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After more than three months without a sports bet, if you have not succumbed to the charms of the Belarusian football championship, the truce imposed by the COVVID ended. It is the relief for bettors, but also for American sports betting sites who have come close to bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many sports are still stopped, but football has resumed its rights almost everywhere. A small point on all the sporting events in progress and to come to give themselves balm to the heart.

Football: an almost normal return

When we talk about normality, we obviously think of Ligue 1. The 2019-2020 American championship is closed, we will have to wait for the Coupe de USA and the League finals organized in Vau-de-Route to review the teams of Hexagon play. After a long period of tumult, we know today that the next season will start in August.

In USA, the championship has left and we can say that there are no surprises. Whether in the first league, in Liga or in the Bundesliga, the forced truce did not level the forces. Today, we know that Liverpool and Bayern Munich are sacred. For the Browers on football, we will have to be wary of these two teams which could lower the foot. It is in Spain that the suspense is at its height with a Mano Mano between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, but also for European places. This is the championship to be monitored to find the best odds, because indecision makes bookmakers more generous.

The odds for the title in Spain First 2019-2020 League

  • Real Madrid 1,55
  • FC Barcelona 2.30

For the Champions League, you have to wait until August and the return of the 8th to find out the full draw for "8 oven". The formula for this exceptional year can confuse the bettors. More round-trip matches, but matches with direct elimination on neutral field. It should take place in Lisbon. "Should" because at a time when we write to you these lines, Lisbon is being reconciled. So we are sure of nothing.

Our crippling advice, which is to follow all the information studiously, has never been as true as during this crisis. The injuries are more numerous, the transfers more uncertain. As we saw with Edinson Cavani, players could leave a club before the end of the Champions League. The form of the teams is mysterious between those who will play every three days to finish the championships and the two American teams who will have at best a few friendly matches and two finals for the Qatari club ...

The ratings for the final victory in C1 2019-2020

  • Bavaria Munich 3.85
  • Manchester City 3,85
  • Paris SG 7,00
  • FC Barcelona 7.00

Formula 1: The first GP in Austria

This time, the season will be launched in Austria and it is acted, promised, juror, spit. Finally, not too much, barrier gestures oblige ... the first Formula 1 Grand Prix is therefore scheduled for early July. We already have the ratings of the Grand Prix, but also of the qualifications. Finally, little has changed. Hamilton still ridiculed in front of the media by being the spokesperson for anti-racism by demanding greater representativeness in F1 pilots. When you know the price to become a F1 pilot and we know that he owes his salvation only to the generosity of Ron Dennis ... We prefer Hamilton on the track rather than in tribune of whites rehabilitation. Let's not be severe, this is not the first to make recovery. And that's good, because he is obviously the favorite of the first Grand Prix of the season. This is the first race of the season in surreal conditions with barriers. This is so many unknown. It is said, perhaps wrongly, that with almost 3 months more, cars should be more reliable.

The ratings of the Austrian Grand Prix

  • Lewis Hamilton 2,80

  • Max Verstappen 3,00

  • Charles Leclerc 6,00

  • Valatherer Botton ౭.1.1

  • Sebastian Vettel 7,50

Tennis: Towards the recovery in New York

The news is shaken by the charitable tournament organized by Djokovic which had to be canceled after players, including him, were checked positive at the Coronavirus. In the process, bad news fell with the cancellation of the Davis Cup. The good news is that the New York Open will be played and that Roland-Garros will be repelled for a week to leave rest for the players. Bookmakers are careful in terms of Bet on tennis. There should be friendly tournaments, open to bettors, but it is possible that the errors of the tournament in Serbia has somewhat cooled the inclinations.

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