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The Rugby World Cup will start in 2019 from September 20, 2019 to November 2, 2019 in Japan. It's still far away, far too far to bet even if you can already find bookmakers offering betting on competition. On the other hand, it is not too early to read the groups and specificities of this 2019 rugby world cup. For this 9th edition, the Wordl Rugby and the organizing country have prepared a great party for all lovers of the 'Ovalie. And let's hope that it will also be a great source of gain for all enthusiasts who bet online on rugby with the bookmakers of our magazines.

The ratings to bet on the 2019 World Cup

We suck you constantly with advice on online bets with our forecasts so it is not to mislead you. Seeing this article in our news on sports betting the rugby event at XV man of the season, because we must not forget the World Cup of women are also fast approaching, we must remain prudent and not Start your bankroll. This article is not made to see you rush on our online bookmakers journals to find the best odds and bet 7 months before the competition. You will tell me that it is time to enjoy the ratings on certainties like the All Black or the XV of the rose. So we are going to make you smile and further emphasize the specificity of bets on XV rugby. Here are a few dimensions taken from the bookmakers authorized by the Arjel that you will find in our magazines on sports betting.

Who will reach the final of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in XV?

  • New Zealand 1,28

  • Ireland 2.70

  • England 3.10

  • USA 7,00

You just have to see what is going on at the start of the 2019 season with England which beat Ireland to understand that it is not necessary to bet so early in the competition. And if ever, you can think that the All Black course will lead them in the final, the rating is only 1.28!

The hens of the Rugby World Cup at 15 2019

The hens are known and the least we can say, it is the hen C which appears today as the most difficult. And it is that of the American rugby team that at a time when I write to you was crushed by England in Twickenham during the 2 nd day of the day 6 nations tournament. The other hens seem to give us the favorites. Afterwards, there remains the order to be determined. Nor should we forget that the last Rugby World Cup in XV offered us surprises with the emergence of small nations like Japan. And for this 9th edition, the Japanese will play at home.

Betting on Pool A of the 2019 Ruby World Cup

  • Ireland

  • Scotland

  • Japan

  • Russia

  • Samoa

Betting on Pool B of the 2019 World Cup Rugby

  • New Zealand

  • South Africa

  • USA

  • Namibia

  • USA

Bet on hen C of the Rugby World Cup in XV Japan 2019

  • England

  • USA

  • Argentine

  • United States

  • South

Bet on the 2019 Ruby World Cup hen

  • Australia

  • Wales

  • Georgia

  • Fiji

  • Uruguay

The rules of the hens:

The first two of the hens of this World Cup in Japan qualify for the next round, that is to say the final stages with the quarter -finals.

Table of quarter -finals of the 2019 World Cup

First quarter -final of the 2019 World Cup

  • 1st of hen C against 2 nd of the hen d

Second quarter -final of the 2019 World Cup

  • 1st in hen B against 2nd in hen a

Third quarter -final of the 2019 World Cup

  • 1st of the hen D against 2 nd of the hen C

Fourth quarter -final of the 2019 World Cup

  • 1st of the hen A against the 2nd of hen B

It is a little early to make forecasts, but it is time to monitor small teams, injuries, tournament results like that of the VI Nations. It's time to get into the game and prepare your World Cup for Rugby bet !

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