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Rabcat Gambling: real artistic creations

We are going to tell you the very special story of an Austrian creation studio born in 2011 in Vienna. Rabcat got into theEdition of online game software late.
Indeed, the Austrians first excelled in the creation of video games, some of which have made history and will even speak to the allergies of the controller and the keyboard. Please note that we are talking about a creation studio, not a major video games major. Rabcat Gambling therefore participated in the creation of characters, sets, animations, objects, in prestigious games like Grand Thef Auto Vice City, Silent Hill Origins, on the Kinnect stars to name only the most known from them. The Austrian studio counts in its customers: Rockstar, Atari, Ea Games, Konami .. So it's heavy. It is therefore quite amazing or in any case interesting to see a studio oriented video games turn to the gambling. We know that Austria is one of the pioneering countries of online games with casinos and bookmakers like those of the Bwin group, but the profession seems a priori so different that we were curious to push the door of Rabcat Gambling to see how They have created an alchemy between their two know-how. The firm with yellow cat head on a black background may well surprise us.

Despite its advanced age, Rabcat Gambling which will celebrate its 20 years in three years, canonical age for the world of software publishers, the Austrian company does notnot as well known as some of its very young competitors. However, it is found in the largest online playgrounds like at Unibet or William Hill, Bwin, Bet365 to name only the best known. But lately we found that Rabcat Gambling is starting to make a place in the sun. Its notoriety should soon be up to the slot machines that the game creation studio offers. Because Rabcat Gambling does not make slot machines, but she cisels unpublished experiences for players and offers software competitive enough to seduce Large names of casinotiers Online already mentioned before.

Rabcat Gambling games are striking by the quality of graphics, design care and the fluidity of animations. Obviously, we can only think of his experience in video games that serves the beauty of his slot machines. The game mechanics are just as exciting. We find the rhythm of a well -neat scenario that keeps you almost captive. For the themes, we find as always the classics with a predilection for the heroic fantasy, but the way of adapting it to his vision of the game of casino allows him to always offer an original experience and in many ways, striking.
Rabcat games are adaptable to all your tablets and smartphones.

Some Rabcat Gambling creations:
Moby Dick, Gnome Wood, Castle Builder and Castle Builder II, Classic 243, Frozen Diamonds, River of Riches, Dragon's Myth, Forsaken Kingdom, Penguin Splash, Scary Friends, and The Legend of Olympus.
You can test them all free on the Rabcat publisher's website.

Rabcat slot machines

Our two hearts by Rabcat Gambling:

Moby Dick Slot Machine:

Herman Melville’s work is a source of imagination and after inspiring the filmmakers, so it is a slot machine that will have the heavy task of paying tribute to him. Captain Ahab takes over service and takes you to the pursuit of the white whale.
For this slot machine, the developer offers new feature with Win Freezing with a brand new spin. You win a new free round with each winning round with the possibility of keeping the winning symbols.
The immersion is the case to say is quite sublime: noise of the waves which pass on the rolls, cries of the seagulls.
The items logically represent the universe of Moby Dick: sperm whale, anchor, whale mouth, crew members and the shell of the ship and the pieces of metal.
The Wild which replaces the other figures is the bar of a boat, the scatters are the huge mouth of the white whale. The progressive jackpot is very nice especially for rum enthusiasts: to drink obviously with your friend, or not, moderation. A game will appear where the goal is to choose between two glasses of brown fluid. This slot machine is a pleasure for the eyes and ears and if you manage to tame it, it will fill your pockets, but be careful does not tame Moby Dick who wants.

Gnome Wood Slot Machine of Rabcat:

Thorag Greenleaf, do you know? How is that right? It is obviously the teasing and naughty little gnome of the new rabcat slot machine. Immerse yourself in a world of magic and a magical universe that can only seduce you. With its 25 payment lines, 5 rolls and 3 lines, Gnome Wood promises you a wonderful adventure through an enchanted forest. Throughout your journey, you find magic objects that will allow you to look for treasures. It's magical, mysterious and we won't tell you too much, except to try this machine for free on the Rabcat Gambling site or by betting on our casinos!

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