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Online casino games are mostly and largely linked to chance - of course, it is obviously important to know the rules of the game and the different strategies, but these are not the only ways to increase your chances. Other elements come into play: the choice of the game, the software publisher or the online casino are also taken into account by the seasoned players. And there, there will be a question of yield: the amount of the jackpot, especially if it is progressive, the Volatility rate of slot machines, variance and finally the rate of redistribution, which is discussed in this article.

What is redistribution rate?

Some will talk about redistribution rates, other repayment rates or even return rate to the player (TRJ), three different ways to designate the same concept. What is it about? The redistribution rate is the relationship between players' bets and payments made in the form of gains to players by the casino, over a given period. The higher the percentage, the greater the probability of winning.

To fully understand, let's take the example of a slot machine, the rate of redistribution (or repayment) of which would be 95% over a period of 24 hours. This means that over a duration of 24 hours, for stakes made by players with a total value of 100, payments in the form of gains to players will be 95. We understand better suddenly, the use of the term "rate Back to the player ".

If we place ourselves on the side of the casino, this also means that the margin of the online casino on the slot machine games is in this example of 5. Small precision which is important, it is an average. So if you are lucky, you can bet little and win a lot, or sometimes bet and do not win anything. Let us not forget that this is a game of chance. The redistribution rate is important information that you should normally find on the site of the game establishment or that of Casino game software publisher on line.

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What reliability to give to the announced redistribution rate?

The rate of redistribution of online games must be certified and verified by the control and regulation authority which has granted the license. The law fixes a minimum redistribution rate which must be respected by the establishments.

For example, it is set for 88% casinos for table games, 85% for slot machine games. Respect for these rates is verified by period of 100 days by audits of the market regulation authorities.

In fact, there are two reflexes to adopt before playing the casino: the first is to ensure that the game establishment has a license and the second to check the rate of redistribution of the game.

Redistribution rate: online casinos vs "terrestrial" casinos

As you can see, the reversal rate distributed by the casino also determines its margin. The operating costs of online casinos are more reduced than those of land casinos (personnel costs, maintenance of premises, etc.). Consequently, online casinos can afford a lower margin to cover their operating costs and therefore offer a better redistribution rate to their players. So, yes there is a difference between the distribution rates of "hard" casinos and online casinos - that of online casinos being much more advantageous. And among these online casinos, some are even more so, as New Casinos, to make themselves known and attract players. So it is a fact to check on the game sites - the redistribution rate, when indicated, can be a substantial criterion of choice. In our casino journals, we specify it when possible. We still give you a small benchmark: the legal minimum rate of redistribution is set at 85%and most online casinos offer at least one TRJ of 95%, some even reach 98%.

Ditto for online games, they do not all have the same reversal rate. For example, the repayment rate is generally higher for slot machines than in blackjack.

Theoretical distribution rate and actual rate

The theoretical distribution rate is, as its name suggests, the percentage in theory of the maximum payment possibilities of a machine. It is calculated on the basis of the output frequency of all combinations of figures (whether winners or not). This calculation is made over a given period.

The real return rate corresponds to the reality of payments in the form of gains that the machine has redistributed. Over a fixed period, it can sometimes be more than 100 % depending on the number of jackpots fallen. The reverse is also true, it can be lower than the theoretical distribution rate, if the machine has not been used optimally by the player.

An example will allow us to better understand this difference. Each slot machine has its own rate of return to the player. This rate of redistribution of earnings to players is calculated both on a hypothesis of high number (1 to 2 million blows) and both on a maximum bet hypothesis. So, for a player who makes a minimum put, the redistribution will be real will be lower than the theoretical redistribution

Indicative table of redistribution rates of different games in land casinos (for USA, according to a report from the Senat)

Average redistribution rate game

Baccara 98.5%

Roulette 97.3%

Blackjack 94.1%

Boule 88,9%

85% slot machines

American games (average) 59%

Heart 68%

FDJ scratch cards 51%

As we have already mentioned previously, online casinos have higher return rates, 95% for the most part, some of 98% audited rates.

Slot machines with highest distribution rates

Loose Slot or Tight Slot? The first is a slot machine "Cowardly" which releases the gains more generously, therefore whose rate of yield is high, unlike the second, tight, and therefore more petty, which with its low redistribution rate, does not leave us much chance of winning. Certainly online casinos often offer Free Tours or Free Spins which allow you to play for free at the casino, but most of the time these free bonuses are not that much since they are subject to requirements of real money pour Remove the gains generated by these free spins.

This element, however, does not take into account the frequency of gains and their volume, since this data depend on the volatility of slot machines.

Among the most profitable slot machines: Goldilocks and the Wild Bears of the QuickSpin publisher displays a rate of 97.8%, Rage to Riches de Play’n Go, 97.1% it the slotfather II the betsoft, 96.6%.

In conclusion, You now have tools to get an idea of the potential profitability of an online game thanks to the distribution rate. So do not save it and take a few minutes before you start to check this information. Chance does things well ... when you know how to prepare for it!

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