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Let's leave the world of shots to tell you about the new "rages to rich" machine by Play n Go. Rages of Riches lead us in a genre not very well known in the West, if not only a few stars, it is Japanese monster cinema. This genre is called "kaiju". The Kaijü Eiga, a monster cinema, was exported with the famous Godzilla at the head of the gondola. Yet we can respect the original message of Kaijü Eiga. Monsters in the Japanese tradition are not the incarnations of evil as in the European tradition ....
RTP : 97.12
Payment lines: 20 payment lines
Rolls: 5 rolls
Type of game:
video slots
Min. Parts by line:
Max. Parts by line:
Min coin size:
Max coin size:

Rags to riches de Play'n Go

So no ... It is not at all the story of Bill Gates who can lead as in free fall, Joel Schumacher's film. It has nothing to do and thesoftware publisher Play'n Go has had us. Because there, I tell you, the mower was out. Another slot machine with the shots of the superstops who vomit their money in front of smicards using their money in dreams hoping to become like them. You are not like that, huh. Because this VA machine is displeasing you. No yachts, no diamonds, no American sportswoman, but gigantic monsters that will crush you without distinctions of social class.

In Japan, monsters represent the strength and power of nature in the face of which man has no catch. I tell you all this because it is always good to learn and so that you understand why in this machine at the worst monsters in the history of humanity are your allies. Play'n Go, The review of the software publisher here, is known for his creativity and his know -how. Its slot machines populate most of the Online casinos And we can even tell you that his presence in a casino can be a source of confidence for new players.

Rags to riches de Play'N Go : les infos

The Play N G0 slot in numbers:

  • Payout : 97,12%
  • Rolls: 5
  • Payment line: 20
  • Val des tokens: between 0.01 and $ 1
  • Minimum bet: 0.2 cents
  • Mise maximum : 100 euros
  • The different bonuses: Wild Multiplier Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins, Bonus Games.

If the title can lead to a mistake, the launch video puts you directly in the bath. An introduction with a monster attacking a young blonde - always the blondes - who is drying their hair .. And there, a kind of mutant Godzilla appears and seems to want to grasp it. We are really in the BD version of Kaiju. This slot machine is simple. We can say that the stripped graphics, the readable edge table and the actions that do not trigger a multitude of more or less special effects make this MUST machine for the High Roller. Here, we JoEU. The three lines consist of items on cubes or rather square blocks. The soundtrack is discreet and we do not hear the noise of the city in the distance and some music film music. You will find all the information on the bonuses, the Wild, the features in the "scale of the gains" part. If this slot machine can make the High Roller happy, it also affects beginner players who may find this Play'n Go slot a little wise, but who will benefit from a payout of 97.12 % - rate of rate Quite exceptional redistribution! And indeed, you earn tokens very often, but on the other hand in small quantities.

In the end, you feel like you are playing a very dynamic slot machine thanks to this game mechanics. The Wild is a Rage to rich icon. Why bother when you want to put it simple? The girl sends free towers. You can get bonus stars to launch bonus towers that offer free games like the choice between red and black. The scatter - one of the monsters therefore - added to all combinations with the AS, the King, the Lady, the Valet and the 10 and you open the monstrous world of the bonuses. You can then choose one of the monsters to destroy a building. Peace and love.

In conclusion: the Play N Go Rages To Rages to rich balance offers an excellent balance between gaining gain and game mechanics. With 97.12 %, this slot really holds the top of the basket. Design and thematic level, you can really find better, but this defect is above all a question of personal taste.

Slot Info
Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
free towers
Best bonuses
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200% up to
+100 free spins
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44 free spins
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