is an important question of which you will find the answer in our analysis of the types of online betting on rugby in 4 articles. There are many bets on rugby, as much as football. Your choice is therefore decisive and above all difficult. To start when you start, you have to familiarize yourself with the different types, avoid those that are too risky, be wary of too generous dimensions and avoid the one that is too weak. Once you have eliminated, you will have much less left and they will therefore have to serve you as the basis of your bets. Rugby is special in the sense that this sport is not really conducive to surprises. The favorites are well established with very low dimensions. The draw is rare. Logically, the outsider has high ratings, but as it rarely wins, it does not interest us. In the end, the 1N2 bet is therefore less useful than in other sports.

Take the example of the 2019-2020 VI Nation match

  • Ireland 1,28 draw 23.00 England 4.10

England which is not the firstcomer is 4.10. Ireland is currently one of the best teams on the planet. Cote 1,28 is therefore the most logical for betting, but it is so weak that you have to play big to have a significant gain ... Nevertheless, it is the best way to lose big. The investment report - gain is not interesting under 1.50.

Bet on rugby: the calendar crucial factor

The calendar is always at the heart of the strategy of good bettors. For rugby, it's crucial. To bet on the Top 14, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the championship is played in two phases and in addition that the teams are deprived of their internationals when they are called in the national team. This situation leads to a leveling from the bottom of the dominant teams of the championship. Indeed, they can align a B team and sometimes C during this period. As for the two -phase championship, the teams have no obligation to finish first to go to the final phase. The European Rugby Cup drains a lot of energy. This Competition is therefore to be taken into account in the estimate of the form of a team.

To conclude, betting on rugby is not done as easily as for football which is already in itself a demanding sport for online bettors. Live Bet is getting all its importance with rugby. It must become a reflex. For a beginner bettor on rugby, it is therefore a double challenge: tame betting on rugby and live bet!

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