The different types of betting for XV rugby

XV rugby offers many types of bets and it can be difficult for a bettor to find the right opportunities especially if it is a began to be a began on rugby at 15. We will detail the advantages and disadvantages of bets on the Rugby so that you can make the right choices with full knowledge of the facts. Be careful, beware, the types of bets that we detail and analyze are those authorized by the Arjel. They can therefore have more or less close titles depending on the online Paris site you use!

Rugby bet: identity of finalists / semi-finalists / quarter finalists / barragists

This is the classic bet that we find for all the sports competitions available on online Paris sites. It is a difficult bet that requires projecting yourself at the end of the season. The best dimensions are available before the start of the rugby season.

Advantage : The odds are often interesting, see very interesting at the start of the season

Inconvenience : The more you will see clearly over the games, the more the dimensions will be down ...

Our opinion : A season in rugby is long and the structure is very different from a football season. The favorite of the final phase will not necessarily be that of the regular season. We know that it is very difficult to lead the European Cup and American championship at the same time. In addition, the bet you are going to put will be blocked throughout the season. For us, this type of bet is more for fun and should only engage a very small part of your bankroll.

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Equal rugby: Winner of the competition

Here too, we are in basic bets. You will find it in all national and international competitions.

Advantage : The rating, if the favorite is not a scarecrow and its simplicity.

Inconvenience : It is always difficult to provide more than 8 or 9 months before the end of a competition.

Our opinion : The dimensions can attract and the apparent simplicity of the bet can seduce beginners. Objectively, we are not a fan. It is more for the leisure bet than in the idea of Bet as a pro.

Equal rugby: Winner of the 1st / 2nd half

This is to determine who will win the first, or the draw, at the end of each half.

Advantage : This is a good way to optimize the rating of a favorite.

Inconvenience : On the one hand, you have to know the two teams very well and have a good grigri to avoid all unpleasant surprises.

Our opinion : It is a bet that is useful for rugby, in a sport where surprises are not legion, to optimize the ratings of a favorite. The danger is that it is already difficult to read the story of a match, so it's even more complex to do it on a half. So why not but to use with great caution!

Equal rugby: Best team of the regular season / group stage

It is the originality of rugby and basketball that offer a two -step season. To bet on rugby, it is absolutely necessary to take into account its two phases. A team can play the qualifying places and keep their strengths for the final stages.

Advantage : Interesting ratings that reflect the vagueness of this bet.

Inconvenience : The ratings tend to flow when the bettor begins to have a large enough visibility to do this informed opinion.

Our opinion : As with betting on XV rugby competitions, we suggest that you bet little and wait for the right time, neither too early nor too late, to enjoy a size worthy of the name.

Equal rugby: Club classification at the end of the regular season (first half)

Determine if this or that club will be part of the first half of the ranking. For example in the first 7 in the top 14.

Advantage : The choice is wider and rugby has certainties that other sports do not have.

Inconvenience : The ratings are rather weak unless you play the surprise.

Our opinion: Che type of bet on rugby does not awaken exciting in our team. The ratings are too low and this monopolizes a little bankroll which will be blocked throughout the regular season.

Equal rugby : Qualified teams for a European Cup

It is as its name suggests a bet on the season that asks you to determine whether X or Y will qualify for a European Cup. Be careful according to the European championships, the qualification regulations can change!

Advantage : Limit...

Inconvenience : Low rating for favorites and surprises are not easy to anticipate.

Our opinion : Honestly, unless you try a blow on an outsider, but from the start of the competition so as not to undergo the erosion on the side, it is not the type of bet that will make our butter.

Equal rugby: Winning team at the end of regulation / winning time at the end of extensions / winning team at the end of penalties.

The three Paris tell a story different from a match. Note that depending on the bookmaker, the bet can be reimbursed if there are no extensions or shots on goal

Advantage : A simple bet to apprehend even if ..

Disadvantage: Lhe draw is extremely rare for rugby and shots on goal, it happens every 20 years.

Our opinion : We tell you about it because we see them during rugby world cup games or the final stages. Maybe these bets are more used for those who play live bet.

Rugby bet: Number of Victories of the Championship Team (Regular Season)

It is still a bet on the championship, authorized by the Arjel, but very frequent in the Bookmakers of USA.

