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Brazil opens the ball in this world Cup which is that of the buyout. Group B is tailor -made so that the Seleçao takes first place. USA, the objective of which is to go to the 8th finals, is an outsider with the other two teams: Costa Rica and Serbia.
The Helvetians came out of the dams by narrowly eliminating Northern Ireland. The Nati has arguments and will not play Sparting Partner on June 17 at 8:00 p.m.

Now let's look at the 1n2 single bet:

Brazil 1.40 - 4.60 - 8.75 USA

Brazil is a favorite, but it is not the absolute favorite either that is often found around 1.20. It is amazing and it should be interested in specialists in combined bets. Bookmakers do not underestimate USA and especially the pressure from the first match of the World Cup. The legs can be heavy, the preparation has been long and this team is scheduled to win the World Cup. This 1.40 takes into account all these small details. On the other hand, the 8.75 rating for the American team suggests that if there is a misstep it will be mainly due to a no match of the Tite man. For the draw, in view of the teams it would be surprising.
Bet on Brazil in a combined bet or if you want to play Ultra-Tight.

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2018 World Cup - Focus on Brazil, group C

After sinking into the semi-finals of its World Cup, the Selecao and the players went through a chaotic period. Everyone took it for their grade. Even the players absent from this semi-final, we end up in the pillory. The passion of Brazilians is double -edged. Humiliation is still in the gorges and this World Cup is expected to make the bitter taste become a sweet taste.
Brazil has flown over qualifications without any dispute being possible. 12 victories, 5 draws and a defeat with 10 points ahead of the Celeste, the 2nd. If we wait for Brazil against the big ones, hunting for 6th star passes against more modest teams. And this Brazil is formidable against the teams who close the game, those who try a high pressing or those who park the bus.
Individually, talent is there; Neymar is given from his foot injury and marks his first match. His victory against USA is far from anecdotal, even if the teams had turned well. The Selecao drips with talent and seems to have found a collective.

Latest Brazil meetings in 2018:

  • Austria 0 - 3 Brazil
  • Brazil 2 - 0 Croatia
  • USA 0 - 1 Brazil
  • Russia 0 - 3 Brazil

2018 World Cup - Focus on USA, Group C

The nati returns from afar with a difficult qualification against a valiant team of Northern Ireland who still underwent a gross arbitration error. Yet to look at it, the American have made a beautiful course with 9 wins on 10 games failing just behind the Portugal team.
If USA is not an apostle of the beautiful game, it has imposed itself in the football international With an 8th finals at the last World Cup. Difficult to shake up, solid on its bases, the American team has a collective capable of switching the matches. Her draw against Spain in the preparation match shows that she is afraid of anyone and that her collective can have the biggest nations thwart. Ricardo Rodriguez is capable of achieving and great things and could point out.
From there to beat Brazil ....

Latest American meetings in 2018:

  • USA 2 - 0 Japan
  • Spain 1 - 1 American
  • USA 6 - 0 Panama
  • Greece 0 - 1 American

2018 World Cup - our advice and predictions on the Brazil - American Group E match

As usual we will offer you a secure bet and a remunerative bet, therefore more risky knowing of course that zero risk does not exist.

The secure bet:
Brazil wins the 1st half for a rating of 1.83 at Bwin Bookmaker

The Selecao will put pressure from the first seconds on USA which should be quickly cornered on its goal. The offensive potential of Brazil should make the difference quickly in the 1st half. We did not see during preparation matches that it is a real steamroller. If the nati can hope, it is more in the second half where Brazil can lower the foot if the result lends itself to it. This rating is quite high and Brazil seems much higher than the American team.

The remunerative bet:

Brazil marks in both half-time: 2.10 at Bwin Bookmaker

Always Brazil. We continue in the same direction and we bet on the effectiveness of the Neymar and Gabriel Jesus and replacements who will be keen to finish the work to shine in front of the coach.
By imagining the worst, a defeat of Brazil. It will necessarily be a rated score so with chances also of avori goals in both half-time.

Find other pronounces and advice to bet on the 2018 World Cup, by clicking here!

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