Betting on the 2019 Champions Trophy: PSG - Rennes

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The 2019-2020 L1 season is launched by this first match of the season for a trophy which is more used to sell the L1 outside USA rather than anything else. This year, it is a reunion between last season's club, Rennes and the Qatari scarecrow which weighs all its Gazo-Dollars on American football. And the height of irony, this poster is the revenge of the final of the American Cup where the Bretons beat the Parisians at the penalty shootout. Between a failed season for PSG and a glorious for Rennes, the contrast is striking. The PSG champion of USA and are we talking about a failed season? This is a bit against that that this PSG New Look will fight which this time no longer believes in the "Messiah" player by recruiting, but in faith in his new Messiah with the arrival of his new sports director. Rennes must build on its past success and its new hype. The Bretons could garner a new trophy after the Coupe de USA. This match without stake, usually, is ultimately very important for both teams.

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The ratings of champions Trophy 2019 Paris SG - Rennes

  • The 1N2 Paris SG 1.30 void 3.15 Rennes 8, 00 bet

Once again, the rating of a match where PSG plays is caricatured. With SDS excessive medium, it is always difficult not to make it a favorite, especially at the start of the season when Tomas Tuchel's men are used to playing bulldozer. For those who think that Rennes can repeat the feat, we must not forget the scenario of the match and miss them from Parisians in front of the goal.
For us, for this first bet Football of the 2019-2020 season, it's too risky, you have to dig.

On the 2019 PSG side

Times seem to have changed for Parisians. The escapades at 400 million euros seem to be behind them. . Oddly, despite sponsors presented as exceptional, but no one knows the amount, PSG uses the belt. The biggest transfer would be that of Gueye for 40 million euros. He remains the unknown Neymar who puts the mess at the club. In short, even when the Qataris want to play it more discreet, there is a file that expDare to abuse an image that marketing successes have trouble restoring or simply brown it. Leonardo's return must bring PSG back to the field and make the institution respected in Europe and especially by its players. Leonardo goes for the hero by tapping his fist on the Neymar file and communicating on "the club before the player". This seems quite opportunistic since Neymar announced his desire to leave long before. On the field, friendly matches do not really talk about the intentions of Tuchel or the form of the team. We can worry, for example, the defensive errors against the Inter or the error of the Aerola goalkeeper who must not make people forget a match where he was decisive. On paper, we know that Neymar will not play and that we should find the new recruits. Cavani should resume the center-forward place thus replacing Mbappé on the left wing.

On the 2019 Rennes side

Rennes has not experienced great upheavals and it is continuity. It may be a little too calm for coach Stephan who is waiting for three recruits. For friendly matches, the Rennais did not win a match. The Roman Salin arrival, defender Jérémy Morel and the Flavien Tait striker are far from being enough for this private team from his stars who rest after the African Cup of Nations. We are therefore waiting for a agitated August month with special cases as for Sarr. Rennes and his coach will therefore go to this more than reduced champions trophy.

Our prognosis on PSG - Rennes

For this champions trophy, Paris Saint-Germain is favorite even if we still have little information on the real level of this team, we know that in USA, except accident, no one has the means to resist him when She decides to win. And it is true that Tuchel has once again challenged the desire of his players. One can imagine that he wanted to mobilize them for this trophy of the champions which does not interest many people. For bettors on football, this is an opportunity to take place a little before the season launched.

Our bet on the 2019 Champions Trophy: The result and the two teams mark: bet on Paris and the two teams mark for a 2.20 rating on Betclic.

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