Advantage: to your statistics

Disadvantage: the seasons follow each other, but it does not necessarily look like.

Our opinion : Why not, but then you need an in -depth analysis of the averages of the championship victories and the team you have chosen.

To read more, click on the following links:

Rugby: bets oriented on the match

It should be noted as it is essential that the titles of the types of bets that we offer are the names of Paris authorized by the Arjel. So you will find them with your bookmakers with names more or less close to these!

Equal rugby: Identity of the team winning X consecutive games

Should we specify? You do not know the editor -in -chief USA! It is necessary to determine which rugby team will win a determined number of matches.

Advantage : an original bet specific to rugby.

Inconvenience : Also ask your clairvoyant's lotto figures !!

Our opinion : It is so hazardous in modern rugby where the cadors can end up with a team B due to the internship of the national team where then a team lets pass a match, which is more and more usual unfortunately in Top 14 .

Peer rugby : First team at X points

Determine which team will reach 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 points first during the meeting.

Advantage : The dimensions are relatively interesting, and this can make a good base for a combined bet.

Inconvenience : It is necessary to estimate the forces present and not to be mistaken in the role of the favorite.

Our opinion : It is an interesting bet that looks like the bet on football "on the number of goals during the match". We like to use it, but this bet requires work not an estimate per pif per meter.

Peer rugby : Total number of points scored during the match

This bet concerns playing time, without any extravagency.

Advantage : The dimensions are often high.

Inconvenience : It is a lottery.

Our opinion : This is the kind of Paris type that we do not recommend. Even if they are often endowed with stinging ratings, it is a wet winging that is closer to a Keno game than the art of sports betting.

Equal rugby: Total number of exact points scored during the match by team X

It is the same as the previous bet except that it concerns a particular team.

Advantage : The rating, always the rating often high when it is not very high.

Inconvenience : Identical only for the previous bet.

Our opinion : From the moment we see the term "exact", we zap. We are unable to know exactly the scoring of a match, sorry. We don't like guess ... To flee!

Equal rugby: Point gap at the end of the match

You have to bet on a point margin of X to y of the difference between the two teams.

Advantage : The ratings are rather good and the margin allows an estimate of the "ladle"

Inconvenience : Often the most logical margin is less well rated by the bookmakers to whom we did not do.

Our opinion : It's a bet that requestundefinedof know rugby well, the forces involved and which is based on rational. A real professional bettor bet, almost a reflex.

Equal rugby : Half-time counting the most points

The bet that gives you a chance in two, but it is difficult to read.

Advantage : average dimensions for one in two chance ...

Inconvenience : It is not the lottery, but it remains random.

Our opinion : Unlike other sports, there are not really specialist teams, volunteers or not half-time or the other. A type of bet without real interest.

Equal rugby : Will a team get an offensive/defensive bonus point during the match?

As a reminder of rugby bonuses:

The offensive bonus point is awarded to a team registering 3 more tests than the opponent.

The defensive bonus point is assigned to a losing team of 5 points or less.

Advantage : Good rating and it's a readable bet.

Inconvenience : If not that of being wrong ...

Our opinion : It is a real bet to bet like a rugby pro. You just have to know the sport, the qualities of each team, watch the rugby statistics, the calendar, the classification .. and mix everything and you will have a chance to beat the bookmaker.

Equal rugby : Number of points for the best team at the end of the regular phase / the group stage

It is a bet that is far from being offered to all the bookmakers licensed by the Arjel. Note that this is the number of points in the classification that is requested for this Paris

Advantage : Quickly get out of your excesses of money.

Inconvenience : A good way to lose your bankroll without any effort.

Our opinion : If you don't know Cassandre personally, run away from this bet and this kind of bet in general.

Equal rugby: Type of the next point scored: test or goal on a kick fallen (excluding penalty tests, processing goals and penalty goals).

Which choice ! It is a bet for the live bet rugby. You have to have your eyes riveted on the match to get an idea about this type of bet

Advantage : a very fluctuating rating ...

Inconvenience : a very fluctuating rating ...

Our opinion : It is the world of Live Bet and watching a rugby match, we can anticipate what kind of action we can lead to scoring a test or a drop. This is the kind of betting for children of the ball for whom rugby is another way of breathing.

