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Feelingbet review

In our business vessel we travel the world of games and in this infinity is a small galaxy where Arjel reigns supreme. We thought we had gone around and then in the distance an unknown planet appears on our radars. Feelingbet is there on our screens. The air is breathable and the legal warning since nothing lives here without the blessing of authority. This planet is very purple, it dazzles our eyes. It would seem that 'authority does not discriminate on the physical. The more we go down, the more we see movement on the surface. This planet is full of life and there is even a mountain of bonus in its center. If Feelingbet had escaped us all the bettors of the galaxy gave themselves the word. At our first step at the harbor port, we are greeted by purple beings offering a bonus necklace of $ 300. Exploration starts well, follow us ...

Feelingbet, world class software

Do you know Prince's song "Purple Rain"? Well, it's feelingbet, you can even add a layer of deep purple because there, there was "smoke on the water" during the brainstorming .. there, we are there. Yes, I use mythical references to point out that Feelingbet drowns in his purple. I do not know which designer or marketer had the good idea of ​​this purple, undoubtedly a reference to the color of luck in the 3 th millennial before JC in the northwest of the mesopotamia .... I know all the tastes are in Nature, what I like to add "even the bad". After the green from Vert, the purple from Violet, at the bottom of me, an esthete is dying. This is undoubtedly the only criticism that you can find on Feelingbet which may miss the 90% mark because of ... I think you understood. For the rest, it's class. Feelingbet software combines efficiency, fluidity and readability. It is true that we are used to online Paris sites, but at Feelingbet everything is well argued, highlighted and well tidy. I particularly like the band under the menu with the main Paris in live bets. It looks a bit like the Bloomberg TV strip in motionless. Very good idea because who says Live Bet, says needing speed. In two clicks, you are on the live match. Cheer ! This designer tip sums up the spirit of Feelingbet: simplicity.

On the right you have all the disciplines available at the time T and a little after since in June, Feelingbet invites you to bet on the Alpine skiing World Cup. In the center, the disciplines and meetings are classified per hour of the day with a small colorful logo to recognize the sport in question. And yes, at Feelingbet the color, we know and there it is rather useful since at a glance you recognize the small yellow ball for example. On the right, you have the bonuses available and a very useful small tab "my selection". The software is really well done and will be suitable for beginners and will be able to seduce the confirmed players for the time it provides.

Feelingbet: Bookmaker disciplines and competitions

As you know, in the Arjel galaxy the disciplines are limited as well as competitions and to have the license of authority it is obviously necessary to respect the specifications. One might think that bookmakers are not distinguished on competitions and disciplines and yet certain online sports betting site make the choice of maintream by offering almost exclusively the major championships and the stars disciplines while the others will offer a real choice more exotic competitions while covering both the Ligue 1 football and the Snooker World Championship. And Fellingbet is one of them with a real choice of rating and types of betting on disciplines that are unfortunately described as minors.

  • football
  • tennis

  • baseball

  • Basketball

  • rugby

  • Super Cotes

  • Super Cote Tennis

  • Super Cote Football

  • Hockey/glace

  • golf

  • Moto

  • Snooker

  • Foot US

  • Pétanque

  • Cycling

  • Sport Automobile

  • Handball

  • Rugby to xiii

  • Biathlon

  • Boxing

  • Water polo

  • Formula 1

  • Ski alpin

Feelingbet is one of the rare sites, even if we can say that the trend is generalized, to offer Paris grids called "feeling grids". It is a list of dating without rating or only the 1N2 bet is available. If your grid is just you win the jackpot. So the funny detail is that you can supplement them automatically by clicking on "I'm lucky". I know, it's sin, beware of temptation. Take a look at our bettor guide and you will see that luck is never invoked. Do not use it for games and for bets think before betting! The good word being preached, so let's move on to the quest ... The ratings are very good. If you take the time to compare them with market leaders, they are in the tempo and can be superior. The comparison is not easy because putting a dimension higher than outsider is a bit easy. The interest is to find a better rating on a bet that we have offered you. Well, this is the case. Anyway, we recommend a troussheau the bookmaker And without spoiling the end, it may well be that feelingbet is strongly advised to be part of it.

The and a real big that would make me forget you what. When you click on a match instead of having an endless list and Paris types, Feelingbet only offers you a Paris type list that you can open according to what you are looking for. A real time saving, without needing to change categories with the names not necessarily pupil. I tell you I start to have the feeling ...

Feelingbet: safety and reliability

Licensed by Arjel, Feelingbet showed white leg and therefore obeys all American laws on deposits, transactions and respect for your personal data. Customer service is also up to the requirements of authority and our expectations, but always with this recurring absence of live cat on certain American bookmakers. You can them by email and have an answer within the hour or by phone.

Payment and withdrawal modes: Cb – Visa – Mastercard- Eblue – Electron – Paypal -Skrill – Ticket Premium – Paysafe-card - 3D secure.

In conclusion : To stay in the musical theme, I can tell you in a choir with Fergie "I Gotta Feeling" ... Feelingbet, it's the favorite of the Arjel galaxy and too bad for purple if feelingbet makes us see our life as Breeding bettors.

No commission on deposits
Mega Choice of Paris
No live cat
Interface with dubious colors

bonus et promotions

Bonus and promotions on Feelingbet

The mountain of bonus we were talking about, for those who allow themselves to read in zig and zag my review, is there. The welcome bonus can reach 300 euros on your first deposit. Be careful, we like originality on Feelingbet, it's the artist side. You will have 50 euros on your first bet. For the following 250 euros, it's NASA. "2nd slice: up to $ 250 of bonuses on your cumulative bets. " Basically, you unlock 4 % of the amount of your bets every month. Don't ask me, I don't know where they're going to get this, I think the idea came on the day of the "Smoke on the Water" meeting.

To remove the bonus, it's simpler. You have to play it three times. A good bonus? An excellent bonus if you play regularly, which should be the case if you follow our betting guide. For the others, you have a bonus of 50 euros what you have played. In the end, it is a bonus up to the competitors who can mutate in super bonus, if you are a regular bettor. In addition to this bonus, an offered grid is to be won if you make a Deposit of 30 $ minimum Before 48 hours of registration.

redistribution rate
3-5 days
Payment deadline
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