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Group B 2018 Football World Cup

This is the last day of group B of the 2018 World Cup and this group that seemed to us, and I also imagine, a sinecure for Spain and Portugal turns into a last day of all dangers with in Plus a surprise team that comes to play the feilish troubles. Iran therefore released Morocco and has gone on the verge of draw against Roja. Portugal has won thanks to Ronaldo, but we can say that Morocco was badly paid. It is rare to see such a capable team, at the height of the event, but which loses because of a single problem, of size certainly, it is the effectiveness in front of the goal. The match between Iran and Portugal could give rise to the surprise of the century, but will not turn the Atlas lions too quickly. And even if the two favorites prevail everything will be played on the goal-awakening

Iran prognosis - Portugal Group B World Cup 2018

The Pari Simple 1n2

  • Iran 5.40 No 3.70 - Portugal 1.72 at Betclic

Portugal is logically favorite. We can note that a draw would open the doors of the 8th finals. Iran is undoubtedly the most surprising team of this 2018 World Cup. We could expect a team just capable of defending and we end up with a determined collective capable of defending as one man and playing the against technique and speed. Seeing the Iranians playing a counter with six players who are launching against Roja, was a real surprise. Iran has nothing to lose and will make the match of the century against Portugal. Après, we know that leaving the ball and undergoing for too long is often fatal in modern football. If they have embarrassed Spain to the point of letting us think of a draw, they will hinder Portugal. Except that Portugal would be delighted with the draw point, even if first place is an important goal. Which would be the obsession of the bettors who for the most part have imagined their bet on a final table with the first Spain of his group.

This team from Portugal is difficult to estimate because it feels like everything goes in its direction even if it knows big air holes during the matches. The quality is there, the technique, the collective and Ronaldo is at the top. What will they do against a team capable of waiting for them for x time? We can count on an action by Ronaldo to make the difference or an overflow of guodes that has been blowing hot and cold from the start.

Our bets on Iran - Portugal Group B World Cup 2018

Secure bet : Bet on a victory in Portugal for a rating of 1.72.

Portugal had to impose itself, but Iran showed against Spain that it took patience for it to mark. Portugal seems unbearable.

Remunerative bet : Marge of the Portugal winner wins by 1 goal for a rating of 3.10

Nice rating for a score that seems rather logical given the fierce defense of Iran.

Spain prognosis - Morocco group B 2018 World Cup:

The Pari Simple 1n2

  • Spain 1,35 draw: 5.00 Morocco 10.50

This match should be one -way according to the bookmaker. Spain has every interest in winning this match to avoid having to look at the other side. Imagine a defeat against Morocco and a victory for Iran everything could be played in Goal Average. Roja must win to reassure itself and avoid its periods of floating where it seems lost. At the same time no big equine, if not Belgium has convinced. It is already a final for the men of Hierro. For Morocco, it is the match of honor and it will also be the regret. The chronic clumsiness of the attackers before the goal has cost them the chance to play for qualification. The Atlas Lions will have to Heart to roar for the first time in this World Cup. Morocco, however, seems to be a team that can play forward and that does not just defend. And that is perhaps what is needed to Spain that put three in Portugal. Morocco also seems to be in an internal crisis with words of players calling into question the operation of the group. Not very smart to do it before the 3rd Em Pound Match, but that can mean that for some the competition is already over.

Our Paris on Spain - Morocco Group B World Cup 2018

The bet secures: Spain victory at halftime for a rating of 1.62

The match should be more open, Morocco has nothing to lose. Spain football can be better expressed.

The remunerative bet : The two teams mark for a dimension of 2.00.

Morocco has opportunities and will end up scoring. Spain concedes actions and in particular on counters.

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