Peer : Team enrolling the next point (except for the first point of the meeting)

In this bet, it is necessary to determine which team will mark. Again, we are in the direct bet.

Advantage : In live, it is a very readable bet for a fluctuating rating that you can anticipate.

Inconvenience : Watch out for interception.

Our opinion : To play Live Bet, it is an ideal bet for the one who benefits from a live streaming. We always see better the course of a match and his near future by watching him. Maybe, but it's a truth to engrave on the marble of your bankroll!

Rugby: types of betting on the meeting

We continue to get closer to the match with the types of betting on the meeting. These bets are those authorized by the Arjel, then you will find them presented under different titles depending on the book. The Arjel does not do in marketing, bookmakers have an interest in changing the names to facilitate the understanding of the player and therefore the click!

  • Equi: Number of points per game on a competition day / a competition phase (hen, qualification tower) / throughout the competition.

This bet on XV rugby is quite exotic and if it is authorized by the regulatory authority of online games, it is not often or so it has escaped us.

Advantage : If you are naturally lucky!

Inconvenience : It is not a bet that must enter a sports betting process.

Our opinion : It is typically the type of bets where the luck factor is so important that it should not be fooled by hunting for the right coast. A coast too large, above 4, must arouse the greatest mistrust.

  • Peer : Final score of the match /score of the match at halftime /score of the second half

For this bet, you must guess, the scoring of the match. So, it's diffrict for a football match, even if we turn on statistics, but in rugby, the field of possibilities is immense.

Advantage : Big dimensions for a big stroke of luck.

Inconvenience : Always the same point: finding an exact score is far too random.

Our opinion : To avoid again ..

  • Peer : Total number of registered tests

This bet can concern the match / competition / half-time and cætera.

Advantage : the rating is often good and some books ask for a range more than exact figure.

Inconvenience : Yes, the bookmaker requires an exact number, do not bet.

Our opinion : For the bet with a fork, for example: the Toulouse stadium will mark between 3-4 tests, it is a bet that is played because the bettor can be based on statistical facts, compare attack and defense, form ... in short , the work of a real and good bettor on rugby.

  • Peer : Best total of tests registered by a team in the season / competition:

It is a simple bet that allows you to take advantage of a good rating to find which team will be the most offensive and the most efficient in a rugby championship or the World Cup at XV.

Advantage : By playing at the right time, the rating can be good.

Inconvenience : Conversely, the more a team will detach the more its rating will fall before disappearing forever.

Our opinion : This is a rating to know how to manage by not playing too early except obviously if you bet on the All Black for the Rugby World Cup in 2019 in Japan.

  • Peer : More x test (s) registered during the match:

Here is a bet on the number of tests that leaves you the choice to bet on intervals. Here is no question of finding an exact number.

Advantage : Good ratings for an estimate that is feasible.

Inconvenience : A match can be full of surprise and it's a difficult bet.

Our opinion : This is not our favorite type of Paris for rugby, but sometimes we can use it without making big bets to enjoy a good coast.

  • Equi: Difference in the number of tests between the two teams at half-time / at the end of the match

Does team A Aura +1, +2, +3 or +X tests at the end of the match?

Advantage : The ratings are high for a difficulty which is no less so.

Inconvenience : This type of bet is hazardous.

Our opinion: It is still a bet on rugby that requires a little too lucky. So if it is well paid, it is extremely risky since ultimately, it's another way of betting on the exact score.

  • Equi: Will team X mark a try during the match?

Here is a rather interesting bet when you know the characteristics of the teams that compete.

Advantage : It is a bet that can be very interesting for a live bet.

Inconvenience : None if it is not the risk of being wrong, but in these cases there we do not bet.

Our opinion : It is also an intelligent way to improve the rating of a favorite and especially to bet on an outsider without trying the madness on an improbable victory.

  • Equi: Identity of the first team marker of the match

To put it more nicely, it is the first team that will mark a test in the meeting. We are talking about a test here and not a drop. Don't be trapped.

Advantage : It is a bet that is relatively readable and which can do the good deals of players in live.

Inconvenience : The game runs quickly in a rugby match.

Our opinion : The advantage of betting on a test is that it often rewards a more or less long game phase that you can see coming. Obviously, we are not immune to an interception, a fault that gives the oval to the opponent. It is an interesting bet that we recommend especially if you play on a Mach available in live bet.

