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Barely a week after the semi-final matches of the 2019-2020 Champions League, here we are already in the process of predicting the return matches. We had promised you the show and the beautiful game and we were spoiled. If the qualification seems promised to FC Barcelona, we will see that the match and in particular the score does not really tell the match. For the Dutchman, the score is a little tight, but the Spurs have made a good impression in their new stadium. We will say trying to do better than for the forecasts of the first leg where we still make a little profit, but it's a bit annoying. It is the art of sports betting or a post will transform your gains in loss.
We will also tell you about an original prognosis offered by Betclic.

Prognosis for qualification for the 2019 C1 final

  • Liverpool 7.90 Barcelone 1.05
  • Ajax 1.29 Tottenham 3.30

As we had told you, the ratings have somewhat melted for this bet. Logically, we have important data. The qualification rating of FC Barcelona is ridiculous after its 3-0 victory. We forget. You have to bet so big to have a minimum of earnings, that it would be stupid to lose everything because of a miracle. PSG supporters know what, we are talking about.
More astonishing the rating of 1.29 for the qualification of Ajax Amsterdam which however suffered in London. Again, the rating is low and we are not sheltered from a surprise. As I told you last week, the ratings were more interesting to go. For us, betting on qualification are not interesting.

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Betting on Liverpool-Barcelona, semi-final return C1 2019

  • They seem simple: Liverpool 2.07 null 3.70 Barcelone 3,15

The Barca won 3 - 0 at Camp Nou on its lands. Said like that, it's a bit dry. Liverpool did not deserve and could have hoped for better with a pole and a huge "crunching" of Mohamed Salah, also very leg in this semi-final of the 2019 Champions League. The problem is that he seems unlikely to see this Barcelona make us a "PSG". The place of favorite is therefore not stolen by Liverpool. One can imagine that this team will have at heart to make a great match in its lair of Anfield which should be glowing this Tuesday!
Lionel Messi is in an exceptional form. It has been said for almost 20 years: he is in the form of his life.
Liverpool is condemned to the feat, but against the Barca version 2019, you must not count on defensive gifts. There should still be goals.

Our prognosis on Liverpool - BarcelonE: Betting on both teams mark and zero or Liverpool for a 2.53 rating at Winamax.

Betting on Ajax-Tottenham, semi-final return C1 2019

  • LE PARE Simple: Ajax 2,13 NUL 3.55 Tottenham 3.10

We had found the double chance Ajax/ draw, but we were too greedy with the two teams mark. However, as each team had their half-time, we were not far from dropping the Bookmaker. For this return match, we can expect a match that looks like that of last week. The return will put Ajax in perfect conditions. Spurs are obliged to score at least one goal. They will have found Moussa Sissoko holder and their attacker his heung-min who missed them, even if Llorente was interesting. It is therefore a team that is capable of pushing Ajax in its entrenchments as it did at home. Ajax should be complete except unpleasant surprises at the last moment. The Dutch seem above, and even cornered, they manage to defend without really suffering. We have the feeling that the Dutch will qualify. The goal in advance is not going to leave them in doubt. This home team will play.

Our prognosis on Ajax- Tottenham: Bet on a victory for Ajax in Amsterdam for a 2.13 rating at Betclic Sport.

Bet on the winner of the 2018-2019 Champions League:

  • Le Pari Simple: Ajax / Tottenham - Null - FC Barcelona / Liverpool
    4,80 3,40 1,60
    This is Betclic which offers us this funny bet. You can therefore bet on the final without knowing which team will be there. It's up to you to see, but we cannot bet without knowing which team we bet.
    It is therefore a special supporter bet ”, because there, we are really in the couillon trap. For fun, we would put a small room on the outsiders, if it's Ajax ....
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