Which roulette player are you?

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Indeed, it can ensure large victories and is very easy to play. And emotions are there, not to mention the euphoria felt when we win ... Also available online in electronic or live version, this casino game has millions of followers worldwide. An observation which made it possible to identify the profiles of the most typical roulette players.

The professional

As its name suggests, this type of player likes play with roulette Because it can make it rich. Its main objective is to win at all costs. For this, he has effective management of his bankroll. This player is ready to learn all the things and strategies that will allow him to take the lead. Always in the constant search for bonuses that will win it, it is always imbued with wisdom. He knows how to set his own limits when he realizes that all situations are unfavorable to him. He withdraws and is waiting for the right time to touch the jackpot. In addition, this type of player has more an investor spirit because winning allows him to make substantial profits. Professional roulette players are often high and use different strategies and do not hesitate to bet large sums of money when they are sure of their blows.

The passionate player

This type of player is also looking for gains. Sometimes he can play roulette for profit, but he is also looking for adrenaline and thrills. Indeed, roulette is one of the casino games where suspense is the keyword. The frantic player is not afraid to take risks to maintain the suspense. For him, the realization of double gains and the strong emotions they have generated are a double satisfaction.

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The Epicurean player

This profile does not care about the gain he can have or lose, his only goal is to have fun and have fun. Roulette is a passion for him without being dependent. It is the type of player which represents a very high proportion. He may not even play roulette in his life. It can easily go from one game to another just to have new experiences. He is often a flambper but he agrees to lose with grace - that is part of the emotions ...

The addictive player

He is extremely passionate. For him, the game becomes a need and even dependence. It is completely particular insofar as his desire to play roulette is not the result of a strong thirst for profit, but of a loss. This last argument serves as an excuse to come back to play. The consequences can be dramatic. Indeed, it will bet impulsively without any prior study. One of the other characteristics of this type of player is that he bets boldly and replay his earnings once he won a game. He is even able to contract loans to be able to play and replay. This excessive love of the game often affects his social and family social life.

The calculator

Roulette has the distinction of having been invented by a mathematician. Therefore, in this game of chance, probability formulas are applicable. If you are a mathematician, you can turn the wheel in your favor by putting your logical mind in the spotlight. In -depth knowledge of the enumeration is useful for correctly calculate the ribs. Michel Martin, a famous mathematician, published a book entitled Casino winner in which he reveals all the techniques and advice to ensure a victory in roulette.

The observer

This roulette game takes the time to analyze the rotation of the wheel in all its aspects and to deduce the winning figure. Some players can study the trajectory of the ball. He therefore counts on his ability to quickly deduce from other people at the same table. He can spend days doing various studies before starting.

The occasional player

This kind of roulette player does not too often visit the casino, and prefers to let off steam from time to time when he has money. Many of these players were reluctant to travel to Vegas or other main attractions for casino players, but they seem to have a lot of fun Make a little online money. Since it is more practical to deposit money and play at home, their number has increased lately, although they continue to play with minimum bets. Their sessions are short and that makes no difference that they win or lose, because playing online roulette is nothing more than a used hobby for limited but intense pleasure.

The diligent player

There are two distinct categories of these players, some of whom look like occasional players because they do not have great expectations for a lot of money. They try to beat luck by finding the most effective strategies, but do not play their number one priority to play. A rare breed of average players are those who are too ambitious and who hope to earn a lot of money in roulette, and it is the most exposed to dangers. Due to their high expectations, but their limited finances and the absence of coherent strategy, they risk becoming crazy. From the first signs of success, they are advised to withdraw and seek less addictive leisure.

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