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It is the same suspense while the ball rolls from one figure to another before stopping on the winning formula in a mixture of dismayed silence and cries of victory. But who has never heard the famous "play your games!" And “nothing is right” of the dealer who animates the legendary game? Cinema has undoubtedly contributed to making this game so popular and sexy and which is now accessible to all on Online casinos. Roulette has quickly become the darling of online casino players ...

Created in the 16th century and originally proposed in terrestrial casinos, roulette is a game of chance which has certainly evolved since, but which, on the principle, remains unchanged. Roulette exists today under different variants, each more fun than each other. We invite you to discover them in this dossier, just like the rules of the game, winning strategies and many other tips for playing intelligently. And if you are really motivated, if you like to do things to the end, then it will also be to master the whole vocabulary relating to roulette by consulting our little Roulette lexicon Who will tell you about this jargon of real amateurs ...

American roulette is a variant of European roulette. The story of roulette is more or less dark. No doubt born in Asia, roulette has two large versions. European roulette and American roulette have made the glory of casinos with the famous "nothing is going well". With its 37 numbers, the roulette leaves you in practice one chance in 37 to win. Which is little. There are obviously many combinations that we are going to detail. We often lend the creation of Roulette à Blaise Pascal, famous philosopher and mathematician of the 19th century. It is a bit of the soissons vase of specialists who governed on the subject because some attribute the creation of Roulette à la China des Emperors. Pascal would have simply improved it. Roulette is a real sensation machine and you can compare it to an elastic jump where you are the elastic.

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Online American roulette and its specificities

American roulette has a different cylinder with the numbers positioned differently and especially an additional box: double zero (00). If this difference seems harmless it changes all the probabilities since you have a chance in 38 to come across the right number against one chance in 37 in European roulette. The upper line includes the following figures: 0, 00, 1, 2, 3. It saves your bet 6 times. Double zero is really the weak point of American roulette because one more box is a major advantage for the bank.

Live American Roulette Online

It is really the must of the online roulette games. You stay at home, but you play on a real roulette table with a real dealer and in this case pretty deales. Online casions must think that a pretty croupier encourages more to play unless a rise in feminism in the gambling is at the origin of the hand put on the female gender on this function? We don't believe it too much ... You will find yourself in front of the table with the possibility of changing the angle of camera, a chat to speak with the other players. You will find this little gem of technology in all online casinos. Most of Casino tables games are available in live mode.

Tactics to win in American roulette

Why make you a paragraph to tell you that it is anything? Because you will find sites where you will be explained in a completely heard way that Martingale for example works. My eye. Roulette is a closed universe in mathematics, but which relaunches to each new lap. All the theories that explain to you that by doubling your bet each time you lose will lead you to win is true from a mathematical point of view only if you have an infinite fortune.

A concrete example: on August 18, 1913, at the Casino de Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco, the black box fell 29 times constitutive. The players systematically bet the red because in their heads, the red was necessarily going to fall. Which is not wrong. He fell but after 29 roller turns and therefore 29 bets. I do not explain to you if the players tried a martingale how much they could lose especially that at the Casino de Monte Carlo, we do not play 1 $. This event is called "the error of the bettors". You can esayer free Americiaine roulette towers to try a martingale. The only game or it works is in the GTA San Andreas video game casino. And yes, we even give you the tips for video games. We will ask for an increase!

American roulette is a pure adrenaline game so do not try these miracle techniques and do not buy the miracle methods that some sell on the web. Imagine that if the guy has found the miracle solution, he will not sell an ebook at $ 10 on the web!

How to play roulette online?

Playing online roulette is different in many ways in the game practiced in terrestrial casinos. Online roulette arouses real craze with the general public - especially since very many variants of games have been invented and are offered by most online casinos. Originally present in video format, the software developers online casinos today provide us with versions such as "live roulette”Thanks to which we are faced with real crunches in the flesh, or even versions with Progressive jackpot Who make us win real fortunes!

See this page for Learn to play online roulette.

You will also find tables of free online roulette On a lot of casinos, in order to get your hands on this game of chance before betting your money and trying to win the jackpot! You have the possibility by playing roulette on online casinos to benefit from modern and traditional versions such as pro roulette, 3D roulette And other fun games for entertainment, but if you want to earn money with casino roulette, it is recommended to play traditional American roulette and English roulette games. After there is still Russian roulette, but it is not online ... It is important to differentiate the strategy of the different roulette systems when you start to learn more advanced strategies.

Different types of roulette bets

As you can imagine, theRoulette History is very interesting and its origin is often associated with USA. Anyway, there are mainly two types of bets that you can place around a table, namely: external bets and internal bets.

Internal Roulette stakes

When you decide to play online with roulette, it is crucial that you can have a clear idea of what internal bets are. This type of bets have very interesting dimensions, but are very risky for the player, but if you are lucky enough, you could win up to 35 times the amount you have bet. What ?! There are 5 internal bets that you can place, in particular the full bet (placed directly on a unique number), the bet on horseback (placed between two numbers), the transversal (placed on a set of three numbers), the square ( On a set of four numbers) and Sizain (Paris placed on a set of 6 numbers). These bets present dimensions respectively 35 against 1, 17 against 1, 11 against 1, 8 against 1 and 5 against 1. As you will see, these bets are very lucrative and give you more pleasure to play roulette.

Roulette external bets

The external bets have less lucrative dimensions, but are very advantageous for the bettor. In fact, when you place this type of bet, you have the assurance of a gain and bonus, why not, at the end of each game. Among the external bets, there is the bet on the dozen, the bet on the column, the bets pass or lack, even or odd, red or black. Apart from the bets on the dozen and on the column which pay a payment to 2 against 1, all the other bets pay 1 against 1, but at a more regular frequency.

    Tips for playing online to roulette

    Our most important advice is to choose your online gaming platform. As we have explained to you, there are hundreds of online game sites where you can play roulette on the Internet. The whole thing is good Choose your online casino, depending on the seriousness of the casino On gains payments, But also of its seniority. The performance of its games, finally the conviviality of its design and The quality of its customer service. Your gaming experience depends entirely

    Then it is essential to choose what type of roulette game you appreciate the most between American roulette and American roulette. We recommend ourselves the American roulette which only includes a 0 and therefore 37 boxes instead of 38 and thus increases your saving probabilities. Once the rules of the game have been mastered, do not hesitate to test the game by playing free online roulette. Almost all casinos offer free online roulette games In order to allow their customers to test their platform without having to play their money immediately.

    If you use a technique to play roulette, use this technique but vary all the same with 2 or 3 different techniques In order not to be sanctioned by the casino ... play wide but do not hesitate to put aside some of your earnings by making a request for withdrawal for example, in order to have a gain no matter what is going on with your scale . Finally, read this article on the myth of winning strategies.

    Don't be afraid to lose, I know it seems strange but We don't win without losing And it remains chance; The percentages are in favor of the casino but by forcing the chance, the figures end up falling. Still.

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