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Parionssport is the American Sports Sports site. You could say that he is the little brother of the lottery football. La Française des Jeux belongs to the American State, finally if Macronie does not sell the family jewelry, which allows Pariosnsport to benefit from a unique network for the distribution of terminals in tobacco and PMU bars.
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Reviews on Parionssport

And yes you can bet on Parionssport from terminals that you will find throughout USA. It is unique in USA and it recalls in version 2.0 the bookmakers in the United Kingdom. The lotto football still exists and it remains a major success of the American games and therefore now for parionssport. You will therefore find it on the sports betting site. Parionsport is exclusively devoted to sports betting. He is obviously dismissed by the Arjel. The opposite would be a height. You are entitled to the expertise of the American games in terms of money games, but also its in -depth knowledge of the American market is therefore a tailor -made site for American players passionate about sports and sports betting. Formerly Parionsweb, Parionssport has a new interface in 2018 which allows him to come to the multinationals table in the sector. Parionssport is also direct access to all games of the American games ... a little patience, you will be everything, everything on Parionssport!

Bookmaker Parionssport software

Parionssport's sports betting software has been freshly updated. The gain in readability and fluidity are obvious. Parionssport offers so many competitions in all disciplines that it was sometimes difficult to find your way around. Now the interface is simple and the categories are well structured. The small defect is on the arrival page which offers you to continue on the web part or on the lotto football part. If, like your servant, you are mistaken by going to the Loto Foot part, there is no obvious link for backing machine. There is also a great transparency of the sports betting site which even offers a category for matches without stake. You can therefore understand why a meeting is not available to bet. A bettor guide allows beginners to discover the world of sports betting in a few clicks, even if we can say that it is much less complete than Our bettor guide ! You can bet from your smartphones and tablets thanks to an application that will allow you to play without losing readability and fluidity. All bones are available (Windows, iOS, Android, Linux). The little downside is that when you want to search a little too much, we realize that the FAQ is a little limited and therefore remains to be deepened and perhaps it would take a special sports betting faq rather than to meet on that of the American games. This defect, however, becomes a quality since you can play all the FDJ games available online: Illiko - Super Jackpot - Illiko - Bingo Live -L Oto - Euro Million - My Million - Keno

The main sports offered by Parionssport

Parionssport offers all the disciplines authorized by ARJEL you will therefore always find material to bet. The most is that he will look for meetings in exotic championships. At the time of talking to you, you can bet on Japanese volleyball championship matches. This is also there, a more parionssport is that you find competitions that other Bookmakers approved by the Arjel abandon.

  • football

  • tennis

  • Basketball

  • rugby

  • Handball

  • volley ball

  • Formula 1

  • Rally

  • golf

  • Snooker

  • Water Polo

  • Biathlon

  • Rugby to xiii

  • Ice Hockey

  • American football

You can find in addition to these sports, all of the disciplines authorized by ARJEL. You have a vast choice of competitions, from the most exotic adults. The American Games' site is really a mine for all those who want to play like the pros. You will find a very large range of Paris and odds that are in the high average online bookmakers.

Safety and customer service at Parionssport

Licensed by Arjel, owned by the American of the Games, you will not find a better guarantee in the world of sports betting. Your deposits and earnings are guaranteed, data exchanges are secure and your personal data is protected by the CNIL. You even have a space to a mediator in case of concern! Customer service is available by email and mail. We wait for the live cat anyway!

The means of payment and deposit on Parionssport:

Paypal – Moneybookers - Skrill - Neteller – Virement Bancaire – Visa - Paysafecard -Ticket Surf Premium - Cashlib

In conclusion: PariSport offers all the guarantees and facilities that a bet online can and must wait. It is distinguished by the depth of these offers and in particular by competitions that are out of the ordinary. This bookmaker will be suitable for beginners and all bettors who want to leave the beaten track.

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bonus et promotions

Parionssport bonuses and promotions

Parionssport offers a welcome bonus, a VIP program and random promotions that follow the major sporting events of the year. For example, special competitions and promotions are offered for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Parionssport's welcome bonus is $ 150. In fact, it is 100 $ on your first losing bet and $ 50 on your second loser bet! If your first bet is loser, the FDJ bookmaker, you reimburse you 80% of your bet up to 80%. You have 15 days to unlock it. If your first party is a loser and the second too, it reimburses you 80% of your bet up to $ 50 within three days.

The boosted combi Allows you to boost your 50 % earnings on your combined bets. The more you put your bets on you will be boosted. Be careful because at the same time, the risk increases.

The best bonuses in parionssport
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The best bonuses in parionssport
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License: Arjel
Online since: 2014

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