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Joa is an acronym: play - dare - have fun. Which program ! And in terms of gambling, the Joaonline group is an expert since it has 22 hard casinos across USA, and its arrival on the online sports betting market in 2010 has everything to delight us!
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Joa review

Joa Online is a sports betting room approved by the Arjel. This bookmaker belongs to a large family of online game sites. Since the failure of one of the two most powerful Casinotiers de USA online, Joa Online has been the last representative on the web, to my knowledge, American hard casinotiers. The sports bet is therefore a new job for Joa Online since 2010. It was new and today, 8 years later, we can expect from this Arjel license bookmaker The quality of the big European books that evolve in USA. So let's take a look in this online sports betting room to find out if the acronym says true.

Sports betting: competitions, odds, types of bets by Joa Online

On Joa Online, you will find a rather well balanced software. As you have seen on our magazines of bookmakers, we are often in opulence or in the most complete minimalism. Here, we feel that we have the choice without being overwhelmed or assaulted by the virtual sellers that are po-ups, virtual robberies with the advertising page which arises between two clicks. We can even tell you that if you care about cookies, Joa Online Bookmaker only uses 2. For the rest, we are in the classic and we could even find where the software comes from, but without certainty, because 'No mention confirms this, we let you guess.

On the left, the available disciplines that you will find below. In the center you will find shortcuts to the prognosis "Simply Paris", the Live Bet, "Paris live" and the grids, "Joa Jackpots".

Below, there are all the bets available during the day. A small counter gives you the number of bets available: 6436 at a time when we talk to you. There are not 6436 meetings, but 6436 Paris. What find your happiness. On the right the live lives and the mini grids joa. The standard presentation allows the regulars that we are to spot ourselves in the blink of a wave. On the design side, it's colorful without excess and in a rather festive spirit. The wallpaper represents two players who tackle what can suggest that football is at the heart of Joa Online's offer. Let us not forget to clarify that the Joa Bookmaker app is available for your smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android.

Sports disciplines available on Joa Online

We repeat ourselves, but do we not often say that the art of education is repetition? Joa Online being under the yoke of authority, he offers all the disciplines authorized by the Arjel.

  • football

  • tennis

  • Basketball

  • rugby

  • Volleyball

  • Handball

  • Hockey/glace

  • Formula 1

  • golf

  • Water polo

  • Moto

  • Boxing

  • Cycling

  • Pétanque

  • Beach volley

  • baseball

  • Foot US

  • Rugby to xiii

  • Biathlon

  • Ski alpin

  • Snooker

In terms of rating, it is in the average of competition. Like the other bookmakers, they vary according to their calculations and can sometimes afford a nice blow in disciplines or for second zone competitions. Live Bet is pretty good and not much notable since it is part of current standards.

Joa Online Safety and Service

Being dismissed by the online game regulatory authority, Joa Online Bookmaker can take advantage of having the right to offer his online betting site to American players. This is more than reassuring since security is optimum, monitored by the body, your deposits and credits are guaranteed and the transparency of the games is subject to third -party company audits. You can play on Jao Online in peace.

At the level of customer service, we note the presence of a direct line to reach them, which is not so common. You can also send an email with the guarantee of a customer service response per hour. On the other hand, we are not in 24/24, customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In conclusion, Joa Online offers the whole range of essential service that a bookmaker must offer to his bettors. From security to the disciplines proposed Joa Online has nothing to envy to its competitors. We can note a a little light live, but this article being written in the 2018 football cup, we are not in a full period since it is the holidays for most sportsmen. On the sides of the bonuses, we see originality and the bad passes is a rich idea that shows the interest that Joa has to his players. The ratings are in tune with the times and Joa offers means to improve them. The grids are there and it's still a . Without advertising, the bookmaker is making its way and it could make an excellent extra bookmaker!

Paris en direct live
Beautiful ergonomics
Pas de TV streaming live
Rather weak dimensions
Too low capped gains
No application for mobile

bonus et promotions

The bonuses of Joa Online Sports Paris

The welcome bonus is shared in two. Joa offers a traditional welcome bonus and a validation bonus. If you lose your first bet, you will be reimbursed up to $ 50. You have to make a minimum 20 $ deposit to trigger the welcome bonus.

The account validation bonus Can rise to 100% depending on the amount of your first deposit: to reach 25% bonuses your first deposit between 2; 50 euros and 100 euros.

Loyalty: Bonus Winning deposit

Place at least 20 euros and make at least 20 euros in bet and your account will be credited with 5 euros minimum euros the following month. And it's valid every month!

The bonus - from 5 to 100 $ - to be used in sports betting arrives on your account on the first day of the month and it will be and is valid 30 days; And you have to bet at least 2 times its value to remove the gains.

Bonuses Bads compensated

If you spend a bad time on your bets, Joa will offer you bonuses to relaunch yourself. It is a unique bonus that deserves to make Flores from other bookmakers. Joa Online is not stingy as a bonus and transparently, he details them in his promotions.

redistribution rate
1-4 days
Payment deadline

Casino info

License: Arjel
Online since: 2010

Deposit modes

Validation of withdrawal:
3-5 days
Maximum removal:
$ 2500 per coupon
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