  • Our bet: What will be the next team to mark a testi ?

Small nuance with the bet of above since this bet holds on the whole meeting and it is exclusive to live bet.

Advantage : The rating may be interesting especially if you notice a Valuebet

Inconvenience : A good mastery of Live Bet is required.

Our opinion: SI You manage to bet Quickly live At the beginning of a big phase of possession or to anticipate a hand change, so you can bring down a beautiful rating.

Peer : Identity / post of the first test marker

Which player will mark the first try in the match? By playing on this bet, you start from the principle that there will be at least one test on the match.

Advantage : Some players stand out and mark more tests than the others, but ...

Inconvenience : The more expected the player, the lower the rating.

Our opinion : The usefulness of this bet depends more than ever on its rating. If a player has a low rating below 1.60, the risk is not paid enough!

Equi: Identity of the team marking the greatest number of tests on the competition

There, we must determine the best test marker on the competition. Note that for the top 14, this bet is two stages: regular season and final phase.

Advantage : The dimensions are good and in advance we can identify two three teams likely to be favorite.

Inconvenience : The choice between these two or three teams can be difficult, not to mention a surprise team that can arise from under the basket.

Our opinion : This bet is interesting, but it should not be done in a dilating. A knowledge of the teams and the championship is necessary and compulsory. From there, you can shoot your plans on the comet!

Equi: What will be the next team/next player to mark a test?

This bet obviously evokes players who make live bets on the dedicated applications of online bookmakers.

Advantage : In Livebet, it is a useful bet when the rugby meeting seems to switch in one direction or the other.

Inconvenience : This type of Pari au livebet !

Equi: For qualifying phase competitions: qualified team (s) for the next phase of the competition

For most of the national championships and international rugby competitions in XV, this bet allows you to put a room or two to bet on your favorites. A classic. Please note, the qualifying places can be different depending on the XV rugby championship that you have chosen to place your bets.

Advantage : A good rating especially if you find the outsiders who will get out of the soft belly to invite themselves in the final phase.

Inconvenience : The big favorites are not very well sides by online sports betting sites.

Our opinion : It is a classic bet that runs over the duration of a competition and it is therefore also part of your bankroll that will be unusable. To be used sparingly.

Equi: Total number of drops successful during the match or total number of drops successful in the 1st / 2nd half.

This bet asks you to bet on the exact number of drop in match or half-time.

Advantage : Good odds for a divinatory session ...

Inconvenience: This type of Paris is very and too random.

Our opinion : As you know, we do not appreciate the bets that accurately ask for a score, the points, exact differences ... If the dimensions can act as magnets for the beginner bettor, it is absolutely necessary to avoid them!

Peer : Total number of successful transformations during or the total number of successful transformations in 1st /2nd half

It is a classic bet. Small clarification for beginners, when we talk about transformation, it is the kick that transforms a test. Do not confuse with drops!

Advantage : Improbable rating for a bet that is no less.

Inconvenience : Guess the number of trials marked and then guess the number of his tests that will be transformed.

Our opinion : No interest unless you had a very detailed premonitory dream .. that, we do not even avoid it, we despise it!

Peer : Total number of successful penalties in the match / 1st / the 2nd half

Show your talent by finding the exact number of penalties in a rugby meeting in XV.

On the match for beginners while the Maestros will be able to shine by becoming the total number of successful penalties on the first and or the second half.

Advantage : Ubiquitous dimensions!

Inconvenience : Better Online keno, it's cheaper, instantaneous and made to challenge luck.

Our opinion : Prohibited to all those who want to bet like a pro. The worst that can happen to you is to win one and believe that you have the gift to predict the future.

Equi: Goal scored from a penalty kick

Find the number of purposes scored on the penalties obtained during regulation time.

Advantage : Dimensions in terms of luck to find the exact number.

Inconvenience : You have to be lucky for this kind of online betting.

Our opinion : Too luck yet. To avoid.

You must have noticed that the Paris offer on rugby is wide, but that ultimately by passing them to the sieve of the enlightened sports bettor, there is one handle. This is the objective of these analyzes that we offer on the types of online bets: Eliminate fantasies to carry out a winning Paris strategy. Note once again that the titles of the bets are those of the Arjel and that you will find them all under more or less different names depending on your choice of online bookmaker.

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