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For the first quarter of 2016, the online game market could regain the hair of the beast after a long period of stasis. The Games of Chance Market meets a revival; Explanations and figures in support.

As you know, USA is a country of players, in fact, it is one of the most important markets in the world. With a market valued in 2014 at 9.4 billion euros, with three big players who share it (FDJ, PMU, Casinos). In addition, you should know that online casinos represent only 8% of the total or 750 million. Since 2011, the regulatory authority of online games (Arjel) to note that this market was in stagnation, but subsequently, after having done a quarterly analysis, the Arjel indicates that growth is again there.

We will analyze the three flagship sectors of this market: sports betting, horse racing Paris and circle games.

Sports betting, break all records.

Since 2010, the date of the opening of the sports betting market, this sector continues to make a record. Indeed, in 2016 in the first quarter, we can see that the stakes recorded reach 516 million euros. This is the record amount since the market opened in 2010. In addition, all the play companies are pocketed a 30% increase in the gross games of games (PBJ) compared to last year, ie 82 million euros.

Paris HIPPICS, it is not the same observation.

The observation is not the same as for sports betting. Indeed, let us rejoice a significant decrease of 7% on the bets, for the first quarter of 2016 compared to 2015, which amounted to 247 million euros. In addition, there is a 5% decrease in operators' PBJ in this sector, with 63 million euros. We can only hope that the barbarism of this mediumship game unworthy of an enlightened humanity ceases. We wish the total end of this practice and the bankruptcy of all its actors.

Surprise for circle games

Contextualization all this:

This segment meets a slight decrease in bets undertaken with a decline of 7 % compared to last year. But unlike we receive more registered on these platforms and moreover we can notice an increase in inscriptions/ entry fees for tournaments, which compensate for this decline on the bets. In addition, the operators' PBJ of this market amounts to an increase of 17%at 500 million euros. And operators' turnover experiences an increase of 2% which estimates is 62 million euros (61 million euros for last year). Arjel stresses that such progression has not been seen since 2011.

In addition, even if this sector has known a long period of stagnation, today we can note a real improvement in the online casinos market. In addition, the Arjel does not take into account the data of the sites not approved by the American administration. So bet on a clear improvement is possible.

The creators of the sites are delighted, even if it is one of the sectors with an important competition which can sometimes resemble the Far West, it of my advice to use online casinos comparators in order to find out about the site quality and also reliability as on . You can find there on this kind of site, game advice, or use with players advice and also black list of casinos to avoid.

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