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2018 World Cup group

When the people of Albiceleste are hung on a very small hope in a group that we thought about their level, despite their qualification, more than laborious, you are at the 2018 World Cup. Argentina must beat Nigeria And count on the Fair Play of Croatia against Iceland. You might as well tell you, the lesson given by Croatia at Albiceleste taped us. All observers are having a great time to demolish Lionel Messi and his own, but I hope you saw as us, the middle of Croatia which has been absolutely extraordinary. What about Icelanders? Well, they received a lesson in Nigeria. They announced the death of the Argentines, but this defeat relaunches the group.

Instead, see the group's classification after two days:

  • Croatia 6 pts +5
  • Nigeria 3 pts + 0

  • Island 1 pts - 2

  • Argentine 1 pts -3

Three teams can still qualify by chewing the 2nd place. Croatia seems qualified since the Croats would have to lose the match and that at the same time, Nigeria scored enough goal against Argentina to exceed Croatia in Goal Average. If Iceland beats Croatia, everything will depend on the winner of the other match. Suffice to say that all these little people must play thoroughly except Croatia which could play a draw ....

Prognosis Iceland - Croatia Group D, World Cup 2018

The Pari Simple 1n2

  • Iceland 3.05 draw 3.40 Croatia 2.35

Croatia is therefore favorite, but not clearly. The scenario of the sufficient draw seems to appeal to nos amis bookmakers. One can imagine that Croatia even turns and perhaps deprive itself of its formidable midfielder: Rekik-Modric. This is the whole question and the stake of this prognosis. On the other hand, Iceland must absolutely win and therefore take the initiatives to unbalance this team. Dressing against Nigeria and after his feat against Argentina, largely overvalued, Lionel Messi is missing the penalty of victory and the Icelanders suffered a lot. In this match, it would be reasonable to wait for the Mach's sheet which will be known about an hour before the game. We cannot then advise you here:

Secure bet: Croatia winner (canceled if zero): 1.55

Just above the minimum recommended rating, this bet therefore makes it possible to anticipate the bad blow of the draw and a logical victory of Croatia.

Remunerative bet : Bet on the victory of Croatia for a rating of 2.35.

Even with a modified team, the Croats have the means to take Iceland by sucking it to place counters. The match must be won by the Icelanders and they will have to take all the risks.

Argentine prognosis - Nigeria Group D, 2018 World Cup

The Pari Simple 1n2:

  • Nigeria 6.25 Null 4.60 Argentine 1.57

It is the fear match for an entire nation. Victory is a necessity for Albiceleste and Stars Blacks. Argentines being crushed by Croatia, 3-0, is at the foot of the wall and we can ask in which psychological state is this team. It's a bit of a battery or face bet. Either the team is back or it is not awarded humiliation in Mondiovision. And opposite, Nigeria is in a position of strength and could qualify with a draw according to the result. What is worrying is that the Argentine team even without the psychological shock and the killing of the press - we still saw a program in prime time in Argentina started by a minute of silence for the national team - of the collective, but also players and in particular Lionel Messi at the heart of criticism is below all. It may be an opportunity to play a blow with Nigeria. This is the kind of match where bookmakers play the favorite without taking into account the physiological aspect of football. Argentina seems to the bottom of the hole and it seems unthinkable to imagine that in a few days it finds the desire and above all a game which it has been looking for for more than two years.

The secure bet : Between 2-3 goals for a 1.85 rating at Betclic

The two teams must win. The match will be open and we should see goals even if the first team that will score will try to preserve its result? We can say that the two teams are not brilliant defensively.

The remunerative bet : Nigeria or zero for a rating of 2.40 at Betclic Bookmaker

This bet allows you to type two results while having a nice rating. Personally, I will bet a little about the victory of Nigeria for a rating of 6.25. But for you the victory of Nigeria or the draw allows you to play relatively secure while enjoying a good rating.

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